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SPLM students condemn NC students statement on Pronk

Mar 9, 2006 (KHARTOUM) — The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement’s Youth and Students secretariat (SPLM-YS) has issued a statement distancing itself from the statement issued by the General Union of Sudanese Students (GUSS) which warned against intervention by international troops in Darfur.

The SPLM-YS statement pointed out that the GUSS did not represent Sudanese students and that it consisted of bodies loyal to the ruling National Congress Party. It pointed to the GUSS statement in which the head of the GUSS offered a 100,000 US dollar reward for the killing of the UN secretary-general’s representative to Sudan Jan Pronk.

The SPLM-YS went on to ask where the GUSS had obtained such an amount and announced its condemnation of the statement calling it an incitement to a crime that was punishable by Sudanese criminal law.

The SPLM-YS’s statement further said that as one of the branches of the SPLM, they were not hostile towards the UN because it was the primary guarantor of the peace agreement and had played a big role in achieving it.

In addition it said the UN agencies of UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, UNHCR and FAO were all working in different sectors in Sudan.

The SPLM-YS statement questioned what was new in the matter as UN troops had been present for over a year in Khartoum, southern and eastern Sudan, southern Blue Nile and the Nuba mountains.