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Sudan’s Garang arrives to Khartoum next Friday July 8

KHARTOUM, July 1, 2005 (Sudan Tribune) — Sudan people’s Liberation Movement leader, John Garang, will arrive to Khartoum on Friday July 8. The SPLM organizes a huge reception at this occasion, said Yasir Arman, spokesperson for the SPLM.

Garang_Victory_sign.jpgJohn Garang was last in Khartoum in 1983.

He said to Sudan Tribune preparations for the reception of the SPLM leader in Khartoum are in top gear ” there is a committee headed by the famous Sudanese singer Mohamed Wardi to organize popular, cultural manifestations in Khartoum.”

SPLM spokesperson invited all the Sudanese people to participate in the reception of Garang.

Arman indicated that Garang is committed to participate in the implementation of comprehensive peace and democratic change in the country.

He further said that Garang will visit Darfur and eastern Sudan to promote peace in these parts of Sudan.

The SPLM leader is expected in Khartoum to be sworn in as Sudan’s first vice-president. His swearing in will make him the first southern Sudanese to hold this position since Sudan attained political independence in 1956.