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Kenyan abductees say tortured by Ethiopian soldiers

April 30, 2006 (NAIROBI) — The six Kenyans abducted by Ethiopian soldiers during a raid at Modhaudhi village in Moyale District in northern Kenya early this week have been released.

A skirmish erupted in Moyale in northern Kenya between the Kenya security forces and Ethiopian security troops who crossed into the country to attack Oromo rebels on 26 April.

Moyale police boss Rono Bunei says the six were released after they were interrogated by the soldiers, the KBC Radio said.

The release comes after the Moyale district security team protested to the Ethiopia authorities across the border at Moyale-Ethiopia town over the invasion.

The released persons say they were taken to a military camp in Ethiopia where they were tortured by the soldiers. They say the soldiers wanted to know the location of a hide-out of the Oromo Liberation Front in the country.