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UN support to AU to resolve Darfur Crisis – Pronk

Jan_Pronk1.jpgOct 3, 2005 (ABUJA) — The UN special representative to Sudan, Jan Pronk, has affirmed the UN’s support to the AU to end the conflict in Darfur.

During a speech made by a UN representative on his behalf, during the opening session of the talks today, he said that a political solution was the only way to solve the problem in Darfur. He urged the [negotiating] sides to cooperate with the mediators affirming that the UN would not allow the talks to be delayed.

He said, “the time has come for the parties to organize themselves by word and deed in finding a solution for the Darfur crisis, and for them to take the Comprehensive Peace Agreement as a reference”.

Meanwhile, the EU representative reiterated the union’s commitment to settle the situation in Darfur. He urged the armed movements not to procrastinate and waste time as a result of their internal disputes.

He said the political settlement should not be delayed because of internal crises, pointing out the EU’s concern about the cease-fire violations.

On the other hand, representatives of the armed movements affirmed their readiness to cooperate and achieve peace. They also called for the Sudan Liberation Movement’s representation in the talks.