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08 August 2006 – (Juba) – Central Equatoria State Governor Clement Wani Konga has reiterated his opposition to the relocating of the state capital from Juba to another area.
Governor Konga said that Juba is a central point between Eastern and Western Equatoria and should remain as the state capital. He added that he is consulting with other leaders on the issue but the last decision will come from the people of the state.
[Clement Wani]: “Central Equatoria is an established state since the colonial period with its capital in Juba. In which also southern Sudan was here after the Addis Ababa agreement, nothing of that kind took place. When the Khartoum peace agreement was signed the capital of southern Sudan was also brought to Juba and they coexisted. So what is the difference? Is southern Sudan an independent state now?”
The governor made the remarks while speaking to journalists in Juba last Friday.


08 August 2006 – (Yambio) – The acting governor of Western Equatoria state is urging soldiers of the Joint Integrated Units in Yambio to protect people’s lives and stop shooting their guns in the air.
There have been many incidents of random shooting in the air by J-I-U forces in Yambio.
Acting Governor, also Minister of Finance, John Dabi says that peace is a gift to the people of Sudan and should not be disrupted by gun shots from individuals who-according to him-“pose a threat to the community and in the region.”
The acting governor was speaking during the launch of the “Go to School Initiative” in Western Equatoria last month.
Mr. Dabi said that people have suffered for the last 21 years of war and they should have a peace of mind to embark on developmental activities and educate their children in their areas. He said the random shootings frighten people and slow the process of recovery from the war.
He urged JIU commanders to advise their soldiers not to threaten people “as their duty is to protect them.”