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Sexagenarian Sudan: How independent her celebrated independence

By Trayo A. Ali

On January first 2017 Sudan celebrated Sixty One anniversary of its Independence Day. Unfortunately, neither the political environment is pretty cozy nor the public mood is festive to stomach the occasion. It is rather all out grief, state of mourning, and sorrow. The news is polluted and the air is contaminated with blood. The smell is all gun-powder than an odour. Orphan children, street boys and school dropped youngsters out number their age group who have access to milk, bread, butter and class room. The horizon is getting ever darker and hopes getting dashed. It’s a suffocating air. The Six Decades of the independence are lost case and the ordinary Sudanese manages to erase the bad memories while the government insist to force and fool by way of a fake celebration. The government should stop selling the wind to boats.

Hailing the conquered is never the answer
- The state of Sudan is a failure case and the Six Decades of the claimed Independence are a lost ones. What is there then to celebrate for it at all?.
The independence is meaningless and celebration is worthless unless it’s totally associated with the welfare of the people. Progress, prosperity, voluntary unity, peace, security, stability, equality and education for all.
The independence anniversary is usually considered as a time to exercise sober reflection, soul searching and self reexamination for stock taking.
The true independence is measured up by indicators that answer questions such as:
- How much prosperity and welfare of the citizen is achieved? How equal are the concerned citizens? How dignified are they before their state? How much security they enjoy? How much its leaders (men or women) are of integrity who cheer accountability? How affordable the necessary services to the disposal of the citizen (education, health, food, clean water, shelter, electricity and roads)? How clean the environment?
This is how the relevancy of any independence is measured. Ask the Koreans, the Ghanaians, the Tanzanians, the Senegalese and the rest of the Sexagenarian nations. All are age group of the Sudan.
The Britons have every right to question the ability and stamina of Sudanese leaders for self management.

The missing link is visionary leadership
- "He who has nothing can offer nothing". How can any independence be credible and meaningful if it only generates death, misery, abject poverty, hunger, wars, diseases, ignorance, corruption, thievery, greed, nepotism, racism, hatred, genocide, indiscipline, abuse of power, brutality, displacement, refuge, insensitivity, frustration, extremism, intolerance, exclusion, marginalization, dishonesty, divisions, mediocrity, dependency ?. It only takes a crook regime like the Islamist NCP government to insist on presenting false facts to fool its citizens. You can fool some peole some time or all people for some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
So what the celebration for?. Aren’t we exercising a kind of self deception in hailing the conquered instead of hailing the conqueror hero? Aren’t we only adding insult to injury?. Stupid level of ostracization and a state of living in denial

Challenges and fundamentals. None is fixed
How can the independence be relevant and worth celebrating if it was not able to identify the challenges and failed to fix the fundamentals ? .

Searching for identity: Zebra, Donkey or Zonkey ?
No nation can conduct its affair in this manner. Any meaningful progress and development can only take place in the context of redefined identity acceptable to all. What does it mean when a president of nation confess and publicly declares that his country has failed to redefine its identity after six decades of its independence? Does this situation deserve to be celebrated?
Strange for a sexagenarian nation searching for identity ? Unable to identify itself whether Is it Zebra, donkey or Zonkey ? Are we celebrating Zebra, or donkey or Zonkey for a Zonkey is a hybrid. The celebrators should tell us.

Indeed Fire gives birth to ashes
Sudan (once a cradle of African civilization) is in state of evaporation. It is reduced into smoke. Professor Leopold Senghor of Senegal statement clicks our memory. He once noted that "Sudan made the worst choice. Instead of becoming the best of Africans it chose to be the worst of Arabs". Indeed history does not have a mercy upon a fool who mess and tamper with it. The circumstances will dictate upon a kind of revenge you deserve. It is humiliating.

Aluta must continua till the beautiful ones are born.
Sudanese must continue to fight for conditions that deserve a meaningful and useful celebration. They should first liberate themselves from the yoke of dictatorship. Dignity must reign, prosperity must prevail. Peace and security of the citizen must be the order of the day. That was when it give birth to the beautiful ones. They are not yet born. Only then they can have enjoyable, credible and sustainable independence that is truly independent. Only then Sudan deserve national celebration.

African Peace Information Service (APIN). He can be reached at saharaclub2015@gmail.com