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Darfur, S. Kordofan rebels agree to overthrow Sudanese government, JEM rebuffs alliance


August 8, 2011 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) in South Kordofan and two factions from the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) in Darfur sealed an alliance with the publicized goal of overthrowing the government of President Omer Hassan Al-Bashir and establishing a secular state in the country.

New recruits for the SPLA attend a training session in a secret camp in the Nuba mountains of South Kordofan in July 2011. (AFP)

The Darfur Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) however distanced itself from the accord over the issue of the secular state and insisted instead that the focus should be the creation of a citizenship rights state.

Gamar Dalman, the media adviser to the SPLM leader in South Kordofan, told Sudan Tribune in a phone interview on Monday that the tripartite agreement was signed today in Kaoda, South Kordofan, by Ramadan Hassan Nimir from the SPLM-Kordofan, Abul Gassim Al-Haj representing the SLM-Abdel Wahid Al-Nur and Al-Rayah Mahmood on behalf of the SLM-Minni Minnawi.

He said the agreement "provides for the use of political and military means to topple down the regime of the [ruling] National Congress Party (NCP)" and movement towards a secular state in the whole of Sudan.

Dalman also emphasized that the alliance pact is open to all the other political forces in the country.

The SPLM-North reached a framework agreement with the Sudanese government brokered by the head of an African Union Panel Thabo Mbeki to negotiate a political partnership between the two parties and to discuss security arrangements.

But the Sudanese president came back a week later and rejected it. He also ordered the army to hunt down Abdel Aziz Al-Hilu, leader of the Southern Kordofan SPLM and bring him to justice.

The SPLM-North Sudan said after a leadership meeting on July 21st that included Chairman Malik Aggar and Secretary General Yasir Arman besides Vice-Chairman Al-Hilu that it would only resume talks with Khartoum if the latter accepts a mediated process.

The summit also declared that the SPLM will determine its political strategy including the principle of regime change within a month’s time.

Dalman said the rapprochement between the SPLM-North and Darfur rebel groups was initiated by the Secretary General Yasir Arman adding that he along with Aggar are now "rebels" against Khartoum. He also underlined that all the political forces were approached to join the alliance.

He pointed out that the issue of the secular state is the only guarantee for Southern Kordofan’s people who reject any other option in this respect.

He however said if Khartoum accepts to resume an internationally brokered process, they will bring the demands of their Darfurian allies and put it on the negotiating table with the NCP’s government.


A delegation of JEM rebels headed by its deputy chairman Ahmed Adam Bakheit was part of the talks held in South Kordofan. The rebel group, which took part in the fighting against the government troops alongside SPLM South Kordofan last month, refused to join the alliance over the principle of the secular state.

JEM spokesperson Gibreel Adam Bilal, told Sudan Tribune the secular state is not the most important issue at the present stage and the efforts should be directed at toppling the regime. He said their delegation emphasized that the future Sudanese state should be built on the basis of full and equal citizenship, as well as the separation of the religion and the state.

"However imposing the secularism is similar to the theocratic state and such decision should be decided by the whole Sudanese people," Gibreel said. He disclosed that JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim discussed this point in his telephone conversation with the SPLM Secretary General Yasir Arman on Sunday.

Bilal said that JEM’s position on the place of religion "is quite clear". He also underlined another divergence on the role of the political forces that refuse to carry arms against the regime. He said his group wanted a place be clearly designed for these forces to ensure their participation in the interim period.

But Ahmed Tugud JEM’s top negotiator stated to Sudan Tribune that their delegation is still discussing with other parties ways to resolve contentious issues related to the drafting of the document. He also criticized some rebel officials for leaking the contents of the agreement before it is finalized.

JEM is part in the Doha political process to end the Darfur conflict but refused to sign a peace deal with Khartoum asking to open direct negotiations on the seven chapters of a framework peace document, a matter that Khartoum refuses.

Ibrahim Gambari the Joint Special Representative and the interim mediator informed the rebel group in a meeting held in Doha last Saturday that Khartoum still refuses to open the whole document for talks and says it can discuss only JEM political participation and the security arrangements.

The JEM delegation is preparing to leave the venue of the peace process saying it will return if a new development occurs, showing its commitment to the Doha process to end the eight year conflict.

The two SLM groups of Al-Nur and Minnawi are not part of the Doha process. Al-Nur adopted recently a holistic approach saying Darfur crisis can only be solved through a regime change in Khartoum. While the government rejects to include in the Doha process Minnawi who signed the 2066 peace agreement in Abuja.

Dalman said that a statement by the signatories is in the works and will be put out on Tuesday with the text of the alliance pact.

In Khartoum the Sudanese Media Center (SMC) website, a media outlet close to the Sudanese intelligence service, accused the South Sudan government of sponsoring the meeting and claimed that the SLPA’s chief of staff, James Hoth, personally supports the military aspect of the integration of Darfur and Southern Kordofan rebel combatants.

Reacting to the deal, the NCP political officer, Qutbi al-Mahdi said the alliance wants to weaken the Doha accord signed with the rebel Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) on July 14th. He further said it proves the continued support from the SPLM to Darfur rebels.


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  • 9 August 2011 07:23, by Sundayw

    Bravo to forces fighting for the voiceless marginalized African majority in Sudan! It has been a long time coming but it is finally here. JEM, SPLM-NS, and SLM in Darfur share a common enemy that is continuing to systemically carry out ethnic cleansing and genocide in Darfur, and Nuba Mountains. These groups face an existential threat and must work together to find a winning solution to problems that led to the break up of Sudan in the first place.

    They will receive our moral and material support if need be because we don’t want to betray the very people that share the same vision of Sudan. They should be aware that Khartoum will try to divide, co-opt, and defeat them. However, this lesson has been learned in Darfur and will not succeed again. It’s up to the ruling class in Khartoum to wake up and address the issue of democratic reforms, equitable share of resources, and an end to impunity.

    Sudan and South Sudan have better future ahead of them once the terrorist regime in Khartoum has no monopoly over the affairs in North.

  • 9 August 2011 07:26, by Khartoum92

    Keep trying, they ill wipe out their population before even getting into kadugli. You keep playing hide and seek their in the boarder cowards while your families are suffering

    • 9 August 2011 07:41, by Sundayw

      You are already scared of the potential such an alliance. SAF will be defeated and then you will be exposed in Khartoum. Where will you go? Egypt?

      • 9 August 2011 07:48, by Khartoum92

        Why would I be scared?? SPLA a USA and entire Europe backed army over 22 years wasn’t even able to make it to Juba what would make me scared of these cowards. The SAF isn’t using its full capability fight these rebels. Sooner or later they will be caught and put to death for all these innocent lives lost.

        • 9 August 2011 07:57, by DeltaBravo

          TO MRS KHARTUOM92

          Stop lying we never got any support from USA and EUROPE as you put. You were the one getting support from USA during 80s and 90s. We captured Reagan Tank, Twelve American made model. We captured alot of Mujadin from Middle East. The civilwar was fought by only Marginalise region who took up arm with SPLA. We were strong then you thought. Some of SAF Soldeirs were crying after they were captured by SPLA in frontline. We show example how strong we were by handing over POW that were captured during the civilwar. What did they do in return nothing,but shame to SUDAN Government.

        • 9 August 2011 07:58, by Sundayw

          You got your history wrong. SPLA was not supported by any outside countries. If anything, it was the North (SAF) that was supported by the West until you started hosting Osama bin-Laden in early 90s. But that is irrelevant now because we got what we wanted and no one gets what they want out of benevolence...least from Khartoum.

          SAF is not going to win because it will no longer be able to use marginalized population to augment its manpower. That means that the real cowards in Khartoum will have no choice but to actually come face to face with the adventures of war. That will be interesting. If you try your old methods that resulted in the split, you will expect more split and endless wars.

        • 9 August 2011 08:30, by paliau

          Dearer brother of Nubian, Eastern and Darfur please be insist and persist to Arab North oppressive, the collusion is more vital a than to split

          therefore mechanism you have made is more appreciated and continue crusting stupid, idiot, chaotic,barbaric and fail state of Khartoum which lead by Ommar.

          Please khartoum@ you should not telling us lies about US,EU and other allies, if South Sudan could defeated Khartoum regime a bout this mentioned three faction

        • 9 August 2011 08:37, by Democrat

          NCP and SAF just accepted to signing the CPA not because that they were interested but because they saw they were loosing the battle and probably their downfall was nearing. The real fact the CPA prolonged NCP’s stay in power. Had it not been the CPA, NCP would have been overthrown long time ago. Saying that SPLA wasnt able to make it to Juba is ilogical when Juba had been besieged and SAF in Juba had no means of survival hence the pressure to sign the CPA. Bashir and his accomplices like Haroun and PDF are the ones responsible for the inhuman, gruesome and cruel murder of innocent children and women in the Sudan’s marginalized regions of South Kordofan and Darfur but soon or later they will be brought to justice.

        • 9 August 2011 09:59, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

          You wrong @khartuom92

          US was allied to Khartuom until 1998 when Binladin Bomb their Embassy in Kenya and Tanzania.

          Ours libeartion soul help was Russia and it communist allied. America was ours Enemy that was supplying khartuom that time during 19 yrs war even now. ISLAMIC clashes with their American ALLIED is just the begining of 1998 upto now.

          Even now America is allied to Khartoum in any cost. It is just the political different and business after bring China to sudan.

          Ours soulmate is with who supplies us with AK-47,KLM and RPG Russian made weapons are our main liberation souls of SPLA/M

          Tone of liberators


  • 9 August 2011 08:13, by Bush

    @Khartoum92, Mohammed Ali and the rest of the slaved sons in the north,when you were supporting the militias to topple the GoSS before the independence, he thought it was going to be possible but now if ours is true then it’ll be very easy to bring a regime change in Khartoum.

    Don’t cry yet my friend, our independence has made everything possible to our brothers who are fighting for their destiny. Why accuse our chief of staff of supporting the SPLA-North when your minister of defense was supporting militias in the South Sudan to interrupt our independence?

    Until NCP come to their senses there will be no peace in the North.

    Struggle continuous.

  • 9 August 2011 09:14, by modi Losombek

    The SPLM in South Kordofan and two factions SLM AND JEM in Darfur sealed a coalition will be so better in order to publicized goal to overthrowing the government of president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir and creating a worldly wise state in the country in the North. If you all become one you will get rid of Khartoum government and your people will be in peace.


  • 9 August 2011 09:46, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

    JEM are Terrorist Islamic Ideology

    Secular Government in Sudan is the main cause SPLA have been fighting for. JEM are terrorist that are fighting for Islamic Ideology of Hassan Turabi. They will never win anything Sudan and Africa at all.

    They are former NCP NIF that is struggling just for power only. Not for Africa needs. So JEM should be banned in Southern Kordufan. Those who do their meeting in Arab Countries are Arab Ideology like JEM and most Darfur. They should do their mediation in African territories.

    JEM are fighting for NIF Regime Ideology in Sudan and should be expel in southern Kordufan soon than later. Because they using terrorist styles that does not suit ours African Ideology. SPLA and SLA are the really true African Liberation Movement in Sudan.

    Long live SPLA!
    Long live SPLM!
    Long live African people!
    Long live Africa Ideology!
    Long live African liberation Movement!
    God bless our almighty Nile River!

    Son of the Nile.

  • 9 August 2011 12:46, by Konan

    The gang of robbers, bandits and thefts which called SPLA fought against us for more than 21 years with the support and backing of the entire Christian world, Israel and neighboring African and Arab counties, although they couldn’t capture any major town in South except some small towns and rural areas. This time what makes you think or even dream that small bandits like your northern branch and few Darfurian rebels will achieve what you failed to do by yourself? Do I have to remained you of Abie suckers?

    • 9 August 2011 14:15, by Bush


      Shut up, You slaved son, what are you talking about? the whole of WES (ie Mundri, Maridi, Yambio and Tambura), Rumberk, Yei and many more were in the hands of the SPLA till the CPA was signed, are those not towns? If you don’t know something please don’t pretend, I know that you are defending your masters to secure a meal for living, other than that you nothing. F&**$@#K U!

  • 9 August 2011 16:35, by Ayiik

    Message to JEM of Darfur

    Secularism is the only system that accommodate diversity of a society. If you the JEM are fighting for a Islamic state,then what is the different between you and the NCP.

  • 10 August 2011 02:07, by sebit

    I hope this is better chance for all alliance to defead the NCP call themself arab in sudan. And I give my pray to all alliance to do this right and to achieve it and to let all sudanese people free from this arab in sudan so that sudan can united again with new direction and change without any problem such as religion and discrimination and diviersity of ethicial and many other and again thank you you guys for united against the NCP calling themself arab in our country and calling the country as arab which we don’t believe it to be.

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