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US accuses Sudan’s Bashir of working to undermine peace deal with south


February 29, 2012 (KHARTOUM) – The United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday launched an unusual attack on Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir accusing him of working to undermine the implementation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testifies on before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill, Washington on Wednesday Feb. 29, 2012 (AP)

The US was the main broker in the negotiations between Khartoum and South Sudanese rebels that led to the signing of the CPA which gave southerners the right of self determination. The referendum was held more than a year ago and resulted in an overwhelming vote in favour of secession from the Arab-Muslim north.

South Sudan became an independent state officially in July 2011 but there are several contentious post referendum issues that have yet to be sorted out between Khartoum and Juba including oil, borders, citizenship, national debt, Abyei, water and international agreements.

The African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) led by former South African president Thabo Mbeki has been mediating between the two sides for more than two years but has achieved little success.

Most recently, landlocked South Sudan decided to suspend its oil production in retaliation to Khartoum’s confiscation of the crude pumped into pipelines that run through the north’s territory to Port Sudan. Sudan defended its move by saying that this is a form of payment for what it claims are outstanding invoices.

"We also believe there has to be an agreement to finish out the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and try to finalise all of the border issues, the oil issues, and that’s going to be very difficult, too," the US diplomat told the House of Representative’s Foreign Affairs Committee .

"We support the process that the African Union is running in Addis Ababa but it doesn’t seem to be making a lot of progress yet," she said.

Clinton pointed a finger at Bashir and suggested that he is becoming an obstacle in the quest for an agreement.

"The people of South Sudan voted for independence and ever since, despite Bashir going to [South Sudan president] Salva Kiir’s inauguration, there has been a steady effort to undermine this new state," she told US lawmakers.

"I think that what we’ve got with Bashir is a very determined effort to try to undo the results of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement," Clinton added.

She suggested that the US is prepared to take measures against Bashir personally but did not elaborate.

"We will certainly look at trying to up the pressure on Khartoum and on Bashir personally," Clinton said.

Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in connection with war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide allegedly committed in Sudan’s western region of Darfur since the conflict broke out between the central government in Khartoum and insurgents belonging mostly to African tribes.

But despite that, the Sudanese leader received strong backing from the African Union (AU) and to a lesser extent from the Arab and Islamic regional blocs against the warrants.


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  • 1 March 2012 09:32, by omoni jr.

    you got it right secretary .
    Bashir is wanted criminal man in the world,so he is old too and he dont wanna die by himself.

    • 1 March 2012 09:42, by Darkangel

      Security Council

      Mbeki and his co-panelist said that South Sudan is to blame for walking away from agreements.

      It was said that South Sudan believes that without oil pumping, Khartoum can only last eight months, while Juba can last at least 12 months.


      • 2 March 2012 02:51, by Paul Ongee

        Ya Darkangel and the rest,

        Note that Omer Hassan Al-Bashir will never achieve his devilish plan of uniting the two countries by force. We cannot live in a country where governance is based on competitive interpretation of Quran instead of considering cultural diversity, freedom of worship and democratic rights. Do you have any idea when and how will the National Criminal Party disappear from Sdn?

    • 1 March 2012 09:44, by Dinka Dominated SPLA/M

      There is no doubt about our foreign affair minstery We can call our friends to hit than we can just walk in like market,

      bashir should dance in the druma of war because he got no child to loose,
      This is a time for childless people to stop dreaming of war otherwise they owner of childern will tell childless man to shut up,

      death to bashir and fake Ngundeng,

      • 1 March 2012 10:19, by Mike Mike

        These fucken white people always used to make support in talking and they don’t put thier help to be physically seen.This timae we don’t need mouth support we need someone who can use whatever he/she has to help this critical situation of ours with. That old mama always sent strong mouth message to whole world as if she is going to do something but later forget what she said.

      • 1 March 2012 13:16, by manyang mawech


    • 1 March 2012 09:45, by Darkangel

      So Mrs. Clinton ! If you support the African Union High Level Implementation - He is telling you that South Sudan is the trouble maker ! Your statement is only ment to cover this fact because you are behind what is happening. Pressure on Bashir, Why dont you comply with your part of the agreement first before opening your big mouth.

      • 1 March 2012 09:57, by Joseph Canada

        So you call south Sudan the trouble maker because of their resources? You Greedy skunk. We have nothing to do with the Northerners. We really don’t understand your parasitic nature. Its simple. Come to Juba and just beg them to help with oil. Don’t force ur miserable lives to others.

        • 1 March 2012 10:17, by Darkangel

          Who is the parasite you stinking asylum seeker living off free benefits in canada. Go back to your country and build it you lazy excuse for a human !

          Those were not my words you illiterate dirt bag, those are the words of Mbeki. He is blaming South Sudan and you sick worms jumping to the feet of the Americans every time you cause trouble is enough.

          • 1 March 2012 12:37, by Chol

            Darkangel, how is South Sudan a trouble maker, is it because they refuse to let you steal their oil?

            Didn’t anybody tell you South Sudan is now a different country? You’re a parasite because you can’t live without South Sudan oil.

            You’re now like a fish out of water jumping up and down. We know the truth hurt, but you have to deal with it.

          • 2 March 2012 02:26, by Blackmoses

            father f**K you! who you calling sick worm you Bashir motherf***ker looking?

            Nah hater, you are the one who is been living on South Sudan’s oil for years. Come to Juba and suck some D**Ks then will give you some motherf**King oil.

          • 7 March 2012 09:43, by BlackNoah

            and you been living off our oil for years
            you dumb bitch, come to juba and suck
            dicks...for some hard cash just like albashir
            ahahahhahah cry a fucken river we aint giving a fuck

    • 1 March 2012 10:53, by Anynya One

      My Sister... You will never s word be disful of this ful lif! I Love you peole who think you belong to life!

  • 1 March 2012 09:47, by kumkan

    Thank you US for standing firm behind South Sudan. Bashir, your days are numbered so watch how you maneuver around Africa soon your funeral will be held in a close door or unknown location just like Osama Bin Laden’s. You’re a dead man walking!

    • 1 March 2012 10:11, by kumkan

      The issue we have for discussion is concerning Beshir and it does not have anything to do with Ngundeng Bong. Reassure us of where his name has been mentioned on this article? shot your filthy mouth off might Naath’s prophet. Yes, it might be truth that you like his prophecy but who the hell cares about your shallow option Mr. DD SPLA. Keep your hatreds away from Naath’s

  • 1 March 2012 09:48, by Otong

    Thanka secretary,let Bashir be taken to ICC,and why ICC doesn’t take swift action to hang him like his uncle Sadam. Let the whole world eyes on the newly born nation South Sudan for protection.

  • 1 March 2012 09:48, by Konan

    Mr. OMO

    You are wrong my friend, Mrs. Clinton, is expressing US frustration and disappointment, because they expected us to crawl to Washington with a white flag in both hands, however instead of that Mr. Karti, went to China with a red flag offering more potential oil blocks and closer ties.

  • 1 March 2012 09:50, by okucu pa lotinokwan

    Thank you Clinton for the strong warning ,but Omer Bashir is a guy who is very difficult in understanding unless you the America supperpower shown to him by force as you did to other disturbance leaders in Arabs world where they loose their live even,but his time is soon to come true.


  • 1 March 2012 09:57, by michael Nhomlau

    America should act this time against Bashir. Please Hillary, action speaks louder than words, this criminal man is going further, playing around with South Sudan resources, we need action now than latter.

    • 1 March 2012 10:27, by kumkan

      Khartoum cannot see beyond their noses and that is why they are still talking about oil. Pagan Amum and his team have been insisting on $0.69 cent or $1 dollar per bbl to Northerners but they kept asking negotiations. So whose problem is it then? Could it be the once who is asking for more or the once offering less fees? Khartoum go to hell and we do needs another negotiations regarding oil.

    • 1 March 2012 10:28, by Brainy

      I’m glad US has realized this loser’s intentions. He tried concocting a propaganda that RSS is committing suicide by shutting down the wells, then threatening to go to war. Sudan is very desparate at this very moment. Won’t be surprised if Sudan bombed the oil wells just out of aggression and jealousness.We(RSS) have tightened belts and are busy exploring other survival options. Lets who’ll shit!

      • 1 March 2012 20:11, by alhaz

        US secretaey
        i thanks you alot for pointing over idiot criminal bashir,
        it came in right time where bashir has started bombing our Oil now in unity state,and what i suggest for u is , let the lawmaker put action on sudan especially the criminal bashir.
        Our partners,USA,UK support us south we actual love u the western country other than chinese who are vias to sudan
        thanks alot hillary bravo US

  • 1 March 2012 11:48, by SUPERMAN

    Really we in the North have fed up with this continious US threats. America should learn fundamental fact which is " North is our sacred land and we want to live on it as per our own conditions and with our full dignity otherwise it’s much more better for us to be burried under this sacred land. So instead of sending your agents in the south you Americans comedirectly and try us.

  • 1 March 2012 11:52, by Dinkawarrior

    It’s just a matter of times but Khartoum will soon be another Bagdad! Believed it or not North is going to be Irag, you better hurry up now to capture this criminal call Bashit and handed him over to ICC or otherwise you will be wandering around in the desert.

    • 1 March 2012 13:01, by Gatwiituor

      AHAHA,people you see the out come of touring of Dr,Machar to US,very soon Khartoum will face terrible distruction, people like Dinka Domonate Spla will know Machar is an icon who act for national interest not personal,and assure you my people let us leave behind the tribalism ,nepotism or corruption wich become habit to other tribs now aday in juba,...

      • 1 March 2012 13:41, by Emporio

        mr Gatwiituor

        there no problem if doctor warlord leader reik machar distance himeself from internal issues, is good for southsudan,because he fail internally, let him show us he can clean himselfe to bring good for southsudan

    • 1 March 2012 13:39, by mohammed ali

      Dinkaworrier, why donnot you come yourself?You donnot feel like a man who will fight his own war, but your stupidity & ignorance tells you that the Americans will come & die for you! Helda Johnsons came to Khartoum to beg in your name not to repatriate southerners in Sudan to the SPLA paradise in SS, after the expiary date on 9 April. If Khartoum expelled them, they will add to the 4.7 million..co

      • 1 March 2012 13:50, by mohammed ali

        ..starving & marginalized southerners. Probably, many of them will die from hunger!

  • 1 March 2012 14:15, by Dinkawarrior

    Mohamok Ye Liel
    You’re a son of bitch as you also a bich! The Fake Arab like you are the worst ones in Africa. Those types of Arab called Hellhoundabrab are stupit than Satan. I know you’re not a really arab but the stormach one. The kind of people who lost their identity food or fake Allah! I am a really a son of African Native!!

    • 1 March 2012 17:56, by mohammed ali

      Dinka worrioe, I Donnot excpect anything from you less than vomiting all the dirt & filth you had been fed at home & away.Just a hungry brain washed ignorant who was programmed filthy propoganda , just to repeat in a parrot fasion, so as to earn an asylum visa & continue living witout pride.What did or you will do for Africa? Lick & worrship a white-man shoe!!!

    • 1 March 2012 18:34, by sami

      Good for you Africano. Finish you drink and step to the side please.

  • 1 March 2012 16:01, by antisplm

    US is just offering lip service for her friends.before threatening Sudan let them get out of afghanistan swamp..now the world is multipolar.gone the times of monopolar globe..look to Russian and chinese vito on Syrian matter.Sudan is requiring its rights in trasport,transit and processing fees and simply if south sudan is endowed with oil, north sudan is endowed with ports,minds and experience.

    • 2 March 2012 04:17, by Kurnyel

      AntiSPLM, mor mur ci guac ne nguel, who told you that kingdoms of Arabs is still alive? they all gone and your Bashir is nothing compares to Saddam,Mubarak,Gadhif, and Shale, and many more.so just wait and see.

  • 1 March 2012 17:48, by Tambura

    Omar Bashir can run but cannot hide at end of the day he will end up dead or in jail. He knows his days are numbers, the problem is he don t want to die alone. International community seem to me they are cowered, he is ICC wanted criminal
    making sound like hero, is it that difficult to catch him? He is not undermining implementation of CPA, he is smart criminal your government cannot catch.

    • 2 March 2012 02:47, by Blackmoses

      Attention to all Bashir’s supporters. The reason why your Bashir ass is hating is because of oils.

      You people ever heard of The Scarcity principle(also call the no free lunch prinpciple)? This term is use alot in Economics.

      If you motherf***Kers want oils, you have to earn. We doing it big here in Juba the great. So come to Juba and suck some d**Ks and we will give you the motherf**king Oil.

  • 2 March 2012 06:11, by Anynya One

    WHY WHY KILL INNOCENT AFRICANS JUST WHY? YOU GUYS KNOW WHEN WHITES COLONIES AFRICA, THEY THEN LEFT. WHAT ARE ARABS STILL DOING IN AFRICA. WE WILL FORCE ARABS TO GO BACK TO MIDDLE EAST IF YOU WANT IT OR NOT. Watch this video, see how rood ARABS treat Africans; the indigenous Sudanese! http://video.msnbc.msn.com/rock-center/46581824#46581824

  • 2 March 2012 07:51, by solider

    Everybody knows that the US bought s sudan’s oil while its is still under the ground . Us paid Kiir and Amom nearly 8bn, it is the price for oil for 5 years.Now the US want to take the money back by selling you weapons .To sell weapons a war have to be there,Bashir have to be there.Stop dreaming ,america will never get rid of bashir.they r here to suck your blood.

    • 2 March 2012 23:09, by morogot batal


      good enough you have known it..american weapons shall fight this time with china weapons you criminal brought them from china and rusia.....your problem is that you arabs fear death...i dont know who is going to used those chinese and iran weapons you have ? we are going to capture them from you and use it against you as it has been always

  • 2 March 2012 08:08, by solider

    Bashir had many trips abroad why the US never arrest him?if the us want peace between the N and S why they don’t drag the rebels in s kordfan into negotiations? from where s.kordofan rebels did get all THE EXPENSIVE ADVANCED TANKS AND WEAPONS .belive me they got it from s.sudan’s money.Its a big game

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