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Detention; Torture; Targeting of Civilians and Harassment in Darfur


Sudan Organisation Against Torture

Human Rights Alert: 26 June 2006

On the occasion of International Day in Support of Victims of Torture and one month after the signing of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA), government security organs continue to subject the civilian population in Darfur to torture, arbitrary arrests, and intimidation. In addition, the Janjaweed militias whom the government of Sudan is obliged to “neutralise and disarm…within 37 days of the signing of this Agreement (DPA)” have continued in their campaign of terrorisation and attacks on the already vulnerable civilian population.

1. On 11 June 2006, five police officers from the Central Reserve Police arrested Sideeg Musa Saed, (20 yrs), student and Ismail Musa Abdel Gadeem, (26 yrs), Teacher from Alsouque Alshabi central market in Nyala on suspicion of supporting the Sudan Liberation Army/Movement (SLA), a faction of which is signatory to the DPA. The men who belong to the Zaghawa tribe were taken to the offices of the reserve police in Nyala where they reportedly subjected to torture. The men were beaten with the butt of the officers’ guns on their heads and backs and flogged all over their body. Mr. Saead sustained serious injuries to his eye.

On the same day, 11 June, the detainees were transferred to Nyala Wasat Police station where they were officially charged with articles 50 (Undermining the Constitutional System) and 51 (Waging war against the State) of the 1991 Penal code.

SOAT Lawyers Network in Nyala, are providing legal aid to the two men.

2. On 12 June at 21.00hrs during heavy rainfall, two land cruisers carrying approximately 15 police officers in army uniform drove through Kalma internally displaced camp in Nyala firing live ammunition in the air.� No person was wounded.

3. On 11 June 2006 at approximately 08.00am, armed militias reportedly the Janjaweed militias attacked Musa Ahmed Abdel Nour, (50 yrs), from the Dago tribe and resident at Dereig IDP camp whilst he was escorting two elderly women to collect firewood outside the camp.

During the attack, the militias threatened Mr. Abdel Nour with a gun before kidnapping him and his horse and forcing the two women to walk back to the camp. �

Mr. Abdel Nour was released on the same day 11 June at 14.00pm. Following his release, Mr. Abdel Nour left Dereig camp and is now staying at Kalma camp.

4. On 6 June 2006, three armed militias reportedly the Janjaweed militias attacked Abdullah Ahmed Adam, (50 yrs), Dago tribe, from Kalma IDP camp. Mr. Adam was attacked 2 km north of the camp; the militias threatened him before taking his horse.

SOAT strongly condemns the continuing terrorisation of the civilian population in Darfur by armed marauding militias and calls on the government to immediately implement its obligations as agreed in the DPA. The continued targeting of the civilian population by the Janjaweed militias and arrests and detention on suspicion of supporting the SLA undermines one of fundamental principles of the DPA namely “To ensure that civilians are not subjected to violence, intimidation, threats and forced displacement” (Article 23(217)).

SOAT recalls article 27(315) of the DPA which requires the GoS to “restrict all Janjaweed/armed militia and PDF to their headquarters, garrisons, cantonment sites or communities and take and take other steps to contain, reduce and ultimately eliminate the threat posed by such forces.”, furthermore article 27 (317) states that “GoS, with support from AMIS, shall take all other steps required to completely eliminate the threat posed by Janjaweed/armed militia to the civilian population….”

SOAT is gravely concerned about the continued attacks on civilians in Darfur with impunity. In light of continuing instability and attacks on civilians despite the DPA, the N’djamena Ceasefire agreement, and UNSC resolutions, SOAT calls on the AU Peace and Security Council, the UN and the wider international community to:

– Make public the findings of the UN-AU Joint Assessment mission to Darfur and to agree to the rapid deployment of UN Peacekeepers with a chapter 7 mandate �to Darfur as stipulated in resolution 1679;

– Immediately provide both political and financial support to AMIS to ensure the mission is capable and able to effectively fulfil the protection role of its mandate in the transitional period through the provision of:

i. Satisfactory protection provisions including to resume the provision of armed escort for women and girls venturing outside IDP camps,

ii. Fulfil its functions as stipulated in the DPA particularly verifying and monitoring the disarmament of the Janjaweed militias and other militias;

iii. Continue to place pressure on the various armed groups to sign the DPA and the Declaration of Commitment to the DPA to sign the peace agreement.

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