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Realization of peace will be governments’ “great” achievement, Al-Bashir

By Sudanese TV

KHARTOUM, Nov. 20, 2003 — [Newscaster] The president of the republic, Staff Lt-Gen Umar al- Bashir, has reiterated the [ruling] National Congress’ [NC] keenness to address problems experienced in the past political practices.

Addressing a large meeting comprising first vice-president, NC acting secretary-general, governors, NC secretary-generals of the states, he called for the on consolidation of national unity.

[Unidentified reporter] The president of the republic Staff Lt- Gen Umar al-Bashir and chairman of the NC has chaired a large meeting comprising governors, NC secretary-generals and leaders of legislative assemblies of the state. The meeting was attended by First Vice-President and NC Deputy Chairman Ali Uthman Muhammad Taha, Minister of Federal Office and Acting Secretary-General Dr Nafi Ali Nafi.

The meeting heard reports by NC leaders on NC performance in the states during the past period and its role in supporting political work and preparations for the up-coming peace period. In their reports, NC chairmen said there were good coordination between executive and legislative organs and NC organs in the states.

NC Chairman Staff Lt-Gen Umar al-Bashir talked about the challenges of the next stage after the signing of the peace agreement. He referred to negative effects of the war and the efforts required for development, reconstruction and what the NC could do during that important phase in the Sudanese history.

The president of the republic said the NC was committed to establishing a mature political practice to address the problems of the past political phase. He called on the NC to consolidate and maintain the country’s unity. He called for the expansion of the NC activities to include cultural and social ones.

[Al-Bashir] In fact, achieving peace in Sudan is the biggest achievement in the Sudanese history after the independence. People did not reap all the fruits of independence because of the current war in the south which continued to pose political, economic, security and social problem. The effect was not on the areas where war has been taking place, but it affected the whole Sudan. The realization of peace, in fact, would be a great achievement in the history of Sudan and an achievement for the government of National [Revolution] and the NC.

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