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S. Sudanese rebels say recaptured two Yei River state areas


August 2, 2018 (JUBA) – South Sudan’s main rebel group (SPLM-IO) say they recaptured from government troops two areas ofYei River state.

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“This morning, our gallant forces under a joint command of Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Lemi Lo Mukaya, Col. Samuel Gai and Col. Noel Lomeri launched a coordinated counter-attack after the SPLA captured Jamara and Kupera last Wednesday,” the group said in a statement.

“The anti-peace SPLA [South Sudan army] have been successfully flushed out and we have seized full control of our territory,” it adds.

According to the rebel faction, 13 SPLA soldiers allegedly went missing in action, scores wounded and the rest are “miserably scattered into bushes and are being pursued by our brave force”.

The main rebel group, however, said they remain committee to the peace process, despite the “constant” aggression from government troops, and vowed to respond to any further provocation from Juba.

On Saturday, the SPLM-IO said government forces continued carrying out a large-scale attack on their position in Yei River state.

The rebel group further called on the ceasefire monitoring body (CTSAMM) and the UN peacekeeping mission (UNMISS) to investigate the attack and take note of this additional violation.

The government and the main armed group rebels signed a ceasefire agreement in December 2017 and recommitted themselves to it again on 27 June 2018

These attacks, if verified, will be the first of its kind for more than a month.


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  • 3 September 09:13, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

    Pokula should be set free too. These maggots do not understand the language of peace. Well done liberators.

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    • 3 September 09:15, by South South

      Of course, this is big lie.

      repondre message

  • 3 September 09:26, by Lenin Bull

    The criminals in NAS must be made to know that killing innocent South Sudanese citizens on the eve of peace being auspiciously negotiated in Khartoum, is a grave crime. It should be documented well and these criminals Chirilo and his accomplices must be held accountable whether now or later. The killing of any human being should not be left as business as usual like killing a chicken or he-goat!

    repondre message

    • 3 September 12:12, by jur_likang_a_ likan’g

      Lennin Bull,

      You do the killing and say the opposite. For what reasons can a person from Yei kill another from Yei? What is going on is resistance against occupation forces of Dinka people deep in Equatoria. Stop producing rubbish in this medium ya wod jengawi.

      repondre message

    • 3 September 15:30, by jubaone

      This was the IO and had nothing to do with NAS. I thought you went to school and could read and understand. Apparently, there’s no difference between a savage luakjieng and such like you. Stop learning altogether cuz it just doesn’t make any sense.

      repondre message

      • 3 September 17:49, by Joseph Canada

        Jubaone 😁, the illiteracy and school the unkoth behaviour of this tribe is rooted deep in their DNA. Education will only means learning how to write in these thick headed goons. Monkeys are more civilized than them. The only smart and reasonable one is the dead one unfortunately.

        repondre message

    • 3 September 23:09, by lino

      Ya Bull,

      Go back to your Warap States! We have accepted 33 States divisions and D.I.N.K.A.S boots are allowed in Equatoria!!! Kocara #2!!!

      repondre message

  • 4 September 00:34, by Theone

    As long as Juba is the Capital city and the country is united, any citizen can live anywhere he/she desire to live.

    If you don’t like It, then drop dead or stay where you are as a REFUGEE.

    repondre message

    • 4 September 06:13, by jubaone

      Jienge bullshit. Living anywhere yes Ki, but not an exodus of millions of jienges everywhere. Did you know Rumbek was originally Jur Bel area, that Wau was Jur Chol and Nimule Madi areas? Now the same savages are calling parts of Juba: Thongpiny (real name Juba na Bari); Jebel Dinka ot Jienge (real name: Langgo). Everywhere they go, causing chaos, disorder and filth.

      repondre message

      • 4 September 07:01, by Pakuai

        ’Jebel Dinka’ in Juba was so-called so because the area was where the Dinkas were slaughtered by your arab masters and not the Dinkas who named the area that way. As for ’Tongpiny’ I am not particularly sure on how the area came to be called so. But what I know is the word ’tongpiny’ in Dinka/Jenge is ’groundnut (fuul Sudan) or peanut’. And I guess some Dinkas/Jenges, Mundaris or Barias>>

        repondre message

        • 4 September 07:09, by Pakuai

          or just any South Sudanese might have done some groundnut/fuul Sudan farming in the area, I am not so sure chap. And for the area being called ’Tongpiny’ or Jebel Dinka doesn’t make those areas exclusively Dinka areas than the real traditional areas of Bari people. So get Mr. Jubaone bring on another reason why just don’t like the Dinkas/Jenges than those nonsense>>>

          repondre message

          • 4 September 07:18, by Pakuai

            For Rumbek being Jurbel country, I also don’t know but to be honest with you Mr. Jubaone, your are lying. With Wau Acholdit many tribes in South Sudan claims to own it. The Dinkas claim to own, the Jurchols claim to own it, Shilluk/Chollos claim to own it, the Nuers claim to own it, the Mboro people claim to own & many fertits tribes claim to own Wau Acholdit, Acholis claim to own>>>

            repondre message

            • 4 September 07:23, by Pakuai

              it Anuak people of South Sudan & Gambella region in ethiopia claim to own it and even Acholis of Uganda & Luos of Kenya considered themselves to have originated from from Wau Acholdit and hence can even claim to own it. So what is your point Mr. Jubaone chap? Let me tell you this Mr. Jubaone>>>>

              repondre message

              • 4 September 07:35, by Pakuai

                Human beings are not static or like mountains, they move about. Otherwise the cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan shouldn’t be in North Sudan to day. Most North Sudanese came from Saudi Arabia, Yemen & some West Africa people through their incessant pilgrimage to Mecca after they were ’Islamized’ after the rise of Islam in 630th AD>>>

                repondre message

                • 4 September 07:48, by Pakuai

                  and most of those West African people used to return back after Pilgrimage to Mecca & just settled in countries like Darfur. People like Dinkas/Monyjiengs people just didn’t want to have anything to do with the ’Islam & what the Islam stood for’. Remember the rise Islam in 630th AD after ’prophet Mohamed’ was ’coached by a Jewish woman’ to ’copy cat’ what was in the today’s old testament>>>

                  repondre message

                  • 4 September 07:55, by Pakuai

                    and ’prophet Mohamed with Mujahedins’ first came and try their hands of spreading their new religion in today’s Southern Egypt but they were bloody nosed pretty badly. Then went and conquered Northern Egypt & came back again. But they all the same bloody nosed pretty badly again & so they went to and Conquered Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, part of Spain & the whole Malta>>>

                    repondre message

                    • 4 September 08:01, by Pakuai

                      and again came to Southern Egypt to try their luck again. But they were again bloody nosed very badly all the same. And so yourt Arabs came and ask for peace & trade. And that is how your Arabs came to Southern Egypt and North Sudan, not through conquering but through intrigues chap. And many of the West African Muslims were ’islamized’ through Libya, Tunisia or Morocco and not through>>>

                      repondre message

                      • 4 September 08:11, by Pakuai

                        the Dinkas/Monyjiengs of the Sudan and their allies corridors Mr. Jubaone chap. Do you know this Sudanese popular saying chap? "welcomes an Arab & let him/her sleeps in your Verandah and he/she will wake up in the morning & claims to own your masters room" Mr. Jubaone. The Dinkas/Jenges people you losers talk bullsh*ts about them all the times, know who is who in the Sudan than you losers think>>

                        repondre message

                        • 4 September 08:17, by Pakuai

                          Yes, our ancestors made a mistake then & even some of our current fools like Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol & their allies have been trying their best to repeat the same mistake that our ancestors made when they welcomed the Arabs into our country. Mr. Jubaone, in 1997 when we captured your Yei from Jellabas, over 90% boys who captured your Yei were Dinka/Jenge boys>>>

                          repondre message

                          • 4 September 08:26, by Pakuai

                            and a few boys from Nuba Mountains, Maban & Burun boys and not a single Madi, a Nuer or Equatorian in my own battalion then chap. But the Dinkas/Monyjiengs that you losers often called names for nothing are not claiming to own Yei from Madi people. The same goes to Lainya, Kapoeta, Torit, Munduri, Yambio & many other towns in villages, that the Dinkas/Monyjiengs died in to Liberate them from your>

                            repondre message

                            • 4 September 08:30, by Pakuai

                              cloned arabs of North Sudan. But Mr. Jubaone piece of work, grow chap. South Sudanese people want peace. If you don’t peace, then pick up your machine gun & fight your Jenges out of your villages if they are there occupying your village. But be warned chap. You would be dead if you are not very careful>>>

                              repondre message

        • 4 September 07:43, by jubaone

          Do you know where Jebel Jienge is really? Do you know when this settlement was established and the circumstances leading to its establishment? Do you have any records how jienges were slaughtered by jellaba when as early 2008, the jellabas of the joint SAF-SPLA had left Equatoria? Try again, your is stupid guess work and foolish jienge concoction of worthless hearsays and trash

          repondre message

          • 4 September 07:49, by jubaone

            Do you it was Chief Andrea of the Baris that allowed jienge Bor the come and settle in Juba na Bari close to Nyaing and now Airport in the early 60s after the devastating floods in Bor? Do you know that most came as naked savages and were often ridiculed as "aryan jienge" whooped and forced to wear underpants called "Abu nandhara", if they dared come to Malakia, Hai Buluk etc?

            repondre message

            • 4 September 07:55, by jubaone

              Do you know that around this period, these jienge savages had to tender Bari cows around Rejaf or even Gudele and Munuki and in the evening received a litre of milk as payment? Do you know that it was these very jienges that supplied us with water from the Nile on donkey carts mounted with water barrels to the areas of Hai Kosti, Kator, Malakia, Keli Balak, Atlabara, Lologo? These are

              repondre message

              • 4 September 08:01, by jubaone

                ..are facts and you can ask your living relatives. Do you know that then Chief Andrea allowed these savages to settle temporarily and could cultivate their own foods? Do you know that they then started planting peanuts as the main food crop and after that called the area, gardens/places of peanuts and later on corrupted that to "Thongpiny". Do you know Thongpiny does NOT exist in our ledger book a

                repondre message

                • 4 September 08:07, by jubaone

                  ..at the Town Council nor at the department of Lands and Survey? Do you also know "Jebel Jienge" was forcefully grabbed by armed jienge soldiers after having failed to obtain plots legally? Do you know, it doesn’t exist in the ledger book of the Town Council? Once we set order, these illegal jienge squatters will be forcefully demolished and any one MUST obtain legal documents. Period.

                  repondre message

          • 4 September 08:38, by Pakuai

            Do you think I am talking about an area I don’t know chap? Do you idiot thinks that your so-called ’Jebel Dinka’ was named so in early 2008? Of course I have the records of how many Dinkas/Jenges were slaughtered in Jebel Juba. Jubaone, you are the one guessing things here idiots. "the jellabas of the joint SAF-SPLA had left Equatoria?" I cannot understand what you are trying to mean>>>

            repondre message

            • 4 September 08:51, by Pakuai

              what that means Mr. Jubaone??! SPLA went to Juba in 2005 after the CPA. And for the SAF, they were the ones who used to kill the Dinkas/Jenges in ’Jebel Dinka’ with the helps of some of your ’Bari traitors’. And even before the slaughter of Dinkas in mass numbers in 1983 after the SPLA took up arms here in Bor & across South Sudan, the killings of Dinkas started during your ’Korkora’ times chap>>>

              repondre message

              • 4 September 08:58, by Pakuai

                so what you really after Mr. Jubaone chap? Mr. Jubaone, you are just another piece of loser who doesn’t know what he is really after. You ’Jebel mean mountain in Arabic’ The are a lot of Dinkas/Jenges who speak ’better Arabic/classical Arabic’ than many Arabic people themselves. And we know the reasons why. Many Dinkas don’t even want to bother themselves with Arabic & they know the reasons why>>>

                repondre message

                • 4 September 09:05, by Pakuai

                  Many cloned so-called cloned arabs of North Sudan went and established their evil roots in your villages in your then called ’greater Equatoria region, towns & villages’ and that is how your so-called ’Juba Arabic’ came into being Mr. Jubaone chap. Mr. Jubaone, grow up chap. We are back. And we are going to show your masters & their allies out of our country once & for all. Reasons, pure HATRED>>>

                  repondre message

                  • 4 September 09:12, by Pakuai

                    and RACISM. Take it or leave it. We are here Mr. Jubaone chap. Your cloned arabs of North Sudan, Saudi Arabia & gulf Arab states, their so-called evil juus/jews/israelis, Corporate America, the UK, France, Mr. Buhari of Nigeria, Mr. Abiye Mohamed of Abesh (so-called ethiopia), Al Qada, ISIS/L, Muslim Bortherhood, Jesh El Islam, Al Nustra, Al Shabab, Boko Haram>>>

                    repondre message

                    • 4 September 09:19, by Pakuai

                      and even our own Riek Machar so-called SPLA/M-IO have an allaince Mr. Jubaone chap. Mr. Jubaone, we know you fools than you idiots think you know us. Watch this space. The owners have taken back their country. Our country is not part of the so-called ANGLO-MERICA empire, never has & will never ever be. And our people are not part of your so-called ANGLO-AMERICA subjects/slaves, never has & will>>>

                      repondre message

                      • 4 September 09:20, by Pakuai

                        never ever be trust this Mr. Jubaone chap.

                        repondre message

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