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Bashir’s party offers opposition cabinet posts in upcoming government


April 15, 2010 (KHARTOUM) —Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) appeared confident of securing victory in the ongoing elections and offered opposition parties to join a "broad based" government that will be formed after the poll results are announced starting next week.

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Sudan’s presidential advisor Ghazi Salah Al-Deen (Reuters)
Sudan’s presidential advisor Ghazi Salaheddin talks to reporters after his meeting with U.S. envoy Scott Gration (not pictured) in Khartoum April 1, 2010 (Reuters)

"If we are declared winners in the elections ... we would extend the invitation to all parties, even those who have not participated in the elections, to join the government because we believe this is a critical moment in our history," the Sudanese presidential adviser Ghazi Salah Al-Deen Al-Attabani told reporters today.

"We are facing important decisions like self-determination in the south and would like to garner as much support and as much consensus as we can" Al-Attabani added.

Sudan’s legislative and presidential polls are the first multi-party elections since 1986 but were marred by logistical and technical issues as well as boycotts by opposition parties including the Umma party, Northern sector of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM), Sudan Communist Party (SCP) and Umma Reform and Renewal Party (URRP).

Observers said the circumstances surrounded these elections undermine its credibility and legitimacy sought by President Omer Hassan Al-Bashir who faces an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of Darfur crimes.

But Al-Attabani said that the election results will be recognized by the world even if Bashir, an unpopular figure in the west, is declared winner along with the NCP.

"Any politician in his right mind would not decline such an offer," he said.

Two parties that are likely to take up the NCP offer are the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) led by Mohamed Osman Al-Mirghani and Popular Congress Party (PCP) head by Islamist leader Hassan Al-Turabi.

The DUP has grown closer to the NCP in recent years and has distanced itself from an opposition alliance formed in Juba last year and there has been frequent reports of figures within the second largest party in Sudan seeking to join an NCP dominated government.

Al-Turabi who was a former ally of Bashir and fell out with him in 1999 has suggested yesterday that it is possible for his party to join hands with the NCP should they revert back to the principles of the 1989 coup that he was its ideological mastermind.

Today on the Qatar based Al-Jazeera channel, the PCP leader said that violations that occurred during the elections do not amount to fraud and that they were simply "minor mistakes".

The SPLM presidential candidate who withdrew days before the elections Yasir Arman dismissed the NCP offer saying it will not solve the problems faced by the country stressing that the ruling party is implicitly admitting to committing fraud by making deals when no results have been announced yet.

The Umma party gave the offer a cautious welcome, saying it was interested in holding talks with the NCP and other parties, although it was too early to commit to joining a coalition.

"Let us talk about dialogue first, how to solve Sudan’s problems," said Umma vice-president Fadlalla Burma.

Newspaper reports in Khartoum suggested that Bashir intends to replace figures which has been part of the government for 20+ years including Vice president Ali Osman Taha who may be removed in favor of a Darfuri figure such as Al-Tigani Al-Sissi who was recently appointed as head of the rebel Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM).


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  • 15 April 2010 07:45, by Gatwech

    Dear readers,

    What a co-incident. I just read it in a different news posted by James Gatdet Dak that Salvatore Kiir and his running mate (Vice President), Dr. Riek Machar are also planning to bring South Sudan opposition leaders to the next cabinet.

    This is a welcome move after elections than can silent opposition parties (some of them of course).

    But Ali Osman should not be removed before referendum. He is the one who negotiated the CPA, implemented with Dr. Riek Machar for the last five years as party team leaders.

    Yes, installing opposition leaders in the next elected governmetn is a wise move. I hope in the South, Dr. Lam Akol will become the foreign minister (regional cooperation) or minister for Presidential Affairs.

    repondre message

    • 15 April 2010 07:53, by Gatwech

      In reference to the other article of Yasser Arman’s plan for popular uprising after elections, this is evil tactic and he is going to pay for it soon....

      Such unionists to southerners are selfish power thirsty gangs (many of them were murderers) saved by the CPA general amnesty.

      Bashir is the father of the CPA. He signed it, implemented 90% of it and he has been our President for five good years. Who among those hyenas in the North is better than Bashir???

      Even if Bashir can violate referendum conduct in the last minute, he has done his part for the last five years. It would be our weakness in the South to make him succeed in violating it. We can declare unilateral independence in the South and protect our borders. We have played it cool and commanded recognition by the international community. Bashir’s violation would be seen crystal clear!!!

      But who among those unionist hyenas in the North that would have allowed peace on self-determination like Bashir did? Sadiq al-Mahdi is known for hating referendum though he pretends to fool people like Pagan Amum. Yasser Arman is looking for confederation as an option he could introduce if he became the President, a dream he dashed himself by boycotting after sensing humiliating defeat.

      Now reports from the South indicate that most southerners have voted for Bashir.

      Bashir is our devil we know. He has brought us this far. A distance he would NEVER undo himself, whether with ballot or bullet.......

      I congratulate the South for re-electing this nice devil who has given us five years of semi-independent South. Blame the SPLA forces if they have not sharpened their knives during these five years.

      repondre message

    • 15 April 2010 08:20, by mohammed ali


      It is not a co-incidence.You are quite an intelligent observant person.I know you know it is not a coincidence!

      Let us move towards an ever lasting peace, with or without secession!

      The belligerent enemies of peace had already fallen down.Just forget about them, history of peace in Sudan is on the way.
      Let god forgive us all.We all do mistakes!

      repondre message

      • 15 April 2010 09:37, by Gatwech

        Mohamed ali,

        Thanks. Those in opposition should either welcome the offer or be left in the cold for the next five years. I pity Yasser Arman for joining a wrong sinking ship of opposition parties. Pagan Amum is also ashamed by allowing himself to be deceived by those northern hyenas!

        In the South, Kiir/Dr. Machar’s wise guided leadership will bring Dr. Lam Akol and the rest of opposition leaders to the next cabinet. Dr. Lam will either become the Foreign Minister (Regional Cooperation) or Minister of Presidential Affairs in the semi-independent region.

        The South will then wait united to see what comes next towards referendum on independence.

        repondre message

      • 15 April 2010 14:51, by DengDit Ayok

        Dear Mr. Gatwech,

        I agree with you in saying that the opposition leaders should be installed in the coming new cabinet of the Government of Southern Sudan, but I disagree with you in saying that Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin should be the next Minister of Regional Cooperation of GOSS.

        He should not be accommodated in the next cabinet of GOSS. He is a traitor and traitors should not be masters of free peoples. The peoples of Southern Sudan are free peoples. Anyone who had betrayed them during the time of war should not participate or be accommodated in the Government of free peoples of Southern Sudan.

        So far, Lam Akol is not a mere opposition leader; he is a Khartoum Jallaba Government Agent. His installment into the next new cabinet of the GOSS would be a golden chance for him to work against the Referendum that you wants as I have read it in many of your comments on this noble website. Are you ready to accept someone who has been bought by Khartoum to be your boss in the South to obstruct the Referendum that you’re always advocating on this website? I don’t think so.

        Dr. Lam is only fit to live in the Southern Sudan as an ordinary citizen, not a public servant.

        repondre message

    • 15 April 2010 18:47, by Arochthon


      you are a greater fool amongst the fools. I believe that South Sudan is soon going to be a nation that has ever done a credible elections in Africa, and if that is true then where does the government of national appeasing or coalition government come about? we have no chaos in our elections and hence no need of accommodating those who failed in the contest shame on you and your apro-NCP Lam Akol. if you really want southern Sudan to have peace of mind and to solve our problems in us then you shouldn’t have suggested that irrelevant mediocrity idea ,you said Lam Akol be a minister of foreign Affairs or presidential affairs, what a crazy and stupid government will it be? on your part and your master is also negative, where did Riek Machar become the CPA negotiator with Ali Tar, please stop being bias, no body is going to chase him out of South Sudan however he remain enemy of the south.

      repondre message

  • 15 April 2010 09:48, by Omer Hassan Omer

    This is absolutely political disaster that the leaders of two big political parties stated initially that they will participate on the coming government which, so far the election indicators showing that Albashir is coming for the second period. Trabie was one who advised Albashire to go to ICC it means he acknowledged that this man is criminal and he wanted for international justice. We remember few months ago he declared that he cannot ally the government of criminals really Trabie is contradicting himself it is big disappointment and by this statement he will lose majority of his supporters. But late us go back to 1989 Trabie was one who cooked this bitter food which for almost 20 years we unable to swallow it.

    repondre message

    • 15 April 2010 10:53, by Gatwech

      Take it easy man! That is politics. Strategists in both South and North have gone to the front seats and unleashed their strategic minds, moving Sudan into its clear zonal blocks before it splits into two.

      repondre message

      • 15 April 2010 12:04, by david kong paul

        Of course, NCP’s and SPLM’s victory is inevitable but let me first see the broad-base governments being formed after the elections. Sudanses leaders never satify their people by telling them the truth, they said it now but they will later violate so i don’t want to trust them and celebrate their fooling words like Gatwech and Mohammed Ali do.


        repondre message

        • 15 April 2010 12:35, by mohammed ali

          You cannot deny us hope!Five years had passed and there was no war.Despite all the problems the CPA implementation process is going forward.Contrary to all expectations the election had almost finished quite peacfully and without any violence. We shoud be happy and proud with this and HOPE for the best.

          Being positive and proactive is not bad!

          repondre message

          • 15 April 2010 13:49, by david kong paul


            It is good to hope but is also good to doubt some times. I am always hopeful things seem be conditional but i don’t when things are natural and unconditonal. I have come across too many violated promises in the Sudanses political history. That is what makes it hard for me just to trusth what they promise.

            You are right, five years had passed with out big war but small wars have been so indispensible. Let me hope you understand the small wars i am talking about. The CPA granted complete peace through successful implementation however it was opposite, not complete peace. International kept an eye on Bashiir so that he doesn’t violate. The later fears violation of the CPA b/c he fears an additional charges. He has been also busy with Drfur (he did not want to fight two wars at a time b/c he knew he was going to lose) otherwise he would easily breach the CPA.

            God led us out of all those messes man, specially conduct of these unorganized election is crucial and important for the next move.But i don’t want you to mention that these elections have been free and fair/peacful, many parties/candidates wallked out it, a lot of attrocities have been taking place specially in the south, many names have been missing the, and the results wich may possibly triger the violence are not yet out. How come you call it free and fair?

            Do you think it is possible for Bashiir,Mirgani, and Trubie to come together,trust each other and peacfully work together in one democratic government which cares for the people of Sudan? For me i don’t think it will happen.

            Above all brother,we are one in the believe that Bashiir is better than any other opposition party leader in the north b/c they are nothing but a company of gangs who simply want to sabotage the refrendum that will set Southern Sudan free.


            repondre message

            • 15 April 2010 16:51, by mohammed ali


              We have to know ourselves and be honest with ourselves.We are still a nation "under formation" whether in the north or the south.Loyality to the clan is more than tribe and to the tribe more than the region and to the region more than the country or the nation.This more prominent where there is less means of communication,less education and in remote areas where there is almost complete absence of the government. But it is prevalent all over Sudan .It is manifested in different forms, from nepotism to violence and war.Sudan is very big to be controled easily.

              Politicians are the same everywhere.If our politicans in 1956 kept their promise to the southerners, we wouldnt have been talking about unity or seperation now. Even if yhey wanted to Arabize or Islamize the South, they could have done that if they kept their promise and build the trust between the two sides of the country!Natural mixing of humans had been occuring for centuries along the borders without any intererence from any politicians or government.We could have saved more than 50 years of money, resources and humans!On the otherhand if Garang accepted to join the 1985 intifada against Numeri , we could have saved more than 20 years of a devastating war.

              The CPA had almost been agreed upon almost before Darfur had became a violent war.Despite the small fightings mainly in Abeyei(by any means any loss of life is deeply regretable)the CPA had prevented the country from sliding into a devastating war.Everything was relatively easy to solve wwhen the presidency sit down to negotiate.There was a belligerent wing within the SPLA whose agenda was totally different from the CPA implementation.Now they are showing themselves and declaring their aims from the elections ,which they wanted to call as fraudelent and stage an orange revolution, they show how desparate they are.Arman/Pagan were not campaigning for the presidency, but to prepare the people for the revolution.This would have been devastating.This is a gross violation of the CPA, and wolud have de-railed the CPA completely.

              The referundum will definetely be held in it’s due time and it will be and must be 100% respected.

              The elections was not very organised, but this was not planned.The NEC did many mistakes and the jounir staff was not very well trained.Our chronic disease of non-punctuality was present all the time.The defaulted voting slips were the imported ones.The ones printed at home were well and good.This why the opposition didn’t talk much about this subject.By any means the whole process was not perfect.But was fair and very much acceptable considering the large size of the country and our part of the world and comparing to our neighbours.It is the first election in 25 years and the first ever all over inclusive of the south.Above all there was no significant violence.Though not perfect up to now it is perfect.The opposition parties were not ready and will never be ready.They are expired parties!

              Almarghani will definetely join the government.Asadig will probably join , at least to correct his grave mistake of boycotting the elections.Otherwise it is the demise of the Umma party.Turabi will definetely stay away of the government and will become the very much need and effective oppostion!

              Albasheer is not as depicted in the western media.That was a prequiste for invasion as they did with Sadam.Though he was never like Sadam.Basheer is a strong leader who wants to protect the sovreignity and national interst of his country against the greed of the old colonial powers!Indeed Sudan is very very rich and the saliva of the big hyaenas is drooling!

              Thanks David

              repondre message

              • 15 April 2010 19:23, by mohamad adam

                for the first time i can read mature coments i wish the comentors on this site will continue with the same high quality ideas and good spirit iam proud of you mohamad angd gatwetch
                keep it mature

                repondre message

  • 15 April 2010 23:01, by kuminyandi

    Dear Southerners,

    A losing parties are not supposed to be given positions in the government. If they are going to get posts, then what’s the significance of Democratic Elections? If the government would like to appeases those parties on accounts of winners, then that’s different matter. In TRUE DEMOCRACY, the parties who won least seats in the election are the ones who would form opposition because they’re minority in the government. No parties who lost election should be invited to participate in the government; simply because no body elected those parties, and who are they going to represent when no body voted for them? Therefore, they must be excluded till next election. Thanks


    repondre message

  • 16 April 2010 01:38, by Laraka Machar T

    God forbid, Bashir and the NCP cannot fool any one again in the government of National Unity which virtually does not stand for doing the right things in the republic. Let the SPLM be patient and wait for the South Sudan sucession to enjoy the fruits of a ruling party.


    repondre message

  • 16 April 2010 02:10, by Rasta

    You are international war criminal man ! I see no body who gonna SHARE you that BUSINESS man??!! IT´S TOO MUCH , THE THING IS ( GENOCIDE ). EQUAL RIGHTS & JUSTICE FOR EVERY ONE !! One love

    repondre message

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