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Sudan’s rebels seek to meet Ethiopia’s PM, threaten to hold separate talks

SRF factions meet in Paris on 12 Oct 2017 (ST Photo)
June 8, 2019 (KHARTOUM) - Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) said they would seek to meet the Ethiopian prime minister to discuss peace issues and hinted that it would enter into separate negotiations with the transitional military junta in Sudan if the opposition coalition fails to agree on a leadership body.

SRF spokesperson Mohamed Zakaria Faraj on Saturday welcomed the visit of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Sudan and his efforts to mediate a solution to the current political crisis.

In his statement, Faraj said that the viable solution to the crisis requires that peace should top the agenda of talks.

"Therefore, talks will not work in the absence of armed political forces."

Further, he underscored that said that the RSF was not part of the meeting that brought together the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, leaders of the coalition of the Forces for Freedom and Change (CCF) held in Khartoum on Friday.

"The SFR will request to meet with the Ethiopian prime minister to discuss with him issues of war-and-peace without which no comprehensive political settlement can be achieved," he said.

The Sudan Call, which encompasses the SRF, National Umma Party, Sudanese Congress Party, besides civil society groups, called several times for the establishment of a leadership council as the current consulting mechanism was tasked with overseeing the protest movement.

The rebel umbrella said that the creation of an inclusive mechanism for all forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change is the guarantee of the unity of the opposition, and to ensure the efficiency of the government and avoid any paralysis during the transitional period.

This body is entrusted with taking all the basic decisions and will form the needed committees and determine their tasks.

The SRF, in addition, called to dissolve the current coordination that "hijacked" the FFC’s decision and the formation of a committee with specific tasks instead.

"The continuation of the current administrative situation, which is detrimental to the FFC, will lead the SRF to hold direct negotiations with the Transitional Military Council," said the SRF.

Recently the CCF which includes the SRF, National Consensus Forces, Sudanese Professionals Association and Unionist in Opposition Gathering held a series of meetings on this respect. but the political developments in the country led suspend the stalled discussions.