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Sudanese president does not exclude possibility of war with Juba


February 3, 2012 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir highlighted the unprecedented level of tension with the newly established state of South Sudan by saying that war is now a possibility.

Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir

"The climate now is closer to a climate of war than one of peace," Bashir said in a two-hour interview on Blue Nile TV.

Bashir acknowledged that such a war would be one of attrition and pose a drain on Sudan’s resources but will have a bigger impact on South Sudan.

“We will not resort to the choice of war unless it is forced on us and we will not initiate the option of war because war is attrition for us and them [...] it will be a war of attrition hitting them before us” he said.

The remarks come as military sources revealed last week to Sudan Tribune that 700 officers within the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) warned Bashir and his defense minister Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein against rushing to war with South Sudan citing challenges facing the army.

In South Kordofan and Blue Nile States, along the contested border with South Sudan, the regime has for several months been at war with ethnic minority insurgents who fought alongside the former rebels now ruling in Juba.

The dispute between the two countries currently centers on sharing the fruits of oil produced in the landlocked South Sudan but can only be exported through the pipelines and refineries running in the territories of Sudan.

Sudan decided late last year to start confiscating part of the oil pumped by South Sudan as payment in kind to satisfy financial arrears. This prompted Juba to retaliate by shutting down oil production.

All negotiations aimed at reaching an agreement on how much fee should the south pay per barrel of oil have collapsed. The most recent attempt was made by Ethiopian president Meles Zenawi last week along with other African leaders in Addis Ababa.

Bashir today recounted mediation efforts that Zenawi has undertaken to bridge differences between him and South Sudan president Salva Kiir. He claimed that the latter initially informed Zenawi that he will sign a framework agreement, put together by the African Union (AU) mediation team, before backpedaling later.

According to Bashir, Kiir presented “incapacitating” demands in Addis Ababa including conceding ownership of Abyei and five other border regions before he can sign the accord.

Because of this the Sudanese president asserted that South Sudan “have not signed and will not sign”.

He further said that officials in Juba are insensitive to the needs of their own people saying that South Sudan is suffering from famine. Bashir also accused South Sudan officials of stashing part of the oil money into their own personal bank accounts.

Bashir, who came to power in a bloodless coup in 1989, said that South Sudan officials are hanging their bets on shutting the oil to strangle his regime economically and cause its downfall.

“Their calculations was that if Sudan loses oil for two months then that will be sufficient for toppling the government,” he said.

But the Sudanese president said that while 2012 will be a difficult year for the economy but that growing gold exports, cotton and sugar should compensate for the loss of the south’s oil since last July’s country’s breakup. He also revealed that “friendly” countries are also providing help.

The Sudanese pound recently sank on the black market to five pounds to the dollar, but Bashir said the government wants that raised to three pounds.


Asked about memos submitted by large number yet unknown members of the National Congress Party (NCP) calling for reforms, Bashir called it “valueless”.

The memos that have emerged in December called for an overhaul of state policies including fighting corruption, establishment of a citizenship-based state and banning the combination of party positions with government ones.

A visibly tense Bashir said that the number of those behind the memos is negligible compared to the total NCP membership which he said exceeds 5 million.

He accused some unnamed circles within the NCP of seeking to act as guardians of the party.

“There is no guardianship on the NCP from the memo signers or those who claim that they are the people who can pull or untie strings [in the party]” Bashir said.

He said that some within the NCP think that if they are not consulted in decisions then they would come out to say that the party is not democratic. Bashir also warned that those who are proved to be affiliated with the reform memos can be held accountable.

The NCP chief said that decision making occurs through the general convention which elects its top officials and the party bodies.


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  • 4 February 2012 09:22, by Wetdut

    Bashir should die like a ram, to hell with you. there is no possibility of war if your government 700 SAF officers refused going into the war with S sudan who will accompany you? the oil is for S Sudan and no one at this time will temper with it even if Salva Kiir and we pple of S SUdan leave that person

    • 4 February 2012 09:31, by Darkangel


      I suggest you look at what your up against, before issuing ridiculous statements. This is an army !! Not your SPLA rebels !!

      • 4 February 2012 09:48, by hellonearth

        all those guys died in kordofan ma man.

      • 4 February 2012 14:17, by SSLA/M Supporter

        SPLA/M mafia is a cancer to both RoSS and Sudan. So it must be surgically removed because we failed in treating it chemically and radioactively! In order for the peace and development to prevail in both South Sudan and Sudan, military intervention in RoSS by Sudan to rescue Southern Sudanese from cancer called SPLA/M is mandate!Otherwise the cancer will spread all over and destroy Sudan and SS!

        • 4 February 2012 15:56, by morogot batal

          cancer affect the negligent people like you the wives of arabs... why do you call for arabs ..why not you? just go to them and come togather then see if your dream is true...you food lovers beter call for positions than inviting the end of your day

        • 4 February 2012 16:58, by Marco A. Wek

          I wonder if the so calling himself SSLA/SSLM supporter is truly a South Sudanese rather then a fake Arab of North Sudan.

        • 5 February 2012 07:28, by powertoall

          Think twice before you utter such ridiculous statements.Bashir is a sheep that does not know what it’s doing except consuming green grass. The season has come for him to starve because of his inability to eat anything else.

      • 4 February 2012 15:17, by john agoet

        MR President you wrong. War could eat away resources and it will have a big impact to Sudan economics and your existent as well compared to ours in southern Sudan for simple facts that we have nothing to lose. Use cost-benefit analysis to both structures and you can see who could be the loser, as a military minded can you name a target or a single structure a factories, companies, airports

        • 4 February 2012 15:26, by john agoet

          I would doubt not but you do have targets to be worry of. Think about it wisely and don’t ever threat us with wars, we will be able to survives this war or any future wars, we inherited hardships and nothing will intimidate us, so our message is clear bring it on and you will see who will sing a song ” Zal- La- Moony- Ya- Naas”

      • 4 February 2012 15:47, by morogot batal

        this SPLA was been fucking you all this decades of war in sudan...what have you done to them than only surrender to sign pease accord...juust say thankyou George Bush that force us to make breath and live once more

    • 4 February 2012 09:40, by Sudan virus

      The mood his picture has concluded everything!

      Good Sudan Tribune photographer!

    • 4 February 2012 11:05, by Aarai Baka

      please stop war propagandas, u will not win this war u r fueling now. Sudanese people needed no more war against the South since South will strikes back hard. just go ahead solved the problems u have with two States, SK and SB, and stop rushing war with South.it is un winnable war, ur arabs brothers are facing a big problem now, they will not looks at u, no help from them anymore.

    • 4 February 2012 20:13, by Legacy Elites

      Beshir will end like Gadaafi. He will cry in the end

      Bullets bullets

  • 4 February 2012 09:34, by Gabriel KK

    We are not rebels any more Mr.Bashir, We have a Govt and National army. Try war and you will surely see some colours in Khartoum and other parts of your Country. This will be the exodus of Arab rufugees to Egypt, Chad and Libya. Shame on you Criminal.

    • 4 February 2012 09:39, by Darkangel



      Broke ! With nothing but pistols !!

      • 4 February 2012 10:56, by Aarai Baka

        To darkangle

        what country have Sudan fought with and won the war?
        Sudan saf never been able to defeat the rebels, how will u expected Sudan to fight South and won the war? if u still call us rebels, that fine, rebels have a war tactic and strategies to defeated the government. SAF never defeated SPLA at all, never capture any SPLA tanks but SPLA does captured most saf weapons and tanks, armors.

      • 4 February 2012 10:56, by Mototo

        Dear Darkagel;

        Fuck you and your mulema dad, try and u will see how will be burn.

        It is a six month old country but well equiped with military equipmenst.

        Son of bitch, come to Juba/new site to the heavy weapon we have,

        Son Of SPLA

        • 4 February 2012 11:34, by Darkangel

          Show me ! Please !!

          The 100 tanks from Ukraine you sneaked via Kenya or the 10 non-military helicopters you GOSS uses to take trips to kenya for the weekend ??

          Show me please .. no need to get angry ! Ha Ha Ha

          • 4 February 2012 13:46, by morogot batal

            all what you have can not take us one month to reach khartoum...the problem is not what we have but it is the ability and the experience of war we fought with you fuken arabs....let meassure you that the previous war we fought with you was not even 30% of our tactics because it was our brothers southerner...try and you will see the exactely fire of death

            • 4 February 2012 14:16, by Darkangel

              1 Month !!! HA HA HA

              Take Abyei town first .............

              • 4 February 2012 15:30, by morogot batal

                no fighting should be far away from khatoum...abyei is even not in our programe.we are planing big big thinks. you will evacuate aalone from abyei.keep on sleeping that the war will start from abyei................

              • 4 February 2012 15:41, by morogot batal

                this is what is in your mind.But let me tell you that abyei is nothing to us. we are planing big big thinks...you have to put in your mind that there will be no war far away from khartoum...we have been waiting this since...make sure and i assure you that the first bullet will not last only if we liberated the remaining old sudan...the death you never experience you are going to have it in plenty

            • 4 February 2012 22:52, by SSLA/M Supporter

              Morogot batalial!

              Watch your rude attitudes when replying my comments or else I will teach you how to behave yourself rude boy or lost boy so as to stop you from bullshitting me! Beware bastard! Sudan needs to teach your SPLA thugs a good lesson and proves to you once again that it was the peace agreement that rescued SPLA cowards from the brink of defeat by SAF and SSDF combined!!....

              • 4 February 2012 23:00, by SSLA/M Supporter

                If the war was prolonged by two more years, your SPLA thugs would have been smoked by now and can’t go on bothering our people of south Sudanese like this! Bastard, I thought your so-called SPLA-N and SPLA-S have already tasted the bitterness of defeat in Abyei, S blue Nile and S Kordofan regions! so what are you still hopping to achieve another humiliating defeat or occupation? I will laugh at u!

                • 4 February 2012 23:10, by SSLA/M Supporter

                  believe it or not, no one will fight for your greedy SPLA/M bastards! we will let the cancer get destroyed by SAF because enemy of our enemy is our friend! So, SAF is our friend and we will love to see it destroying your SPLA/M cancer to free our beloved South Sudan from that bad disease called SPLA! Food lovers are you and your SPLA that looting our resources thus depriving our people from live!

                  • 5 February 2012 11:32, by Dinka Aliap Chawul

                    U are a man in dilema.U dont know what u are saying.Sometimes u back south while positioning urself as patriots,following day u say SAF are enemy of our enemy there4 qualify to be ur ally.This is stupidity mr so called SSLA/M supportor.

        • 4 February 2012 16:15, by morogot batal

          MR. MOTOTO
          dont go to that extend...just let us continue provocing them to make them come then we make them see with their eyes and test it bitter so that they can surrender sudan and go back where they came from very fast

      • 4 February 2012 10:56, by kimo

        if this war is to happen the grass will suffer,,,in many poor people will get crushed

      • 4 February 2012 16:09, by morogot batal

        we were with akm.47 only and we captured many T.55 tanks and many towns...leave alone being a nation now...all army you have is our army if you are still sleeping

    • 4 February 2012 10:13, by Darkangel

      This will be the exodus of Arab refugees to Egypt, Chad and Libya

      Gabriel - Thats only in your wet dream fantasies .. you, Pagan and Logic share the same sick, delusional dreams. But when you wake up to reality ... do you cry ? Does watching all those sad pictures and videos of South Sudan Hurt. When people talk about its primitiveness, starvation and failed state .. do you suffer ? I would ?

      • 4 February 2012 11:17, by Rommel


        The assertions of the man to whom you’re responding to are indeed laughable... but so is your conceited posturing.

        You seem to be entirely oblivious to the unenviable afflictions and realities of your own Nation. You have lost no less than a hundred thousand people in Darfur, and have had millions displaced as a consequence.

        • 4 February 2012 11:27, by Rommel

          You have at this moment another half a million people displaced from the conflagration in both South Kordofan and Blue Nile State. I am sure the millions displaced in Darfur are being provided with copious amounts of food, and that the scores of images of emaciated children brandished across television screens all over the world for nearly a decade are merely figments of our imagination!

          • 4 February 2012 11:38, by Darkangel

            According to WHO ?? Spare me your Humanitarian/advocate speech’s, who use these disasters as a way of funding their fancy accommodations, laptops and transportation. Its a meal ticket, the more suffering they claim, the better off they are with all the "charity" they get. Im not denying people havent suffered in both countries, but at least i can put it in perspective - not fantasies and delusion

            • 4 February 2012 11:57, by Rommel

              Conceding that your Nation isn’t an unperturbed patel in the desert is progress of a kind, I suppose. If you’re going to be arrogant and sententious, make sure your dear Nation isn’t experiencing war in three regions with ghastly humanitarian consequences! Just a friendly advice.

          • 4 February 2012 11:42, by Rommel

            South Sudan is a perfect example of a resource rich Nation being *mismanaged* into the dirt by corrupt and incompetent cretins... but you’re not the diametric opposite of this certain tragedy! You are not the paragon of virtue, accountability, peace, liberty and prosperity... in fact antonyms to these words are the only befitting descriptives of your Nation.

            This is why you’re a pariah State.

            • 4 February 2012 12:33, by Darkangel

              You are not the paragon of virtue, accountability, peace, liberty and prosperity... And you are what American or British, either - dont make a mock of yourself. Dont lecture us with your clean suites and pretend to be the saviors of humanity. Please - go teach that some desperate scum looking to feed off you benefits ! I know your dirty dark history and you have NO RIGHT to talk.

            • 4 February 2012 12:36, by Darkangel

              Pariah State ? According to who ? The US. I forget they own the world. Bullying, threatening and scaring people not to deal with Sudan isnt exactly convincing the world. From East to West, Sudan enjoys relations with all nations of the World. America can go around pointing fingers at whos bad and whos not (Cowboy Mentality). But the rest of the world doesnt live in your fantasies

              • 4 February 2012 13:35, by Rommel

                I don’t much care how you became a pariah state and who made that so... but you are > you’re a *pariah* state. If you’re content with deriding your international status as merely a concomitant of a grand conspiracy, fine... but you will have to concede that Khartoum’s attempt to baptise an entire Nation in religious dogma [Sharia] didn’t help. Just as hosting Osama Bin Laden didn’t endear you

                • 4 February 2012 13:45, by Rommel

                  to the world. If Egypt’s accusation of an assassination attempt on Mubarak by elements with your government in Addis ababa is indeed true... it would more than explain as to why you’re a pariah state, not at all necessitating the evocation of an international conspiracy.

                • 5 February 2012 03:54, by LL Reuben


                  I like how you peel and dissect these arrogant morons sometimes. You tone them down really superbly. Keep hitting them hard with the truth they will all froze and eventually melt down in shames.

      • 5 February 2012 02:43, by john agoet

        To Mr.Darkangel
        Yes you right we do cry when you see your own suffered to that stand, that‘s why we want to a family Dr. on may 16th 1983 for medical check-up and diagnosed the disease as a” Jalaba Abo Serwal ” he mention to us a as deadly he tried several drags didn’t works. In 2005 he break through and found a right medicines and advice a tablet three times a day

        • 5 February 2012 02:46, by john agoet

          until July 9th 2011 he sent us to another specializes for more check- upon. Dr. took a blood sample and in a few hours time he came back with big cheery in his face congratulating us saying with excitement his body responding very well to drags keep continuing with the same dosage and sooner he will recover 100%

          • 5 February 2012 02:48, by john agoet

            don’t worry Mr. We are about to cure this disease once and for all and days are numbered

      • 5 February 2012 04:55, by john agoet

        To Mr.Darkangel
        Yes you right we do cry when see your own suffered to that stand, that ‘s why we want to a family Dr. on may 16th 1983 for medical check-up and diagnosed the disease as a” Jalaba Abo Serwal ” he mention to us a as deadly he tried several drags didn’t works. In 2005 he break through and found a right medicines and advice a tablet three times a day

  • 4 February 2012 09:37, by Ruach

    The return to war agaist us will blue u away from the face of the earth and you will join ur likes in the hell such as Bin Laden,Fake prophet mohamed,Saddam Husein and the rest in the hell.Bin Ladden is the president in the hell and Bashir will be the Minister of defense for the hell communities who are mostly Muslims

  • 4 February 2012 09:47, by hellonearth

    i think you have people have spoke and now the president too is drunk for war. well lets do it. come on now, am gonna 3645 you up.

  • 4 February 2012 10:01, by mosa mel

    I am sure this is the last plan left for Bashier regime if war is the option left. NCP stolen South oil assuming that S Sudan govt would not shut down oil because of no other mean of income rather than oil but shut down of oil now making Sudan economic worse. Their last option is war but this one will end NCP regime.

  • 4 February 2012 10:27, by Peter Malith

    Bashir always threating talks words concerning war between south Sudan and Sudan,please refects back during the civil war what happy, the war was both side 50 percent while we were rebel and what will happy now we are government of south Sudan?.I know south sudan government is keeping quick like a sleeping Lion but remember if they will wakeup Bashir will be regreted.

    • 4 February 2012 10:34, by Darkangel

      I think the alcohol is getting to your heads. There was no 50/50, the SPLM was hiding in the jungles, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Your were fighting a guerrilla war. You weren’t winning anything !

      Sleeping lion !! HA HA HA HA HA HA

      More like a lazy fat cow, waiting to be fed, while its people starve. Your army is too busy stopping you from killing each other. Dont dream of war with Sudan.

      • 4 February 2012 10:39, by Darkangel


        Here watch it again - this is the sleeping lion.


        SPLA headquarters; by Malaak Ayuen

      • 4 February 2012 17:02, by morogot batal

        yes we may be weak as guerila and we are weak in our affairs but make sure and for sure we are very active in youSAF since... and you know that very well...if you dont know, ask your boss omer beshir will tell you how he desreted from MAYOM,to khartoum...we were only guerrila...now plus natoinal army...he he he hey..this is alot of captain majit hoooooooooooooooo

  • 4 February 2012 10:34, by Bauer

    Sometimes its good to admit the truth. Even if our gov’t shuts down the oil, you heard President Bashir say gov’t officials take advantage and put the money in their personal accounts. If you are going to say no, then your family has a share in the oil money too. Surely halting the oil production will cause us more harm than good. Wake up GoSS!!!!

  • 4 February 2012 13:56, by Mapuor

    Why is Bashir talking of war with the South when he has not yet defeated Darfur,Nuba & Blue Nile rebels?.This quasi Arab must be a lunatic

  • 4 February 2012 13:57, by Majongdulthii Anyang-majongduldit

    Let Bashir know this time the war will not be fought in South like before but across the entire countries let’s look for peace but not war

  • 4 February 2012 14:49, by mohammed ali

    I think President Basheer said it very clealy " We worked very hard towrds peace untill we signed the CPA, war is still possible.Despite all the obstacles we are not going to change our postion and that is looking for peace and not looking for war unless it is forced upon us" Sudan Tribune , who does not call for violence choose what suits its propoganda.http://rayaam.info/News_view.aspx?pid=1234&

  • 4 February 2012 15:56, by Tambura

    People who beating drum of war never start war, when Omar occupied Abyei he didn t talk about it, when he started war in Darfur he didn t talk about it. Now he is talking war with south Sudan, we are just new country and we became sudanese enemy number two behind Israel, according to what omar put in his passport.Many countries waiting for you to start war so they can finish you.End of you is near

  • 4 February 2012 16:46, by silk Kottora

    I’m always of the opinion that the Nivasha Peace Deal was not entirely just in relations to the national wealth distribution. I believe that there could have been more just arrangements on the distribution of the national wealth, particularly oil, even after separation. The solution, the just solution lies in political arrangements ( new ) that safeguard the rights of all in the national wealth

    • 4 February 2012 17:02, by mohammed ali

      Your talk is silky ,Kottora.Couldn’t agree less! Everything should have been settled before referundum.We could have reached an ever lasting peace, friends and the border issue, citizentship and bla..bla could have no meaning and all efforts could have gone to the poor, needy and vulnerable and they are many on both sides.

      • 4 February 2012 17:35, by Rommel

        Mohammed Ali:

        May you please clarify your post for me.

        Are you really asserting that the Referendum should have been held after the border demarcation?

        • 4 February 2012 20:47, by mohammed ali

          Rommel, certainly , this what the CPA said. Not only borders everything including the oil deal.

          • 4 February 2012 21:06, by Rommel

            Mohammed Ali:

            That would only have worked if Khartoum actually implemented agreements & rulings it had initially affirmed its commitment to.

            • 4 February 2012 21:09, by Rommel

              If Khartoum’s continuous, recalcitrant and petulant refusal to implement the PCA ruling on Abyei is anything to go by... then the Referendum would have been postponed for over two years! A prospect that could not be entertained, let alone permitted!

              • 4 February 2012 21:46, by mohammed ali

                Rommel, is it only Abyei which we should hold back all other issues.After all Abyei dispute " it would be fair to call that way" is not resolved yet and doesn’t seem to be resolved easily any time soon .If this the case are we going to let everthing hanging on?!SS is not only Abeyei.

  • 4 February 2012 17:25, by Cadaai ?o?

    President Bashir I beg you not to beats the drum of war again. As you might think thatthe war could damage South Sudan alone. It won’t, because in N. Sudan; most of the citizens are upset about your party mismanagement of the country. Also, I think this time if you continue to beat that drum of war; there would be more possibilities where the war you vying might be in your door steps in Khartoum

    • 4 February 2012 20:57, by mohammed ali

      Cadii, I think you pple are mis caculating things!Basheer is the president of Sudan; you shouldn’t be concerned about him.The dream that Basheer will fall if SPLA put pressure by stopping oil production is a great & grave miscalculation!Grave because the already suffering ordinary southerners are going to pay a huge & unecessary price.SPLA had been warned against this by..con

      • 4 February 2012 21:39, by mohammed ali

        ..it’s friends.Moreover even if Baheer is replaced what the SPLA next step, what do they expect? Somebody who comes to let you to take over the disputed areas including Abeyei and transit fee’s of $ 1 per barrel! Or Arman or Agar or Al Hilue to be president ; or to unite Sudan again? First the situation is worst in SS than in Sudan & SS could hardly tolerate 3-4 months without oil revenues!..con

        • 4 February 2012 21:53, by mohammed ali

          ..Sudan will suffer immensly, but will Basheer fall? Not only me, but so many people doubt that.Unless you keep listening to Arman propoganda!In the BBC he was asked why couldn’t he stage a single demonstration in Khartoum streets? Again, even if people want to revolt, they only thing stopping them is the fear that Arman and the likes will jump on board.Nobody wants them!...con

          • 4 February 2012 22:05, by mohammed ali

            Now, if the SPLA wants to cotinue with it’s belligerent attitude & arm twisting game, I think it will be taking an uncalculted risk! Imagine now in April Sudan would expel the 1 million southerner in the north, after they had been promised to let them to stay in response to SPLA request; SS would be in a very precarious situation.Grandiosity will not solve any problem , prudence will.con

            • 4 February 2012 22:12, by mohammed ali

              moreover , suppose SS stopped oil for 6 month & Sudan tolerated this well and started pumping it’s own oil; would SS tolerate stopping oil production? Would SS expect Sudan to agree to previous proposals? What will happen if Sudan demanded more? Just look look:http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/02/03/us-sudan-south-idUSTRE8121UX20120203 This is just megalomenia and not politics!

        • 4 February 2012 22:45, by Elijah B. Elkan

          Mr. Ali, President Kiir is right. Kiir demands in Addis Ababa is inline with the International law. Khartoum must conceding ownership of Abyei and five other border regions before he can sign the accord. Khartoum and it’s citizens will suffer greatly. Mr. Ali, regardless of what you think about south Sudan, the south does not need north Sudan. Fact, north Sudan have absolutely nothing to offer.

          • 4 February 2012 23:01, by mohammed ali

            Elijah, this is megalomania of somebody living away from Sudan looking to satisfy only his false pride. I will tell you very loudly without feeling ashamed of it , if fact it will be shamful & stupid if I didn’t say it: SUDAN I REPEAT SUDAN DOES NEED SOUTH SUDAN & SS DOES NEED SUDAN.There are so many people living along the borders never care about the nonsense you are talking about...con

            • 4 February 2012 23:04, by mohammed ali

              Just have a look at the above mentioned article and see how lrcarious is the situation.Quote from it ("Over the medium term, a sustained shutdown of oil output would have dramatic consequences for the domestic stability of the country and could lead to a collapse of central authority," said Jean-Baptiste Gallopin, a Control Risks analyst.))Do we want SS to cllapse , certainly we will be stupid..co

              • 4 February 2012 23:13, by mohammed ali

                to say so, we certainly suffer immensly.Unlike you believeing Pagan & Arman that Sudan will collapse with great benifit to SS.Though this will never happen, any turmoil in SUDAN will mean total collapse of SS.You wont be able to export your oil for decades. Egypt, Lybia,Syria, Iraq & Yemmen diddn’t settle yet in almost more than a year.Even if am going to believe you that you ..co

                • 4 February 2012 23:24, by mohammed ali

                  ..are able to survive without oil, why not survive with oil!Funny, people are dying man! and you just want to satisfy your own selfish false pride and quench your hate. 50 years of war, wheather it is just or not , what did the pple of SS get!Freedom,oh yeah!Now more than 6 years & pple are getting from misery to misery! This all because of war & hatred; let us hope pray for the worst not to come

                  • 4 February 2012 23:52, by Elijah B. Elkan

                    Mr. Ali,
                    I must correct you, south Sudan never want to brake away from the north. However the goons in Khartoum wanted to control many tribes of Sudan. You’re right, if those in Khartoum understand their consequence of stupidity of trying change African into Arabs. South/North will not have this kind of problem today. Please be fair in your comment(s) if you want north south to want united someday

                    • 5 February 2012 07:23, by mohammed ali

                      Elijah, please stop this nonsense : want to change African into Arabs; who wants to do so? How could that be done? Why should we do that.Who is bothered by Arabs or non Arabs? This all nonsense.

      • 5 February 2012 00:43, by Cadaai ?o?

        Mohammed Ali
        I think you have just plainly did answer my point in regards to this parts of your note, "South Sudan needs North Sudan and North Sudan needs South Sudan." That’s means inmy view based on that parts of your note. In hypothetical thinking of war reclamations between two countries will be bad thing though as you know they need one another.I am not for war but peaceful solutions b/w two

  • 5 February 2012 01:41, by Thyinka

    South Sudan should not let itself be bullied by Khartoums dogs of War, a decadent regime that knows only killing and war as the solution to everything. Khartoum will rot from within and fall on it own sword.

  • 5 February 2012 06:39, by Mi diit

    Empty war threats. Bashir wants to intimidate south Sudan to sign a fake oil deal in addis ababa on feb 10. Nonsense.

    • 5 February 2012 07:14, by mohammed ali

      Where are the threats! Basheer didn’t threaten any with war. He said he will continue to work for peace regardless of obsacles , war is not an option untless we are forced into it. We will continue to look for peacfull wayes, but war is a possibility!

  • 5 February 2012 18:44, by Garang

    Bashir why can,t you solve your own problem before you need to involve into some one affairs.

    Idiot and international criminal, this is not South Sudan of before try and you will feel the betterness.

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