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South Sudan officials promote tribalism – official

Nov 18, 2006 (JUBA) — The chairperson of the Southern Sudan Reconstruction and Development Commission has accused senior government officials in the Government of Southern Sudan of promoting tribalism.

David Mayo told Sudan Radio Service that even some senior government officials in the government promote tribalism by employing their relatives to positions within the government. Sudan Radio Service producer Victor Lugala reports from Juba.

Mayo said political leaders who promote tribalism in government offices behave like tribal chiefs. He added political leaders should lead by good example.

He said the civil service should set rules to regulate employment based on merit and qualifications to deter tribal tendencies.

Mayo pointed out some government officials have been tempted to employ relatives and clansmen to meet the burden of extended families and over-dependency.

Mayo called on the Government of Southern Sudan to eradicate tribalism by establishing transparent and open job application processes for government positions.