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BREAKING NEWS: South Sudan’s rebel leader George Athor “killed”


December 20, 2011 (JUBA) – The South Sudanese rebel leader and renegade general, George Athor, has been killed, announced the country’s Vice-President Riek Machar Teny in a press conference held in the capital Juba today.

Earlier in the day, Athor was reported to be under siege by South Sudan’s army, SPLA, in Morobo country in Central Equatoria state.

Southern Sudan rebel leader George Athor (AP Photo/Sayyid Abdul Azim)

According to Teny, Athor was killed yesterday, Monday, in Morobo near the capital, Juba.

The circumstances of his alleged death are unclear at the moment but Athor’s rebel group on Sunday claimed it had aborted an attempt to kill him.

One of Athor’s wives told Sudan Tribune she suspects her husband may have been killed because she lost contact with him since Monday.

Athor has been leading a rebellion against the government of South Sudan since he defected from the SPLA in 2010 after he was announced to be the loser of gubernatorial elections in Jonglei State, where he stood as an independent candidate.

His rebellion has been one of the biggest security threats that faced South Sudan since it became an independent country this year.

Hundreds of people have been killed this year in clashes between Athor’s men and the SPLA.

More updates to follow


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  • 20 December 2011 14:29, by Lokorai

    Chum emong!

    No tears to shed if confirmed dead!!!!!!!!!!!


    • 20 December 2011 15:10, by Generation

      The rebellion will continue against Bar el gazal Government, Warrap will shed more tears, Bustard have Kill the great Leader, shame to Government, General Athor was ready for peace and some idiots in the so call goss neglect him, we will continue till the last drop of our blood.

      • 20 December 2011 15:17, by PT92


        Sorry to break your heart and you better pray for your own life!

        • 20 December 2011 15:21, by Generation

          SPLA have cause a earth quake in the so Call RSS, you are dead too son of bitch

          • 20 December 2011 19:19, by PT92

            Generation, don’t shit your pant yet.

            Yes, SPLM has caused earth quake all over the world not only you little shit head!

            What a day? President in Israel and the delegation is already on the way to assist the new nation and Athor is out. Generation, aren’t you had enough shit in your pant? Well, more to come your way.

            • 20 December 2011 20:09, by Gen. Madcat

              Bravo to SPLA!I think today George Athor should be under investigation of the people that has killed themselves during his rebellion in the South Sudan.

            • 21 December 2011 02:12, by Hardball

              Yea, no surprise at all that it happen.

          • 20 December 2011 19:50, by Agor


          • 20 December 2011 20:05, by Aarai Baka

            Death of Athor brought panic and shame in Khartoum. all rebels leaders against ROSS will be eliminated one by one.

            • 20 December 2011 22:21, by Alan_Bard

              One thing I would like to say, do you really think that by killing a leader of a rebels you will achieve peace or end of civil war?? Well let me remained you that this is not war with other country this an ethnical this a tribal hearted that goes back many decades, by killing a leader another one will take his place, you have just recruited 1000,s of more rebels from his own tribe,

              • 20 December 2011 22:22, by Alan_Bard

                Mr. you claim that al Bashier and the North Arab and your own brothers are the enemy, I really feel that you have some kind of insecurity element going on, how come S. Sudan been only independent for 6 month, and all ready got so much vacations’ which you call enemies!!! this vacations’ are result of many decades of tribal hearted and selfishness, MR. the enemy number 1 for the S.Sudan is yoursel

                • 20 December 2011 22:23, by Alan_Bard

                  MR. the enemy number 1 for the S.Sudan is yourself, when you get read of the hearted of one another and resolve all you deference’s!!! maybe you will achieve some peace one day and a prospers future and good country, help yourself first then the rest of the west will help you, until then good help you young man.

                • 21 December 2011 06:47, by Green

                  First, before you siad all these stupid things! do have an idea about security? i think you live in the west! here in the west, if you armed yourself with just a battle, empty battle, and police warn you 2drop it, and refuse to respond, it is bullet on your head! Why, it is a security concern? do you kn how many he kill and you kept insist n blame the govt did wrong to kill him! go to heav

                  • 21 December 2011 21:57, by Alan_Bard

                    Mr. Green---
                    1st of all yes I live in the west ((un like you I am from the west = I am home)) , hop you do not find that rocket since to understand.

                    • 21 December 2011 21:58, by Alan_Bard

                      2nd the fact that you have just insulted me and called me stupid just for expressing my opinion, and that moats likely to be a result of lake of knowledge in how to practice your democratic Wright of foredoom of speech something for sure you do not understand at all, and respect others opinion too.

                      • 21 December 2011 22:01, by Alan_Bard

                        3rd yes I have realized that you live in the jungle, and it is clear that you are personally would like to implement the jungle rules on the newly born nation of South Sudan, and that is just you and your likes, the west did not help you get independency from the north so you can continue in killing each other, so once more may god help you and your likes, because with your politics you will be

                        • 21 December 2011 22:01, by Alan_Bard

                          because with your politics you will be killing each other to the last one of you, go on in insulting everyone how disagree with you as you do not know how to do better

                • 21 December 2011 06:51, by Runrach

                  Rest in peace Late Gen Athor, your death is not the final destiny to rebellion unless Kiir and his SPLM party learn to try everybody in his Govt equally rather than listening to some and ignored the rest.
                  Athor would have not rebelled if transparency and equality were in place.You Mr. X celebrate his death and make sure yours is underway.Good that he died in operation than our Bros.rest in peace.

                  • 21 December 2011 07:14, by Green

                    Look here, it is good to advice people! SPLA know every part of the bush in ss lol! let me tell you, if thing has to be according to the rule of nature, brother, you’ll buried many people! rebellious and going to the bush is not solution to the wise persons! i though he was smart person, but clearly, isnt! stupid people can still think that! GPS,and modern of commonications.small world

              • 21 December 2011 06:37, by Green

                Do u know where he came from and the tribal war you are commonicating here? Killing him! do you know he did? well, you mean, even if he kill thausand as he did, the govt will not hunt him? if he refused to come for negotiation, do the govt still dont go after him, even if he still killing people? he kill dinkas and nuer, so leave it to those who lost their ppl! if ur next leader,we’ll get

            • 20 December 2011 22:54, by SSLA/M Supporter

              Arai Baka is an Ethiopian word! Anyway assassinating SPLA/M bush leaders in a lawless and insecure country like South Sudan isn’t going to be hard for the rebel or other enemies of SPLA/M bush leaders! We know where they stay when they come to USA or Europe or eastern African countries and we will easily target them and mark my words! If you really opt for this option of..

              • 20 December 2011 23:12, by SSLA/M Supporter

                if you opt for this option of assassinating others leaders, then there will be no leader left in RoSS! thank God you fill SS up with suicide bombers from Somali Al shabab fighters and yet you are running your mouths against Muslims and Islam and with your SPLA/M leaders normalising diplomatic ties with with Israel,the public enemy number one of both Arab and Islamic world!

                • 20 December 2011 23:21, by SSLA/M Supporter

                  Sooner, you will be struggling fighting an invisible enemy like American-Brits predicaments or scenarios in both Iraq and Afghanistan! Thank, God your blind SPLA/M leaders are good of making more enemies than friends! Sooner the whole South Sudan will be fully engulfed by the fire of tribal and sectarian wars! your days is numbered! Wait! R u not Kiir’s mule called so-in-law!

                • 20 December 2011 23:46, by Alagaya

                  SSLA/M Suporter: or what ever your name! We Love you brother.We really need you back home, because nothings better than home brother. Athor Deng is a brave man and he took the first bullets before the rest taste bullets. we captured the rest and we are going to asked them who was really behind the attacked. people of Southern Sudan suffered alot and we do not need more casualities so please come b

                • 21 December 2011 07:03, by Green

                  If this guy kill your mom, lets assume that? will you be against what the SPLA did to him? You see, their no one will know the truth, unless you judge your own words and yourself before judging others!! You lack big part to yourself, knowledge is defined on emphasis on self evaluation! if you dont judge yourself, than you dont judge other.you lack something!

                  • 21 December 2011 14:58, by SSLA/M Supporter


                    Is your pathetic logic telling me that we should we hate John Garang de Mabour for creating this mess we are going through right now in RoSS with his stupid war that killed about 2.5 million innocent S Sudanese lives, if not why not? tell me who didn’t kill anyone from all those bunchs of criminals you are calling leaders in RoSS? Do you want us to hate and kill them for their crimes?

          • 20 December 2011 20:22, by Aristotle

            George Athor body must be buried in a secret location, the best way for criminals killed in 2011,when you buried somebody respectfully,then you support his idea,he must be treated like Qaddafi and Osama,

          • 20 December 2011 22:42, by Ahmed Chol

            Now Salva and his friends have to ask themselves, what can be done different in the next election to avoid blood shed.

            More rebellion and bloodshed are eminent if independent candidates are treated like thieves and not allowed to use public media such as radios for campaign. More problems if the current constitution is kept as it is. Freedom we fought for cannot be achieved with this constitutio

        • 20 December 2011 17:48, by Gentle Deng

          Any one condemning the death of George Athor is a true son of the soil. His death will not be compared to the death of other rebels. He holds unbreakable record in the big book of SPLM/A history of arm struggle cause which took 22 years of missery and agony. Why kill him after his faithfulness, loyalty and wholehearted efford? His death is the opposite of what many people think now, it is not the

          • 21 December 2011 07:25, by Green

            dont take that name for granted! the point is, human lives is the same, either live of late garang and live of innocent child in ss, is the same! he fought yes! But people cant be rewarded by killing people! he wasnt got into that position because he was good killer! killing has to have boundaries!he deserv that one, he deserv to died! if you suport him,go n ask God,n tell him ppl he kil

        • 21 December 2011 02:23, by Jimmy A. Makur

          If the news of George Athor Deng are be true then all those rebels will follow the suit. They are being watched by the lives of our 2.5 million brothers and sisters who died in the 21 years of struggle.

          I know the death of our fellow human being shouldn’t celebrate according to South Sudanese culture, but the life of UGLY BUSTARD will not be compared with the lives lost in the needless war

      • 20 December 2011 15:28, by Dr.Feel Good

        To Generation, i do not belame you at all because your name tells us that your "generation of murderers will be cleared off south Sudan".

      • 20 December 2011 16:36, by Man manning

        @ generation
        Fuck you and him if you are claiming any good then take over and you will follow his route to hell.FUCK ALL KINDS OF REBELS IN THE SOUTH!!!!!!!!!!

      • 20 December 2011 16:43, by Bolman

        correct it real Bar el Gazal did their party to kill George Athor Deng like killing adog where were the Bor Community who always mention nonesense while they are so fearful to fight with great fighters Bar el Gazal Community father of Dinkas

        • 20 December 2011 21:20, by Wen De David Kuol

          Athor Chose to die, Everything has an end, Rebellion is always doom. Look at John Garang who started rebellion and finally died.
          Even food got side effect, Good for Athor to die, May God Judge him as per his deeds in Jonglei.

          Why Are Leaders dying in Equatoria??? who got an answer, they are collaborators for me!!!!, Please buried him in the bush of Equatoria. He don’t deserve to the buried

          • 21 December 2011 06:58, by Joseph Canada

            David, you are very stupid to ask such a question.First of all you have to read in every news here to see if any massive killing or gubernatorial Elections have been ridged like those of the Jongolei. ATHOR GOT KILLED IN EQUATOIA IS SIMPLY BECAUSE WE IN EQUATORIA ARE THE TRUE SONS OF SOUTH SUDAN OUR BOYS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE FIGHTINGG IN ABYEI WHILE THOSE BORN IN ABYEI ARE CAMPS, IN EQ.

            • 21 December 2011 07:20, by Joseph Canada


              • 21 December 2011 07:26, by Joseph Canada

                Dear comrades in the south, I give a thumbs up to the Army of doing a great job. It must be the work of Mobutu mamur is it always be, just like the capture of Kapoeta,Torit and Kiala.
                in General, lets give all the army a big congratulations. Thank You.

        • 20 December 2011 21:27, by Lok T Simon

          Dear friends who want to go and fight Bhar el Ghazal,
          For your information, Bahr el Ghazal is not an easy place to go and fight with people. bahr el Ghazal people are friendly and humble, but they have bad temper beyond control if someone touch them. So my friends, don’t put red pepper into your eyes.

          • 20 December 2011 21:41, by Lok T Simon

            Athor Deng would be remembered for 1990s Bravery and protection that he made for civilians and few soldiers without ammuntions, but what has done to his people whom he protected by then, is really stupidity and madness like leader of Lybia who transformed desert to new modern important city in the world and then after he spoil his legendairy at the end.
            Athor will not blame anyone but himself.

        • 21 December 2011 01:42, by Isme

          So much about brotherly hood, I will get you on that bulman or bolman, tell that shit of word to somebody who know nothing about so called (bar el gazal) that word reminded me about something, never mind, but according to my point of view nothing wrong with that, you’re great fighter than your duty is to secure the Nation, from enemies like corruption and if you’re so smart you know what I mean.

        • 21 December 2011 02:43, by Jimmy A. Makur

          TO my dear brothers,

          Can you ignore the so called Bolman, he is the enemy within who pretend to be from us. There is no thing called Bar el Gazal community, prehaps he meant Bar el Gazal region which comprised of many tribes. If u want to talks about Dinka Communities for instance, Agar community, Alaip community, Atot community, Renk community, Aweil community or Malual community, Bor c.etc

        • 26 December 2011 06:54, by bakuluk

          Athor Deng Dut was wounded war.As he fought 1991 Riak Machar fection in his home pigi County.Athor soldier was paweny people,or Atar community who make him known all over Spla military,and all over Southern trible.But Athor Dut creat demagogue,and hatred to his own people,who brought him up to highest rank,as Lt general.Brother,sister killing civiliean is war crime.genocide.isn’t funny.

      • 20 December 2011 17:05, by Gen Taiyo

        To Generation:
        hi bro you better go and cry for Athor
        he will not come back, so if you have that Athor heart than you will do nothing to your future, family and please change name generation is not going with your behavior. to tell you Athor is from state so he should die.

      • 20 December 2011 17:37, by Green

        Great leader who kill innocent people! yes, great leader to those whom the slavery still alive in your heart! war is the only others part of world treat Africa people like a dog and slave! get things correctly! Good news if the vice president is lie!

        • 20 December 2011 19:03, by monynuer

          Green, you really understand what it mean for the lives of innocent people. Those who claim that they are great leaders and do stupid things like Athor been doing to kill innocent people. Death is solution to them, Dr Riek Machar and Isamale konyi they also in death row they are also cause of innocent lives in Suoth Sudan.

      • 20 December 2011 19:32, by Agor

        Mr. Generation
        We believed you really think like your George who terribly failed in his gubernatorial elections and make stupid decision to go to the bush to fight for governor seat. The approach to such people who think like you and George Athor must simply own the grave in that way and you are the next person to own the grave after your uncle. HOW DID YOUR UNCLE GO TO THE BUSH WITHOUT OBJECTIVES

      • 20 December 2011 21:30, by Alagaya

        Dear: Southern Sudanese citizens I personally was mad from Athor Deng,because of what he did in the beginning. He killed nine guys from my rea. However, we suppose to captured him, but he fully resistance us. So we do not have other choose. However, I have question. How come Khartuom fly Athor to the boarder of Congo and Southern Sudan? THerefore, He took only Three Land cruisers with some solider

      • 20 December 2011 21:48, by Alagaya

        Acourding to my Personally analsy there are guys who brought Athor until Morobo and we are 24 hours working hard to find them. It is either within or outside GOSS. We will find them and punis them for sure. Thank to Bhar el Gazal Youth from Mading Awiel to Yoirol,and thank to Southern Sudan youth in General. Athor suporter and Goss supporter put your hands togathers and move forwards and not back

      • 21 December 2011 04:14, by vision

        I know you are from Murle, We encourages S. Sudan Government to bring David Yau Yau to justice. Please bring David Yau Yau to justice, the man who killed a lot more people than George Athor Deng. If you do this, you just minimize the potential future of rebels in S.Sudan.

      • 21 December 2011 08:01, by Martin Kat

        The South Sudan governement is not belong to Bhar El gazal or Warrap state it is a governement of South Sudanese people where there is every tribe. Athor is not rebel against Bhar el gazal or Warrap state he has been killed innocent people in Jonglei and Upper Nile state and elsewhere in South Sudan in general is better to died like now don’t support him.

      • 21 December 2011 08:39, by Martin Kat

        Athor was not mutinied against Bhar el gazal or Warrap he was lost governor election in Jonglei state resulted of killing of the large number of the innocent people in Jonglei and Upper Nile states and elsewhere in various places in South Sudan by general Athor
        The government of South Sudan is not belong to Bhar el gazal or Warrap state. It is belong to all South Sudanese people of different tribe

      • 21 December 2011 08:58, by okucu pa lotinokwan

        Dear All

        The body of George Athor should be buried in unknow place,because this Guy has Killed many people really,let peace among the youth of Republic of South Sudan.


    • 20 December 2011 15:11, by omoni jr.

      First of all,why did he move to central Equatoria state,and he knew very well that is the seat of the government with too many secret services unlike jonglei and upper nile states.
      Someone said it yesterday that Athor is going to die before christmas,and now the truth is out.

      • 21 December 2011 08:17, by actiongatkuoth

        haaaa haaaaa,

        SPLA win great victory over athor.
        athor got what he is looking for.

        athor lost thousand of life of southerner since 2010 up to his death,
        let him die. agreedy person got only death.

        SPLA Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        THat is the work of SPLA to do so.
        let athor blame his greediness,

    • 20 December 2011 15:24, by Mading Makuac

      The death of George Author is an example to rebels of South
      Sudan that they will all die like that unless they change to
      be good citizens.

    • 20 December 2011 15:27, by SSLA/M Supporter

      My sincere condolences are due to General Gorge Athor’s family and relatives and to South Sudan liberation army! God will receive him in open arms as a liberator of S Sudanese not like the killer John Garang that is burning now In the hell! I hope the death of General Athor if true, will not weaken them but give them determination and will to fight the SPLA/M enemy to realise the dream......

      • 20 December 2011 15:35, by SSLA/M Supporter

        of General Athor for a free and fair South Sudan that is corruption free!! fight till you defeat SPLA/M militia!

      • 20 December 2011 16:01, by Wendemagangdit

        SSLA/M Supporter, why don’t you do me a favour by telling us (SOUTH SUDANESE)the dream of your struggle, you never know u may convinced a few to revenge the dead man. You stop this madness before someone stop you. Don’t you have shame at all?

        • 20 December 2011 18:41, by SSLA/M Supporter


          You should be the one to be ashamed of his own self by pathetically calling yourself after the village of Gajaak of eastern Jikeny Nuer where forces loyal to your dead notorious and terrorist John Garang de Mabour led by Francis Ngor, committed their first massacre against the innocent civilians of Gajaak community 1980s! Where Francis Ngor was captured and beheaded by the unarmed..

          • 20 December 2011 18:49, by SSLA/M Supporter

            civilians of Gajaak and his stuck Jeep was set ablaze by the courageous Jack Keir warriors! Who made SPLA/M live as hell after that massacre!

            South Sudan under the leadership of drunkard Kiir will never see unity until those notorious SPLA/M alcoholic Generals and bush politicians are dead! RoSS is a failed state under notorious SPLA/M thugs!

      • 20 December 2011 18:43, by Kideopo Boy

        @SSLA Supporter, Who told u that George Athor is a martyr? I believe God the Almighty Father and Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ will NOT accept him in the Kingdom of God. George Athor was a greedy person being confused by Khartoum Islamist group of Omer Bashir to killed his own people. If I were to be in BOR I will not attend his funeral. But let’s pray to God the Almighty Father to guide his fami

        • 20 December 2011 22:56, by Alan_Bard

          Mr. you claim that al Bashier and the North Arab and your own brothers are the enemy, I really feel that you have some kind of insecurity element going on, how come S. Sudan been only independent for 6 month, and all ready got so much vacations’ which you call enemies!!! this vacations’ are result of many decades of tribal hearted and selfishness,

          • 20 December 2011 22:57, by Alan_Bard

            MR. the enemy number 1 for the S.Sudan is yourself, when you get read of the hearted of one another and resolve all you deference’s!!! maybe you will achieve some peace one day and a prospers future and good country, help yourself first then the rest of the west will help you, until then good help you young man.

      • 20 December 2011 21:51, by Lok T Simon

        What dreams are you still looking for with your George Athor? Is there another dream more than the dream Southern sudanese fought against Northern Arabs for 55 years. You will be considered as a silly person in your live. If george still alive and goes to neighbour countries, nobody will give him spoon leave alone gun.

        • 20 December 2011 23:01, by SSLA/M Supporter

          Lok Simon

          only fools like you who don’t see things beyond their noses will consider me silly, and I won’t worry about a dumb person to consider me as him/herself because when you are stupid you think everybody is stupid like you!

          • 21 December 2011 04:37, by Lok T Simon

            SSalam support,

            Itis better to be fully bilnded in eyes rather than in heart. what impotant dreans do you and Athor still looking for? Are you fighting to get historical dreams, political dreams, economic dreams or social dreams? which dreams is it? You don’t believe the dreams of 9 July, 2011? think b4 u come on line with nonesnse. however, if u still premature in mind, better gets raid of it.

    • 20 December 2011 15:43, by Lokorong

      WELL DONE SPLA! You have just silenced the little misquito call George Athor.only his coffin may try to run for the next Jonglei governor position and still it will loose. peace 2 RoSS.

      • 20 December 2011 20:01, by Kideopo Boy

        BRAVO SPLA. The next BREAKING NEWS Will be Joseph Konyi death. And the whole East African Countries will be celebrating while his masters in Khartoum will be mourning with some few supporters from Uganda.

    • 20 December 2011 15:52, by omoni jr.

      Congratulation to south sudanese Armed forces,SSAFs,for doing and combating the stronghold of satans,you did your part very well,and you deserve to have some christmas bonus and salary increase january first,2012,Our V.P will again increase your incomes and support your families.You have been told to protect the citizens of this nation,south sudan,whether internal or external,all the same.

    • 20 December 2011 15:59, by Waucity

      Shame on Athor, he was not jobless and we had fully recognize him and his fight for freedom. But brought people hearts of Nuers who never satisfied with anything..We should give him a proper burial, Nuers we will kill you too..Better stop your non sense. If you think your better give your self time to proof yourself..No war please, if you want to be voted into and office, make that people know.

    • 20 December 2011 16:06, by Alier42

      It is very very sad.they murderers from warrap state have done their work.Athor is to blame his death, there is no point that he should leave his stronge hold and go to morobo where there is no security.otherwise his life rest in peace but in pices.it is something a dead can not do ,you can not go to the middle of your enemy without men power,it was bad day to Athor.

      • 20 December 2011 17:32, by Bush


        Don’t cry for your uncle man, remember, only death can cure stupidity.LOL! You would have told him not to come to Equatoria because no one will support him. He thought that he is wise and wanted to stub the SPLA on the back by coming from behind. Idiot Athor, rest in eternal fire.

        • 20 December 2011 18:48, by Alier42

          @ Bush

          let me assure you that, somalia will be a better end, than the republic of south sudan unless people look into it early change the corrupt regime of warrap state. Otherwise to my experience in the past. Athor have done good job then mothefucker kiir and kuol who had failed the state.

      • 20 December 2011 18:07, by SSLA/M Supporter

        Alier 42

        You are absolutely right brother! Martyr General Gorge Athor Deng Dut (God bless and accept his soul) shouldn’t have left his stronghold in Kurflus region and moved to an insecure place like the so-called Morobo, simply because SS/Sudan is still divided along tribal lines, the vrery reason why John Garang fought whole of his losing war kiiled that 2.5 million innocent live in S Sudan!

        • 20 December 2011 18:29, by SSLA/M Supporter

          That is why Dr Reik Machar choise to declare his split from Garang in Nasir of eastern Nuerland its populations doubles that of western Nuer of unity state just to find protect he needed by then! And also it’s the same now for various rebels in Darfur, South Kordofan and southern Blue Nile! That is why SSLA/M battles SPLA/M inside Nuerland borders unity! it’s dangerous to operate outside ur box!

    • 20 December 2011 17:01, by Man manning

      IF THAT MOTHERFUCKER IS CONFIRMED DEAD THEN THAT’S GONNA BE A CAPTIVATING APPLAUSE BY OUR COMPATRIOTS,I said early on that we don’t need more investigation from him(Athor) so he should be kill and it has been done like I said.Congrat!!! SPLA for talking my command into account and acted accordingly.He ddeserve to smell the hell.No more oxygen or breathing because SPLA has used your MEDULLAOBLANGAT

    • 20 December 2011 17:11, by Ayuen deng

      let him ripe in the lake of fire for the thousands of lives lost in jonglei,it’s due more money he corrupt in SPLA that make him drunk and run in to bush.

    • 20 December 2011 21:13, by SmartBrain

      Congratulations SPLA!!!

      Galuak Gai eliminated, Gen Athor eliminated - death to all those who are causing blood-shed in South Sudan.

      • 20 December 2011 23:44, by SSLA/M Supporter


        I think you forgot to add your notorious dead generals such as Francis Ngor, John Garang, William Nyoun Bany, Kerbino Kuanyin Bol, Dominic Dim and Justin Yach to name few, to the list of the eliminates!! and maybe your name will be added into that list very soon if the war is stopped!

        • 20 December 2011 23:48, by SSLA/M Supporter

          I meant if the war is not stopped!

        • 21 December 2011 00:13, by SeekingTruth


    • 21 December 2011 01:20, by Alagaya

      I have been monitoring the comments all night,but i have not see my little boy Oduko comment today.Because I have some guy’s identification who died with Athor in front of my desk, but i didnot find the name of Oduko yet. Ayway Justices is now serve. May God bless you all and may God bliss southern Sudan.
      Thank you!

    • 21 December 2011 03:55, by Murle Intellectual

      Don’t begin to boast as yet, because you don’t know the bad option which our brothers in the leadership have taken. It is the worst case scenario where all our current leaders are going to go through and perish one after the other POLITICAL ASSASSINATION ! Do you want to know who is next? Salva Kiir himself. Let them guard him well day and night

      • 21 December 2011 07:40, by Green

        i though you will say, your leader Konyi will be the next! its simple! people who want to rebellion, let them go, but they will not come back! As far Dinka and nuer are not supporting you, we will dig your grave in the bush for you! not every one will be president! change is not necessary for you to be in cabinets you can change thing locally too! corruption is system! change system slowl

      • 21 December 2011 07:56, by Mading Makuac

        please advise your people to behave well otherwise you will
        get extincted in South Sudan.Being a rebel against our new
        nation will make many people die like Author unless you
        will stop abducting children,stealing cattle and kill
        innocent people!!!

    • 21 December 2011 06:28, by sober

      If DINKAs think it is good for DINKAs to kill every descendants and be alone dominated all southern tribes, make them slaves. That means all tribes can unite all over S Sudan and exterminates DINKAs like rats

    • 21 December 2011 06:50, by Kur William

      Guys just hold your breath,George Athor had deserve to die he was really having good chance when he was given amnest international along with others rebels by the governement of South Sudan in couples of month ago that was great chance to safe his political career and he failed to turn up however other brilliant Chance was one in Nairobi last months and he also failed to show up,he is guilt.

    • 21 December 2011 07:46, by HONEY


    • 21 December 2011 09:46, by Akot Akot

      This man was not killed in a fight or fire exchange. He was in Rwanda on Sunday and came to Uganda to see his family secretly but as high profile person, he was being followed and caugby armed men whose faces masked in Kamapla on the night of Monday around 7 pm. they brought him to Juba and a final order of killing was issued in Juba on Tuesday at around 10.am. He was killed in Juba in NISS office

  • 20 December 2011 14:32, by jacob mayen ajuoi

    good news Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bravo Bravo to SPLA.

    • 20 December 2011 15:13, by Generation

      The rebellion will continue against Bar el gazal Government, Warrap will shed more tears, Bustard have Kill the great Leader, shame to Government, General Athor was ready for peace and some idiots in the so call goss neglect him, we will continue till the last drop of our blood.

      • 21 December 2011 00:28, by SeekingTruth


  • 20 December 2011 14:33, by Garang Abuk

    That is good news for peace in South Sudan. A big lesson to the rebel groups. Oh God bless South Sudan.


  • 20 December 2011 14:33, by gatwech hoth loang

    this is the real lie mr Vic president late the GOSS try to confirm weather is true or it’s an exaggeration from arms spoke person

    • 20 December 2011 15:16, by Generation

      The rebellion will continue against Bar el gazal Government, Warrap will shed more tears, Bustard have Kill the great Leader, shame to Government, General Athor was ready for peace and some idiots in the so call goss neglect him, we will continue till the last drop of our blood.

    • 20 December 2011 16:13, by pabaak

      Millions Congratulations to SPLA gallant forces for the Job well done, the man was having devilish planning for our new nation, let us move ahead, the people and the government to develop the nation, and thanks all.

  • 20 December 2011 14:33, by Deng Gau


    • 20 December 2011 15:18, by Generation

      You are a grave son of bitch, we will keep eye on you

  • 20 December 2011 14:33, by Akot Akot

    For every living being has an end to life, hence feel the end of your journey, Gen George Athor Deng. You have done enough both good and devil and it can be good with you when you meet the end. For the end justifies the means. Akot

  • 20 December 2011 14:34, by michael Nhomlau

    Though nobody somebody, but George Athor, deaths is not enouge, he deserve second death, because he losted innocent life for no reason. This is a lesson learn to those who were behind, the also deserve deaths. SPLA/SPLM Oyeeeeee.

    • 20 December 2011 15:02, by michael coma

      Thanks to those who killed George Athor Deng.
      Good work to our government of south Sudan.We don’t even need to hear any rebel again in our country because South Sudan has full of rubbish people whom their heart wake up and sleep looking way of surviving through civilians,so let him go to heel Mr.Thor Deng and don’t blame us again because you was prophesied to dies that way like dog.

      • 21 December 2011 09:05, by actiongatkuoth

        let dinkas wailing for the death of their nyagaaat athor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        shame on you food fighter.

  • 20 December 2011 14:37, by Madingthith

    @George Athor,

    It is the blood of those deceases are now calling you for judgement before God because you play with dear lives of innocent citizen of South Sudan.

    Today those comrades and innocent citizen whose their lives lost in an impromptu way will summoned you before God and you will explain yourself very well, the reason why you killed them.

    His death celebrated by widows and orphan

    • 20 December 2011 15:23, by Generation

      The rebellion will continue against Bar el gazal Government, Warrap will shed more tears, Bustard have Kill the great Leader, shame to Government, General Athor was ready for peace and some idiots in the so call goss neglect him, we will continue till the last drop of our blood.

      • 20 December 2011 20:13, by Matiop Panchol

        I warn you that you are following a dangerous mindset. The best thing that you, and other Athor supporters should do is join the rest of South Sudanese in promoting development in our new nation. Athor, if confirmed dead, was for sure a great SPLA fighter but he fell to the tricks of Bashir who used him to sabotage S. Sudan. Turning against your people is a curse in itself.

      • 21 December 2011 04:25, by vision

        The next step is to bring David Yau Yau and his criminals group into justice. Athor contribute to this independent while Yau Yau was a poor academic primary school level who never attended any secondary school. The important citizens are not supposed to be killed by dog such as David Yau Yau. I know him in Kakuma, he was in Kadugle primary school. Teach him a lessen.

        • 21 December 2011 07:13, by Joseph Canada

          Mr. Vision, where were you when David Yau yau reported to Juba in Septeber this year?.

  • 20 December 2011 14:42, by Child Soldier

    George Athor, deserve to be kill whether he was assissinated or killed in the battle field but it has nothing to do with our business. Our might SPLA forces will soon rootout and dislodge any paramilitaries organisations operated in RSS, South- Sudanese will never send any sort of condolence message to his families members because he deserves it. Bye Bye Bye evil Athor

    • 20 December 2011 14:49, by Child Soldier

      Athor didn’t learn a lesson from his dead colleague, Galuak Gai, who got kill shortly after he signed framework peace with SPLA, and again refuse to integrated his forces, all our martyrs were grant their wishes to put end this boring rebellions

      • 20 December 2011 15:27, by Generation

        Athor is dead but those who plan so will die toooooo, i salute you General Athor

      • 20 December 2011 17:01, by Alier42

        @ child soldier

        death is on everyone way ,so you should not be excited for Athor death .it might be your turn in the next few days.

    • 20 December 2011 14:56, by Frak Cho

      Bravo SPLA,

      George Athor deserved to dead.The innocent live of Jonglei people have indeed called him. May the innocent lives that were killed in Jonglei rest in peace, Amen!

  • 20 December 2011 14:52, by michael Nhomlau

    Many thanks to those who were involved in that operation, you have rescued many life,s of innocent people who were about to be kill by the late killer (Athor). I wish another deaths come to his supporters and especially Murle...Shame on them who shed blood of innocent children, women and elderly people...who have nothing to do with your dirty politic

  • 20 December 2011 14:59, by Snipper

    When you resort to anti-competitive behaviours, chances are high that you gonna either win or lose. The massacre that has been going on in Jonglei state is solely on uncle Athor and he deserves to go! I read his thorny demands at Nairobi meeting and his media briefing after the failed talk.

    Not all south sudanese are happy with SPLM but we sometimes say let peace prevail and wait for next chanc.

  • 20 December 2011 15:01, by Stomach Politician

    ’’for every action there is equal and opposite reaction’’ Plz SPLA spokes person confirm to us so that we celebrate!! Viva south Sudan!! this is jst the begining. Sorry for NCP, Athor was saying in Nairobi that people have die then peace will come later because peace talk with the government fail. Thats the death he was talking of backfire..... RIP thats the end of any stomach politician...

  • 20 December 2011 15:04, by biarawieu

    Riek machar, is not right to say that rebel leader as he was a very first rebel leader in south sudan and should be the next most wanted person.

  • 20 December 2011 15:15, by Wendemagangdit

    George Athor Deng Dot was a hero just like Nyuon,Karubino,Arok you name them. I would have like to hear his side of the Arguement just for justice, but as the wise people say" whoever Play with fire got burnt". RIP Genenaral.

    • 21 December 2011 06:37, by Runrach

      @Wendemanyangdit, You are absolutely right, though Gen. George Athor deng died still he is a hero just like those whom you have mentioned. And for those who says that God is not gonna let him in or forgive him for whatever he has done in this planet.To me it’s a hard prediction to say since there is nobody ever died and return back on earth except son of man.Before Athor some where rebels.

  • 20 December 2011 15:24, by Generation

    The rebellion will continue against Bar el gazal Government, Warrap will shed more tears, Bustard have Kill the great Leader, shame to Government, General Athor was ready for peace and some idiots in the so call goss neglect him, we will continue till the last drop of our blood.

    • 20 December 2011 16:25, by Wendemagangdit

      Why do u keep repeating this statements of yours? This is not enternet game site but rather a site for posting articulate comments. you try elsewhere my dear boy.

    • 20 December 2011 19:05, by PT92

      Generation, don’t shit your pant yet.
      Yes, SPLM has caused earth quake all over the world not only you little shit head! Asked your daddy in Khartoum, they admitted that it is best for them to let us alone. Now they are wrecking Sudan apart. To tell you the truth SPLM/A doesn’t kill its own people 4 power but bring only those illiterate crooks to justice.

    • 21 December 2011 00:39, by SeekingTruth


  • 20 December 2011 15:27, by Michael Miyom Minyiel

    RIP General.Your Padang community is toally at doom.
    Luach and Paweny communities will never be at peace.
    General, that is war situation.

    • 20 December 2011 15:56, by Michael Miyom Minyiel

      No assertive leader like Athor.
      Your padang community wilk never keep their heads high

  • 20 December 2011 15:52, by Lang

    If they can kill him, they can kill joseph kony another killer for khartoum.

  • 20 December 2011 16:08, by Mach

    Good news to Mr Riak Machar, father and founder of rebels to the South’s freedom to announced it. Killing of Bor people will pay price everywhere and ever in the South.

    Our blood had freed us from slavery and none of our blood will let us be slaves again.

    Many thanks to our great sons of Bor-Town for their courage to pursue justice and not allows another second Riak’s genocide in our community

    • 20 December 2011 16:45, by J P Puok

      The most important thing is that he died and the rest will follow. No more comment ! But he could have met his fate the same way he was doing it ! Burning people in houses, churches and so on ! Mangoor, you only said this morinig that "don’t kill him he is a Dinka" sorry he is gone and he is off the cheeseboard. The man had pressed a wrong bottun of struggle. the way you live is the way you die.!!

  • 20 December 2011 16:28, by JAMES KUOI STEPHEN

    Casuallities of conflict are the hatred responses Such as death, hunger and poverty,if we achieved independent and peace in our beloved land of Cush. I may said, God be Athor Soul.We are not blaming SPLA neither Riak or Kiir. But keep love of God and peace of Christ Jesus who will continue protecting and gaurd families of George Athor.Being rebel against your people will not be supported.

  • 20 December 2011 16:31, by JAMES KUOI STEPHEN

    Casuallities of conflict are the hatred responses Such as death, hunger and poverty,if we achieved independent and peace in our beloved land of Cush. I may said, God be with Athor Soul.We are not blaming SPLA neither Riak or Kiir. But keep love of God and peace of Christ Jesus who will continue protecting and gaurd families of George Athor.Being rebel against your people will not be supported.

  • 20 December 2011 16:46, by Ngonglok

    The God of our ancestors is listening. However, no one should be happy for a death of any human being no matter how cruel and brutal they were. But, Athor Deng’s death is a relief and a great mark to peace and stability in our land—if this is true of course. May your soul finally rest mr. Athor.

  • 20 December 2011 16:48, by Bush

    I told you that Equatoria is not a safe haven for criminals like you. Equatoria is not a good place for rebels and criminals because you will not win their support and you will just die like that. May your soul rest in eternal fire because you betray the people of South Sudan.

  • 20 December 2011 16:59, by Man manning

    IF THAT MOTHERFUCKER IS CONFIRMED DEAD THEN THAT’S GONNA BE A CAPTIVATING APPLAUSE BY OUR COMPATRIOTS,I said early on that we don’t need more investigation from him(Athor) so he should be kill and it has been done like I said.Congrat!!! SPLA for talking my command into account and acted accordingly.He ddeserve to smell the hell.No more oxygen or breathing because SPLA has used your MEDULLAOBLANGAT

  • 20 December 2011 17:05, by jiengda

    Congratulation to H.E Salva K. for his commitment that resulted to a good news.He have wiped out unnecessary obstacle and enemy of peace in the South Sudan.Let Gen. George Athor taste the sweetness of being a rebel!. our government is the government of i don’t care, anyone who think to become a rebel in the south will follow that route.

  • 20 December 2011 17:17, by Kim Deng


    Mr. Athor died as coward instead of being killed in front-line.

    • 20 December 2011 17:31, by Ming Dhal

      Who will tell to his spoke mane Billy Luke this wonderful new?
      Athor died at the right time and it is a lesson to other rebels
      Let’s celebrate his death with Christmas my people of South Sudan.

      • 20 December 2011 17:34, by Ming Dhal

        Kim Deng
        Athor "died as a coward" and so what? i know you have been among those idiots who doesn’t like good thing to happen in South Sudan and your days are all numbered

        • 20 December 2011 18:10, by Deng Bornyang

          @ MING. there is no argument about this issue. Death is death whether as brave or cowards, the fact remained he is dead. We didn’t wish him bad luck in the beginning, but he left us.

  • 20 December 2011 18:02, by sudinka

    Dear citizen No more Tears to those who think to joint the bush after lose the election very big example.

  • 20 December 2011 18:02, by Bush

    Those who don’t believe in the mighty power of the SPLA should start worry from today onwards because slowly they will rid South Sudan of all evils.

    • 20 December 2011 18:47, by Kawaja Mikis

      Now is good achievement and lesson to ourselves as citezs of Republic of South Sudan, whoever try again to be rebel will face the same way, because there is joking with life of the people. God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain.

  • 20 December 2011 18:32, by Maper

    Finally a relief to innocent civilians of Jonglei state and RSS. To give a devil his dues, Athor was a hero before 2010 elections, in fact he was more patriotic than most of our current leaders. He was well respected in Jonglei especially when he played a great role in clearing out Riek’s forces in Bor. After rebelling, he lost all this credit. There is a chance now Jonglei will find peace. It’s lesson to rebels that messing around with innocent people lives and property is not good because it is not long before you meet the same fate. All rebel factions should know that the second leading position has already been filled by Riek, so taking up arms against RSS will not make any politician or general a vice president or deputy chief of staff. They say ’patience pays’ but in Athor’s case impatience backfires. He might have won next election in Jonglei because people are increasingly losing confidence in Kuol. Now, not only has he failed to achieve his claimed visions but also he failed to protect his life. Now, the SPLA should attack Athor’s stronghold to deter any re-organization of his forces. Since the amnesty is still in place, I ask RSS to give Athor’s family a second chance by allowing them to abandon rebellion and join their fellow citizens of South Sudan. Let his children enjoy the sacrifice (spoiled) of their father that eventually led to Independence through CPA. Greed kills. Although Riek was the first to rebel, he will always announce the death of rebel leaders. Rest in peace Athor and my condolences to his family.

    • 20 December 2011 20:31, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

      According to your Ideas. Any individual person in south Sudan will Never be foget. Athor Deng Dut will never be forget like others southern leaders as Garang,Kuanyin,Nyuon etc. Southern who died against against each others does not mean,could not be rememeber. These war going on now is mistreatment war.

  • 20 December 2011 19:04, by hard liner

    I am giving warning other rebel leaders that equatoria is not a football ground for your dirty politics because we shall never support you whatsoever. Our battle was against the arabs oppressers and now that we are a sovereign nation we dont want any rebel activity on our soil unless its for a genuine cause that was why we were the core of the anyanya 1 and the SPLA/M rebellion, So backoff.

  • 20 December 2011 19:49, by Tambura

    Its ok to die like an animal? that is lesson 4 everybody who want to put himself above the law. What a blessing year for our nation,now our people in Unity state can rest little bit. We have to deal with the rest of uneducated G through the election SPLA/M never fought for south Sudan new Sudan vision will never apply over us.Everybody ll hold our country as hostage will die like animal...

  • 20 December 2011 19:59, by yaaidit

    Sorry Athor SPLA is not the cause for your death but you are the cause of your death and your death has being a call from your God
    But you the brothers of Athor do not carry, calibrate for his death so that his life should be next to his own father

    God be with SPLA

  • 20 December 2011 20:10, by alierm

    Dear South Sudan youth, let us learn to accept the truth. The general was nothing but a betrayer and created his own exit. Death is not good and the general never consider so many things when he was busy killing his own south sudan people. On that note, therefore, let us stop wasting time on issues that take us back and focus on future.

    Alier Moses

  • 20 December 2011 20:22, by Matiop Panchol

    TO ATHOR SUPPORTERS: You better join the rest of Southerners in promoting development instead of trying to continue Athor’s aspirations. Athor fell to the tricks of Bashir, who has been using him and the other rebel groups to destabilize South Sudan. IT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE! THAT IS THE FUTURE OF S.SUDAN AND ITS POSTERITY RATHER THAN CARRYING A TRIBALISTIC MINDSET

  • 20 December 2011 20:46, by Tribe

    Thanks Riek for breaking the importance news to us,however, you should have initially give credit to SPLA units who where pursuing him,local people who assist soldiers with information of where he was about, and lastly the leading commander for his great leadership which has finally lead to the killing of this renegade. Why that is important is because few cohorts of you are good at stealing credi

    • 21 December 2011 05:49, by Deng Bornyang

      @ TRIBE. Were you there when the V.P addressed the media?
      I belief he has done that only that a "FOOL" like you will never appreciates what others say rather than distorting it into something else.

  • 20 December 2011 20:51, by Makol Dhal

    He deserve that humiliting exit, those who sheded blood must have bloodshed in return.

  • 20 December 2011 20:56, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

    Anyone in Sudan Government or rebel has their own curse according to NgunDeng. The right and wrong doing are categorized in his words. Ours dear Garang killing many people and later died of the same Consequences. The people that kill people will be kill to. Sudan has a lot of curse in it. All those will bring change from top to bottom. Until we have respect for everyone in whole Sudan.

  • 20 December 2011 21:37, by Dani

    What I learned is that the freedom we fought for was called liberation, our rebels in the South Sudan what are they fighting for, only God granted us this joyous, fruitful South Sudan, those who are against the stability, prosperity, unity, freedom and peace of the people of South Sudan if not surrender to the Govt will follow the same channel as Athor Otherwise God made everything possible,

  • 20 December 2011 21:50, by SoSuFreedom

    hahaha!a savage dies an idiot.Who says Athor was a potential threat to GOSS? was that son of a poor bitch a threat to GOSS? not at all ladies and gentlemen.WHY IS the news of his death so important to grab a headline on this important web site?
    Athor,a village chief,was given a chance to join the Government and help village citizen send kids to school,grow crops etc but he chose death

  • 20 December 2011 22:17, by chol manyuon dengaguek



  • 20 December 2011 22:55, by Longa

    The government of South Sudan need to rid out the rebels in the Country in order to pave the way for potential investors to come. We need development, not war. We have gained our independence. What else do we need? We need development and peace. Athor was not a wise person. Why should he turn to kill innocent civillians in the first place?

  • 21 December 2011 00:41, by Isme


    For a long time we contnued killing the vultures and picking off the demons that were riding people. We found that the arrows of differents Truths would have greater impact on different demons. We knew that it was going to be a long battle, but we were not suffering any more caualties now. To every coward, and every traitor its better to learn a lesson.

    • 21 December 2011 01:03, by Chol A.

      Bravo,bravo, George you deserve to die on your own seek, you badly put us on shame. Southern leader has call you that time to give up your arm, but you seem like to be ignored, well that is the result of being ignore to your boss.

  • 21 December 2011 01:00, by James Maker Akok

    I said on the comments that all the Rebels in South Sudan will clean out once day by South Sudan Government. Condonece for Athor dead but he put him in a wrong postion as to be against Government. No one told him to go for Rebel, people were need him to join South Sudan Government.

    Now we need people who are rebels to join South Sudan but if they don’t than they will like Athor.

  • 21 December 2011 01:08, by Isme

    Somehow a better news:
    But according to the saying, an enemy from afar is better than an enemy inside. George athor was kill, but went will the inner enemies die? I mean the corrupted bastard, in other word awalad el aram in arabic those who were been born illigally and that why they act illigally those who lack patriotism they don’t even take care of their Herios SPLA..........?

  • 21 December 2011 04:10, by vision

    Thank you the Government of S. Sudan for killing the great murderer and masterminded for thousands of lives lost in the country. Please bring David Yau Yau to justice, the man who killed a lot more people than George Athor Deng. If you do this, you just minimize the potential future of rebels in S.Sudan.

  • 21 December 2011 04:36, by vision

    Riak Machar was behind George Athor, it is critical only few people can understand. Look at his announcement critically only intelligent and political commentators can understand. Machar worked together with Athor Deng, he never commends as a leader to the issue that was nearly put country into instability.

    • 21 December 2011 05:57, by Deng Bornyang

      @ VISION, stop those baseless accusations. Do you have a prove about what you are saying? You are so fool to accuse someone without substantial evidence.

      Let that not be a culture to you and your like talking against innocent people that you and your stupid friend the DINKA DOMINATED SPLA used to do even if he is in the toilet.

      • 21 December 2011 06:04, by Leave Us Alone

        This Arab mind-controlled weasel will now on be tormented by his Jihadist masters in hell for eternity.

  • 21 December 2011 06:35, by kolongnyantuet

    Athor deserve to die like a criminal because greed has taken the whole of him.

  • 21 December 2011 06:46, by Martin Kat

    The killing of Athor is not the last of destabilization in South Sudan in general particular in Jonglei and Upper Nile states. because most of his supporters are among people.
    What I would like to tell to South Sudan governement and it army SPLA is that don’t sleep and saying that you have winning the game by killing renegade Athor he is a small fish but the big fish is in deep water, keep fishin

    • 21 December 2011 07:11, by Leave Us Alone

      The devil may have his bag of tricks, but He can’t have those who are in Christ! "Ye shall know them by their fruits" mat 7:16. These Arab mind-controlled satanic sleeper cells among us must be sought and distroyed. We are a nation of life not death!

  • 21 December 2011 08:52, by Stomach Politician

    To all the South Sudanese,
    Gen. Athor was hero yes but with his barberic behaivours he became zero. Why are we finger pointing, threatening & terrorizing other tribes. Athor is a rebel against the Nation and the government killed him so what? Instead of joining hands with Salva Kiir and see what nxt, The government is not an easy thing to play with. Fire burns and as well as water. If you think

    • 21 December 2011 09:08, by Chol A.

      Well, where is Jalaby today, does he heard this news? Killing of George Athor now it example to so call SSLA and it alias. You always joke with SPLA but the nasty one it yet to come soon if you do not commites to peaceful solution.

  • 21 December 2011 09:01, by Stomach Politician

    If you think, you can also go to the bush against the government and start killing your fellow South Sudanese let me tell you ’’ the same rob for killing a Monkey it can also kill a Baboon’’ So better enjoy your life in the cities help Kiir to built the baby nation...
    Gen. Athor rest in eternal peace. May the almighty forgive all your sins you did South Sudan. Generation better speak responsibly

  • 21 December 2011 09:02, by Master


    You lazy incompetent SPLA/M - you cant even fight your own wars. Kiir goes and kiss’s israels butt and Athor is killed the next day. What next ?

  • 21 December 2011 09:22, by Gangura

    Anthor is dead but what about his loyalist? because we are just talking

  • 21 December 2011 09:39, by kuac Agol

    Dear Rebells

    All the rebells of South Sudan should learn from the body of Athor being shown to every citizens of South Sudan for them to know the disadvantage of being rebell.
    for the rebell supportors ,your support bore a very big grave that would accomandate H.E the claimant General/president Athor all of a sudden will accomandate you as well.

    Thank you for digging it big.

    • 21 December 2011 10:08, by Dinka husband

      shame on to government of s Sudan for killed the rebel leader George Athor.

      • 24 December 2011 14:38, by Man manning

        and shame on your writings,check your grammatical sentence structure damn!!! If he is your father then his medulla-oblongata is not functioning anymore because he misused his cerebellum and cerebrum. FUCK YOU ALL BASTARDS!!!!!!

  • 29 April 2013 20:17, by dennishobson

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