Sunday, January 16, 2022

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In southern nations nationalities people region south Omo zone 800 km from Addis Ababa, Mali Beneta,Bala, koibe and Gongode villages at least 145 people are detained 1 killed and 17 students are taken to unknown places.

Still the harassment is going on and by the local cadres and members of ruling EPDRF party in Ethiopia.

In the area there is no means of mass media and no communicating at all and that makes good situation for the local EPDRF cadres namely Nigatu Densa vice president of south omo zone administration,Debebe Gahsawbeza member of EPDRF,Ayele Belgizaw representative of local police station and Asnake Belgizaw are the muster mind of the torchering and human right abuses

The reason of the brutal action is the peasants want Mali Bala village is to be their district city but the choice of the people is turned down by the above-mentioned group

for the groups individual needs and the village where those cadres came from is way back from the capital of the zone (Jinka) and they just want their village to be the district city of Mali woreda.

and then people started opposing the cadres choice, so far hundreds of police are hunting thousands of people and most villagers are in the bush for the last five days

and the police are biting kids, women, aged once who can not run from them and take refuge in the bush.

What we all need is any kind of humanitarian help to stop this inhuman action by Ethiopian local gov’t agents against vulnerable remote people to revile their action to the world