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Youths, gelweng leaders called on to help voter drive in Lakes


By Manyang Mayom

November 13, 2009 (RUMBEK) – The Commissioner of Rumbek East County, Mabor Mayen Wol, has called upon Gelweng leaders to join hands in voter registration efforts in Rumbek East County.

Mabor Mayen Wol, commissioner of Rumbek East County (photo by Manyang Mayom)

Gelweng are armed cattle guards whose role in local security arose during the civil war, when they were armed by SPLA. Since the 2005 peace agreement, their role has neither been formalized entirely nor repudiated. Rumbek East County was a leading zone of inter-clan confrontation but now has less tension, according to the county official.

Voter registration lasts throughout November ahead of Sudan’s national elections that are scheduled to take place in April 2010. For Lakes, a state that has been riddled with violence and cattle raiding, the commissioner’s invitation is an implicit acknowledgment of the dire need for better security if the voter drive is to succeed.

“Our voter registration is going well but Nuer cattle raiders are a headache disturbing Rumbek East community. Nuer youth cattle raiders looted an unknown number of cows here at a cattle camp called Mayok, just a distance of 10 km away from Rumbek East County headquarters at Aduel centre,” said Commissioner Wol.

He said that “Cattle raiders were my biggest problem in this county and in fact I have invited all cattle keepers to be a part of solving problems in this county; I have formed various leadership of Gelweng at respective camps and they are now cooperating in their work”.

He also added that fighting each other over cattle or land ownership has now been reduced among pastoralists of Rumbek East, whereas the remaining challenge is the Nuer raider. “I have disarmed all youth in my county, there are no guns in their hands and their cows are being looted just by the neighboring state.”

Commissioner Wol affirmed that “wrestling remains an option in this Rumbek East County instead of gunfire exchange that had provoked county since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement”. When there is a difference between youth in a dancing place that occur during the dancing performance, then immediately we order them to face trial while other youth continue their dance without discriminations, he said.

During a recent meeting attended by youth Gelweng leaders held under a mango tree at county headquarter, Mayom Marier arrived to headquarters and delivered a message in about Nuer youth having looted their cows and now running toward Unity State.

Rumbek East youth at the meeting remain provoked by the developments and requested that the commissioner provide them with guns. Commissioner Mabor declined the requested and asked youth to remain calm. “The government will bring back your cows, don’t worry,” he told youth at the meeting.


County youth stated that their cows are very thirsty and there is no grass for them to feed on. They wish to move their cattle to a particular toch (grassland), but this request is being blocked by the commissioner. He said that they must first hold a meeting on how they will move their cows to the toch and what type of security could be provided to protect their cows and lives in this faraway toch.

However, a youth present at the meeting noted “There is not enough water this year in Lakes state River Bar-Naam; our cows are in a dangerous situation”.


The Director of Political Affair in SPLM Lakes state SPLM secretary, Chol Dut affirmed that voter registration is going on in other counties very well such as Yirol West County which is leading since registration began last week, Yirol West had 17,077, Yirol East County had 7411, Rumbek Centre County had 10809, Rumbek East County had 14612, Cueibet County had 15201, Rumbek North County had 348, Awerial County had 7800 and Wulu County had 295. If we summed up this record alone, it brought us total of 66153 in registration dated 10th to 11th of November, 2009.

However, Deputy Governor and a Minister for Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency Lt-Col. David Nok Marial Buot affirmed that Awerial County has a low turnout because this county had been affected by Mundri clashes. Thousands of people in Awerial were displaced and now all those Internally Displaced People (IDPs) are facing lack of water, food, shelters plus medication.

Rumbek North County has also been affected by inter-state conflict and a lot of people were displaced from their original home in Maper County headquarters. He also blamed the National Election Commission (NEC) for wrongly locating voter registration centers in places that are not near to population. The NEC has located registration centers at roadsides leaving rural communities away. A voter is required to come in person to be registered. There is no access for older people to turn out for voter registration because of remote distance.

Lakes state government officials have also discovered that NEC has failed to manage it obligation to provide transport to staffs that are carrying our voter registrations in their respective centers.

There are difficulties in this voter registration because awareness was not raised enough in the community to understand what registration could be used for. The community fears the registration saying that all those records will be turned into taxation by the Government of Lakes state later in the future.


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  • 16 November 2009 05:15, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

    Mabor Mayen Wol It is not a surprise even though u lie that Nuer are cattle rider, lying is ur way of life, lie, steal and survive. Getwech will tell the truth on behalf of his community for been accussed. Please don’t mess up with Equatoria am here for u, Murle James is there for u, Nuer Getwech is there for u. Not sure about Shilluk yet.

    • 16 November 2009 06:02, by Gatwech

      Mr. Famous Big Logic Boy,

      The Dinkas attack themselves in Lakes state but they are confused of their own identities because they adopt others’ identities. The Agaar-Dinka have adopted the Nuer facial marking and are always mistaken that they are Nuer. See Paula Mayom Akech.

      So, the attack was by Agaar-Dinka section against another Dinka section. Imagine the Bor-Dinka have adopted the Mundari facial marks and can be mistaken sometimes as Mundari. The Dinka of Warrap have a different facial marks. So the Dinka are in identity dilemma and may wage a confused war against themselves.

      Look the reporter lied that they don’t have guns when every body knows that they have guns. Even their militia groups called Gelweng have guns. They attack each other.

      • 16 November 2009 07:11, by Mr Famous Big_Logic_Boy

        You are right Getwech, this wild community is ashame of its image, they are trying hard to dress Equatorians identity on themselves but this will not slove their problems. See some of them who are living in western side are now using the slang street languages of "fuck,bitch,suck" which prove that they are flies attracted to rotten meats because of the smell. Every community in South Sudan is proud of their identity unlike dinkas who have no pride, only lie, steal and survive. Don’t worry their time is running out. Their corrupt leader Mr dictator is in UK wondering for help in order to rescue CPA which has collapsed already in the broad day light. To me, he is not only in UK for political purpose but also to see his investement properties plus his room to exit to exile when his journey comes to an end.

        • 16 November 2009 13:00, by Justino

          Dear Logic,

          In-fact you have right to threat Dinka because you have already secure your place, if Dinka decide to do something for you the may not get you that you why do threat Dinka but put in your mind that one day one time you will see.

    • 16 November 2009 07:31, by Kim Deng

      Coward Jaang/Slaves,

      The Mighty Nuer Warriors (Jech-in-Bor) are your headache in the whole region of South Sudan. For how long will you keep crying for help from the sky/GoSS instead to defend your coward community?

      Be ready for the worst since the dry season is at the corner, which mean the fearless Nuer Warriors will cross your land heading toward "Toch" without asking you coward Jaang/Slaves consent. The Mighty Nuer Warriors will never stop slaughtering you coward Jaang/Slaves like insects especialy those in Jonglei State until you evacuate the East bank for the other side. Intead of facing the Nuer Warriors, you’re killing other minority groups i’e, Equartorians & Shilluk.

      • 16 November 2009 08:03, by Dinka Boy

        Mr Kim Deng,

        stop posting the same comments over and over again.
        That will make you and your supporter ugly like your primitives food lovers/defectors/. Please mr husband of riek macahar mr lam Akol in Khartoum how you guys die in 1991-2006.

    • 16 November 2009 09:02, by Justino

      Dear Reader,

      Kindly do erverything you want on this websiet and know tomorrow.

    • 16 November 2009 16:06, by jalthawl

      mr famous logic boy,i had been keen about ur writings but am pleased to inform you that am a solid representative from shilluk from today and onwards lets face the reality together

  • 16 November 2009 05:35, by Dinka Boy

    Great job lake states.

    We need each and everyone counted in the South so that we proved our doubt to NCP.

    • 16 November 2009 06:05, by Rambang Deng


      Your people used to lie last year against us people of Bentiu and your Dinka puppet Taban give them our cows, but it’s not going to happen that way now.

      Your people always sell their cattle to Nuers, but come and lie later that they were stolen, which was not true.

  • 16 November 2009 07:19, by Juba Lira

    and so what even though you team up togather, mighty Dinka can still defeat you. Dinka are 60% in south and 40% in whole sudan. what are you now trying to say and do.

    Dinka, you say are bad and it is not they don,t take bath or they are not smart, they are the tallest people.Smartest richers, stronges, Bosses and Blah-Blah-Blah.

    Dinka like fighting you strart and you will see.

    all clashes between tribes in south Sudan, Dinka ias the one to be attack first and then they will revenge again people like Logic, James, will cry.

    asks James Okuk, he is the wise man I got some points which the Dinka is weak. Juba Lira is aman of those who run a way from the war.

    • 16 November 2009 07:44, by Kim Deng


      Forget about your fake numberical population because when it comes to warfare, the Mghty Nuer Warriors cannot only evict your coward Jaang/Slaves community from your own land, but enslave you and occupy the land as they [Nuer Warriors] did in 1800s.

      Always think about the Mighty small Jews’ State/Isreal in the middle of the Arab world before you dream about waging a dirty ugly war with Mighty Nuer Warriors.

      • 16 November 2009 08:44, by Afredo christiani

        Getwech, big magic, theileling busta -2 loding, ranbang, Kim

        You have to seek for blood test because the way you posted articles on this website is totally; shown that you are mentally sick or something wrong with your health .if you go for the test. Doctor will give you following results.

        1-Getwech pure black Arab with stamp on buttocks and mental disorder
        2-Big magic Ugandian with HIV/AID positive plus cancer
        3-Thieleling Ethiopian with high blood pressure plus diabetes and leprosy
        4-Busta -2 Turkana with HIV/AIDS positive and tuberculoses
        5-Loding Karmajoung swine flu and chronic diarrhea
        6- Kim Darfurian with HIV/AIDS positive
        7-Rambang pure black Arab with stamp on buttock with chronic syplise and diarrhea

        2- You knew nothing about agaar community shut your dirty mouth on issues of southerners.

  • 16 November 2009 12:27, by muorman dit

    Absolutely yes Mr. Commissioner of Rumbek East, have that idea because Gelweng are the problems of the South Sudan in all sections. they should and must mobilized themselves to register.

    They have cattles which cultivated crisis among Southerners and wanted all needs from the government.

    Push them by all means to stop their sinful act and register

    • 17 November 2009 03:29, by Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

      To Loggic Boy, Gatwech, Rambang and others.

      I am a Unionist. a Sudan "Unity" Man
      I believe what commrade Pagan Amum says.
      Pagan is alway right. He is librator man.

      Only Jieng of Great UpperNile used to deal with nuer before Great Bar el gazal come over in 85s.

      Loggic_boy; where were you all these yrs. We liberators Arab out Equatoria. "we give them fire a Dance" they knew the really in sudan.

      I guest you are Arab militaints who were bribe by "Gargoch" to fight theirs brothers in the Bushes. Remember Dinka,Nuba, Puny, Darfur,and others sudense liberty people will never gives a traitors a change in Africa.

      The Unity men waits for 2011. From Nubian to lokichoki and Aliab to Yambior; all is our land. Those talk south all the time are those are damaging the South. no damned north or south. you like south,north, stay where you are.

      Tone of libertors

      Nguetbuny de Luelpiny

      • 17 November 2009 04:56, by Akook

        To whom does the LAKES state authorities blame for lack of trust by their local citizens. There certainly are low turnouts simply becouse those in leadership aren’t trusted and yet they are the ones to be blamed for that.

        Secondly How can they blame the NEC over lack of awareness to the local people when the NEC motives are aloud and clear all over the South i.e to sabotage Souhterners. Lakes state authorities are the right people to raise awareness to their own people and if they failed having done that, then they better get ashame blaming others for it.

        Logic, Rambang, Gatwech and Thelieng, I am warning you to plse get away your madness on this issue. These are not Jonglei’s Dinkas that you people have demonised for years but are the Agar people of Lakes state. Nuers know very well, they don’t have messed around there before seeing their asses and butts dangerously kicked.Yes Agaar people do have the same marks as Nuers and it’s the reason they know you people very well more than anyone else. Nuers listen using their eyes but thru ears as others do. Ask your lord Dr Machar over his 91 coup failure. Machar forces attacked Rumbek twice thinking he could do what he has done to Bor people in Jonglei but to only learnt a lesson he will never forget from those mentioned mighty warriors called Gelweng. Even those reported are just pure theft by Nuers, they aren’t immenent attack that they waged squarely and happen to take those cattle. Be watchful, dont just be mad enough in your internet war.


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