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NCP-SPLM, corruption fireworks

By Kwathi Ajawin*

Mar 30, 2006 — The aroma of the Sudan government corruption surprises not many, either locally or nationally. Nevertheless, to many it is given since the major partners in the CPA have documented history of corruption, what is surprising is how it happens! The issue of whether GOSS had received all the oil money from Khartoum is a serious issue that needs to be resolved carefully. Even though GOSS finance secretary had acknowledged the receipt of the money some members of the SPLM voiced disagreement with the secretary and the public also want to know what did GOSS do with the money? A lot of corruption fireworks, but apparently both SPLM and NCP are not accusing each other’s with corruption. And no doubt that if one points at his partner its other four fingers will point at him since there are no saints in this equation. Combating corruption is vital and no pulling rabbits from the hats will work here. Both parties must deal with the issue and take a certain path or the opposition will utilize it to topple the fragile partnership. Will corruption be a political tsunami and a beginning of the end! We will yet have to see...

NCP, the Jehadists and Corruption:

Most of the Islamist all over the world who dream of the state of Sharia-Law were stunned and left speechless by the report of the International Transparency in which Sudan under the Jehadists lead by Mula Omar al-Bashir is the most corrupt country in the Arab world and the middle East. That was a big set back to the NCP a party that claims to base its principles on the teachings of Islam. NCP is supposed by its slogans to be morally and ethically better than the alleged animists and infidels. Yet, the transparency report though from a credited fair and neutral agency, was received by the NCP with the attitude of the conspiracy theory. The loyal media to Mula Omar tried to justifies that the report is general and do not mean that the government or the NCP is corrupt, because according to them the report examine even the private sector. Supposedly we agree with that analysis still the corruption is under Mula Omar watch in the Islamic society and engineered by his lieutenants. The allegations of corruptions which in fact is visible to many in Sudan cast the doubt on the Political Islam as a theory for good governance and exposed the Jehadist under Mula Omar of Sudan to a lot of questions and challenges.

SPLM, the Liberators and Corruption

For the liberators as the second partner in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), no one issues a report on their corruption other than the party itself. In the historical meeting at Rumbek corruption was discussed among many other issues. The liberators acknowledged the existence of corruption big time in its ranks and the then big man Dr. John Garang admitted his failure to combat it. The late chairman described corruption in SPLM as a big animal that cannot be caught by the net. Here the Liberators have no means of denying corruption since the writing is already on the wall. The question is why was corruption allowed to fest and grows that big? On what level is that corruption, is it a tumor that can be operated or it has spread all over the movement? What was the failed methodology that was used to combat the big animal? All these questions may help SPLM to come out with better means to combat corruption and explain the allegation of the missing hundred thousands of Millions un accounted for. Of course you do not need to be a philosopher to conclude that it was Don Quixote’s when SPLM tried to catch the big animal in the absence of the institutions and at a time when the movement’s money were kept in personal accounts of some of Dr. Garang’s inner circle lieutenants. Now, with GOSS in place and the transformation of SPLM into a political party things will get better, yet the public want to hear an official report on how much money have been received between January 2005 to the formation of the government and how it has been used?

The CPA partners chances to deal with corruption

In spite of the tough talks against corruption, the Jehadists with attitude of the conspiracy theory are likely to do nothing about corruption. Moreover, out of hypocrisy the Islamists will not confess that their animal is much bigger than the SPLM’s one. Since the International Transparency reports we did not see any active investigation committee and no changes in guards as the same corrupt faces are still on the stages, with some cosmetic changes and different roles in the play. If the NCP allowed its peace deposit to be bankrupt by corruption then confronted with the war crimes everything may go to the recycle bin.

On the other hand the SPLM is in a better chance to combat corruption since Dr. Kiir is determined to use his machetes to slaughter the big animal that could not be caught by the net before. It is time now for Dr. Salva Kiir to activate the anti-corruption commission. Also, Dr. Kiir needs to take a strong decision to cast out the bad apples within SPLM ranks. Some of the big homes in Nairobi must go in order to refund the public money, and some must be fine, jailed or both.

Corruption may over shadow the Peace Achievement in the coming election as it did in the last Palestinians’ legislature election, therefore it very important to come out clean before the election time, when any justification will be like praying in the Day of Judgment. It is time for SPLM to set some measures in place, screen the members in GOSS, GONU and in both Political and executive bureau of the party. As for NCP it is clear that they will just recycle the corrupt elements and avoid any strong punishment as that may open the door wide and sparks the corruption firework into a wild fire that can consume the whole party. Both parties may still benefit from the foundation of hate sin but love the sinner, by hating corruption and loving the corrupt, though he or she is responsible for their actions and must bear the consequences.

* Kwathi Ajawin is a Sudanese activist and a church leader based in Washington, DC and can be reached at kajawin@aol.com