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SPLM blames Sudan’s ruling NC over Khartoum State government

Nov 6, 2005 (KHARTOUM) — The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) has blamed the ruling Nationa Congress’s (NC) inflexible position for the failure to reach an agreement over the formation of a Khartoum State government and how to administer the capital.

The SPLM further said its committees were continuing work to name its representatives on the petroleum and evaluation commissions and that these would be announced within the next few days.

Official spokesman for the SPLM’s northern sector, Walid Hamid, called on the NC to be honest and make public the reasons for the delay in the formation of the state’s government. He denied the SPLM was the reason behind the delay.

Speaking to Al-Khartoum newspaper, Hamid said the SPLM had failed to reach any agreement with the NC regarding the administration of the capital and that, for the time being the SPLM was contented with raising its recommendations to the leader of the SPLM.

He warned that the NC’s position regarding the administration of the capital may lead to the obstruction of much of what was agreed upon particularly as all the clauses of the peace agreement were clear.

Hamid further said the reason for not reaching an agreement on the capital’s administration was the NCP’s insistence on dealing with Khartoum as one of the capitals in the northern states which he described as regrettable.

He said it was also due to NCP’s regression to old positions that the peace agreement had clearly resolved by stipulating a national capital.

He further reiterated the SPLM’s adherence to its position that Khartoum is the capital of Sudan and that it would not go back on its position.

Regarding the formation of the government of the state, Hamid said the SPLM had previously announced the reasons for the delay in the formation adding that the NC should take a similar step and announce the real reasons for the delay.