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South Sudan to cut one-day’s pay for peace implementation


February 13, 2019 (JUBA) — South Sudan government will deduct one-day pay from the salaries of the civil servants to fund the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement, the information minister said on Tuesday.

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South Sudan information minister Michael Makuei Lueth shakes hands with Lam Akol during the revitalization forum on 19 December 2017 (ST Photo)

"The cabinet decided that all the employees in the public sector should monthly contribute a one-day pay from their salaries for the next four months in the interest of the peace," Michael Makuei told reporters in Juba.

The decision comes within the government efforts to secure more than 44 billion South Sudanese pounds (280 million U.S. dollars) for the implementation process particularly for the expensive security arrangements.

Makuei further called on the private sector and businessmen to put their hands in their pocket to contribute to the worthy cause of peace.

"The cabinet is also making an appeal to the business sector and to the civil society organs, to the stakeholders, to contribute towards the implementation of this peace," he said.

The international community pledged to support peace implementation process but asked the South Sudanese government to prove its commitment to the revitalized agreement and to provide the needed money for the expensive process of the troops’ cantonment, training and unification.

They also asked the government to be transparent in the spending of the oil money and to curb corruption.

The ceasefire monitoring body, CTSAMVM, earlier this month disclosed it faces critical budget constraints affecting its activities and asked the South Sudanese government to fund the financial gaps.

Last Friday, President Salva Kiir criticized the United States’ reserves and scepticism towards the revitalized peace agreement. He added that this negative position pushed the other western countries to opt for a "wait and see" position.

He further stressed that South Sudanese should now count on themselves and focus on the implementation of peace agreement so they will send out "positive and reconciliatory messages".

The revitalized peace agreement which was mediated by the IGAD countries was seen provides to redesign the South Sudanese state during a three-year period.

These expensive reforms include the formation of a new national army, the delimitation of tribal border and set-up of new regional administration but also the big national and regional administration.

President Kiir several times complained from the formation of a presidency with five vice-presidents, 35 ministers, 10 deputy ministers wondering how to accommodate them.


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  • 14 February 07:57, by Kush Natives

    Great decision! Such decision should have been thought of while back before even the peace process, otherwise we even be here. Second opinion always work, if it’s made available for discussion. The word "the word regret" is what dwelling us into this darkness in Africa. We in South Sudan have an enough money to implement this peace without an outsider, if we think in advance.

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  • 14 February 08:01, by Morthon Akol

    to cut one day salary from where while the civil servant are not even getting pay?

    repondre message

    • 14 February 08:22, by Kwacha Okonyomoi

      Civil servants have four months arrears of salaries which are not paid yet while Makuei is talking about cutting one day pay for four consecutive months! Sorry Mr hyena.

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  • 14 February 13:04, by Landlord

    This dead peace deal is no longer alive, look for alternative to gain national and international support.
    you are not able to learn such indicators at all. what kind of semi humans created in this country. I don’t blame you, I blame the Arabs for allowing your leader Garang into government yet they know such community shouldn’t fit governance, only theft. cut the pay and take it.

    repondre message

    • 14 February 18:38, by Pakuai

      With the kind of name you have, l guess your IQ is in a negative territory. What does peace implementation has to do with Dinkas/Jiengs governance idiot? In fact South Sudan shouldn’t ever rely on foreign countries finances because their finances to our country and our people are the same tokens they always come and use them as their blackmails over our country and our people. But the kind of human beings in South Sudan, whether they are PhD doctors, so-called highly educated or more civilized Equatorians or Savage Dinkas/Jenges, they don’t know that nothing is free of charge on this planet earth>>>

      repondre message

      • 14 February 18:56, by Pakuai

        Our so-called PhD doctors are worse human beings in south Sudan, they are addicted to coups and want to be South Sudanese leaders at all costs however they have nothing in their skulls to offer South Sudanese other misery and divisions. Just look when Thomas Cirillo openly asked the South Sudanese to run to neighbouring countries because he believe Salva Kiir and his Jenges tribal government was killing them. Did Mr. Thomas Cirillo thought of who would go and house & feed those South Sudanese in neighbouring countries? Not whatsoever. Again, Mr. Thomas Cirillo and another so-called PhD doctor, Hakeem Dario were asked to the current peace agreement, but they refused and they want to fight while at the same time make a lot of complaints about being attack by the Dinkas/Jenges militias>>

        repondre message

        • 14 February 19:06, by jubaone

          Only if we had 50 jienge PhD holders than thousands of worthless bush generals perhaps then, some sanity and commonsense would evolve. It’s these illiterate bush generals that have destroyed SS. It takes 5 minutes to teach an illiterate jienge to carry a gun and cause untold damage, it will take him 50 years to carry a pen to develop himself. What a waste!

          repondre message

          • 15 February 00:03, by Pakuai

            You are the stupidest of all cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan l have ever come across! You think the Dinkas/Jenges with PhDs are 50? Go and ask your Universities in North Sudan troll. By the way even if the Dinkas/Jenges were to be only 50 PhD doctors, they can simply brag that they forsook education and took the matter of liberation of South Sudan and the South Sudanese people as their first priority. Mr. jubaone, Dinkas/Jenges don’t go and get their fake degrees or PhDs from 5th rate Universities in Uganda, Kenya or ethiopia>>>>

            repondre message

            • 15 February 00:17, by Pakuai

              For the Dinkas/Jenges to learn quickly how fire guns, so what? If the Dinkas/Jenges were to be foolish as some of our Equatorians or Nuers ’ke nyantoc’ who were used against the SPLM/A genuine war of liberation, then the cloned so-called Arabs of North Sudan would be still lurking around here South Sudan’s villages. Mr. jubaone, let tell you this, losers like Mr. Riek Machar went and study magic in a firth rate university in the devil infested Island of England (university of Bradford) from the University of Khartoum. Ask Mr. Riek Machar and Lam Akol where their dissertations/thesises are? And they will give you none>>>

              repondre message

              • 15 February 00:27, by Pakuai

                Mr. jubaone,
                The Dinkas/Jenges are very selectives and are the masters long shots warfares, the Dinkas/Monyjiengs can store or shelf wars and bring them back when we are ready to fight them. The evil white Americans, English people, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israelis), their gulf Arab States and some of their creepy allies in between here in our region love affair with our country and our people has gone too far and the evils are going to be bombed to near extinction, reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM>>>

                repondre message

                • 15 February 00:37, by Pakuai

                  Mr. jubaone,
                  We have informed you losers that South Sudan is not part of the so-called damned evil ANGLO-AMERICAN empire, never has and will never ever will. And South Sudanese are not parts of the damned so-called ANGLO-AMERICAN empire subjects or slaves., Reasons, pure HATRED and RACISM. Mr. jubaone, you fools and evils in the US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs and some of creepy allies in between think, you can use our country like their Eastern Congo? Fellows, watch out you are going to be bombed to oblivion fools>>>

                  repondre message

                  • 15 February 00:46, by Pakuai

                    Take your rubbish to DR Congo, Central Africa republic (CAR), Libya, Somalia, Northern Nigeria, Mali, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Ukraine, Nicaragua or other countries. But here in South Sudan, the the evils are going to be bombed out of our country and over our people once and for all. We have informed you fools that the evils in the US, the UK and their shifty allies in between love our country and our people to death, but we don’t want the evils in our country and over our people whatsoever>>>

                    repondre message

                    • 15 February 01:05, by Pakuai

                      That our country and people can Geopolitically chess game or football played like their then Eastern DR Congo, Angola, Mozambique and now Central Africa republic (CAR), Libya, Somalia, North Sudan, Northen Nigeria, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Nicaragua or other countries during their then so-called cold war and the evils hopes that they can ’reunite our country and our people’ with cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan and the evils would then run to their capitals and go and brag that their so-called *capitalism has prevailed over their so-called socialism and Communism>>>>

                      repondre message

                      • 15 February 01:47, by Pakuai

                        Mr. jubaone and other bunch of fools who dabble in ’magic and intrigues’ watch out. That the juus (so-called israelis) empire from *JERUSALEM* and span to *Euphrates, Tigris and right up to our Nilotic valleys and plains* and that this so-called juus (so-called israelis) and their allies would be financed by their *gulf Arab states of Soudi Arabia, other gulf Arab states, rich Europeans, rich evil juus (so-called israelis) from wall street, Europe, Asians, Indians or even some of other theieves who have plundered and stashed their loots in countries like in Nairobi Kenya, Adis Ababa, Khartoum, Journesberg, Dubai, London, British virgin Island>>>

                        repondre message

                        • 15 February 02:04, by Pakuai

                          Bahamas. Cayman lslands, Panama and other shady countries the evils go and hide their loots in. Mr. jubaone piece of trash, the owners have taken back their country. We are going to bomb mighty US, Saudi Arabia. their evil juus (so-called israelis), their UN, their sleazy NGOs and some of their creepy allies here in our own region.

                          repondre message

                • 15 February 09:30, by jubaone

                  This is jienge-nyagat peace and has nothing to do with Equatorians and must be financed by them. Since the only active workforce is predominantly Equatorian, salary cutting is a trick to further impose financial constraints on Equatorians. Jienges and nyagats have no employees, but armed units that rob from ordinary people. There’s a price for everything even peace.

                  repondre message

        • 14 February 19:16, by Pakuai

          You cannot have it both ways, you want to fight and complaint about being attacked. By the way, Thomas Cirillo and Hakeem Dario are the finest Equatorians with military and academic superiority! My arse. The losers are claimed to be fighting for their so-called ’federalism and good governance’ Thomas Cirillo stole millions from South Sudan army coffers and ran to ethiopia. What good governance can a thief demand from others if not only in South Sudan where such behavior is entertained? Again, these losers have been asked to join the current South Sudanese peace and explain clearly to South Sudanese people what kind of federalism they are after, but of course, the traitors and foreign puppets or stooges have nothing worse fighting for but to be given government>>>

          repondre message

          • 14 February 20:13, by Pakuai

            positions and not to be persecuted for their theft and treasons. That is what other thieves, traitors and foreign puppets like Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom and other bunch of thieves are hedging on----to be welcomed back and given their old positions back without persecutions. If our our thieves, traitors and foreign puppets/stooges were not *sponsored by their evils in the US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their cloned so-called arab of North Sudan, their evil juus (so-called israelis), their gulf Arab states financiers and some of their creepy allies even here in our own region were to stop* financing these losers, then be very sure that these losers would from the effect of today, tuck their tails like dogs and come back to South Sudan humiliated>>>>

            repondre message

            • 14 February 20:21, by Pakuai

              But as far as we are concerned, Mr. Riek Machar, Lam Akol, Pagan Amuom, Thomas Cirillo, Hakeem Dario and other bunch of foreign puppets, thieves and traitors are the ones the US, the UK, their UN, their sleazy NGOs, their evil juus (so-called israelis), their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their gulf Arab states financiers and some of their creepy allies here in our own region own as their blackmails and bargaining cards over our country and our people>>>>

              repondre message

              • 14 February 20:36, by Pakuai

                But the evils are going to be bombed to near oblivion with their foreign sponsors. South Sudan is not for sell. And South Sudanese people are not parts of these evils so-called damned ANGLO-AMERICAN empire subjects or slaves, nor does South Sudan an evil so-called ANGLO-AMERICAN empire country, never has and will never ever will. Who would to bring these vermin into our country again fellows? Who really fools? Not even one. Let that fool with balls bring in another evil White Americans, English people, cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their evil juus (so-called israelis), their gulf Arab of North Sudan and even some of their creepy allies here in our own region. And they will be bombed with their sponsors>>>

                repondre message

                • 14 February 20:55, by jubaone

                  Pakuai, Koryom2, Kuch
                  You should be the last jienge to dare open your mouth and point an accusing finger against a noble and distinguished Equatorian and Bari. How stupid can you be, to put him at par with worthless jienge miscreants whose lives are dependent on theft, robbery, lying and hoodwinking? Stealing is jienge culture.

                  repondre message

                • 14 February 21:05, by Pakuai

                  Fellows watch this place, pure HATRED and RACISM is here. The evil white Americans, English people, their UN, their NGOs, their cloned so-called arabs of North Sudan, their evil juus (so-called israelis), gulf Arab states and even some of creeps here in our own region love affair with our country has gone too far. The evils can their dirty intrigues to Uganda, Kenya, DR Congo, Rwanda, South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Somalia, central Africa republic (C.A.R), Libya, Northern Nigeria, Mali, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Venezuela, North Korea or Nicaragua or some of their creeps here in our own region. We have been telling our fools that our country and our people desperately coveted by the greatest evils on earth and they are using their puppets who sold themselves to those evils and they also want to sell our country and our people to their foreign masters>>>>

                  repondre message

                • 15 February 01:24, by SSudan

                  To: Pakai,

                  How foolish, idiot and irrational you are? You have a pallid mind and with trash. How can you stupidly rebut or clash with your own idea above?
                  Please make sense for all South Sudanese when writing and avoid nonsense. Be a peacemaker rather a warmonger and fond of dividing people of South Sudan based on the tribal ground. Most of your comments useless and tribal. Stop it.

                  repondre message

  • 14 February 13:51, by deng

    It will be good if they cut only one day , some states will cut months not one day

    repondre message

    • 14 February 21:00, by jubaone

      If $20b couldn’t bring any changes, what will cutting off a day’s salary of worthless SSP bring? You want peace, sell your cows and finance it or go beg your fellow IGAD Africans. They have plenty of dollars.

      repondre message

  • 14 February 17:22, by SSudan

    Only 1 day salary cut for 4 months salary is less and not enough, the decision is not thought or planned. This is supposed to be 2 months salary cut for better peace implementation. Please change it accordingly.

    repondre message

  • 14 February 19:10, by lino


    Makuai, better pay civilians this month and take care of those 4 months we have never seen to fund your PEACE IMPLEMENTATION!!!

    repondre message

  • 16 February 17:46, by Chiir

    This is just mere propaganda concocted by anti-peace elements who have the intention to tell the international community that peace will not be implemented. Read between the line, you guys.

    repondre message

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