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AU, Sudan discuss possibility of extending mission in Darfur

Sept 8, 2006 (KHARTOUM) — The Foreign Ministry has revealed that it is holding wide consultations with the African Union Peace and Security Council on the possibility of the AU continuing with its mission in Darfur.

The official spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Jamal Ibrahim, said a delegation from the AU Peace and Security Council would be arriving in Khartoum in the next few days, the SMC reported

He pointed out that the delegation would listen to the government’s position regarding its decision to refer the AU mission in Darfur to the United Nations, as well as the delegation’s scheduled visit to Darfur region.

He denied that the AU Peace and Security Council wanted to hold a session in Khartoum.

Ibrahim said that if the AU failed in playing its role then the government was capable of taking up the mission in Darfur, adding that the government was not concerned whether or not the AU troops remained in Darfur.

He also pointed out that the Foreign Ministry had asked the chairman of the AU mission to clarify the AU stance regarding their vision for what will happen after 30 September, the date of expiry of the AU mission.