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Equatoria conference adopts resolutions on good governance

By Isaac Vuni

March 3, 2007 (TORIT) — As the five days Governors-Commissioners of Greater Equatoria conference on good governance came to an end yesterday at 7.30pm, the three governors; Samuel Abujohn Kabashi of Western Equatoria state, Clement Wani Konga of Central Equatoria state and Aloisio Emor Ojetuk of Eastern Equatoria state have directed their commissioners to own and implement the recommendations and resolutions adopted without any delay.

In his closing remarks, Governor Kabashi says, “We must own these resolutions by implementing them even before the Southern Sudan Peace Commission (SSPC) chairman presents it to the Goss because the issues are ours”

He went on saying advising participants that “Let us take what we have learned and heard from here to our people for implementation even as we wait for the final documents.”

He further said it has been a happy days for them to have had the historic conference and it would be a greater day for all people concern to see the implementation of recommendations and resolutions adopted by Greater Equatoria Governors – Commissioners Conference that was held in southern Sudan revolutionary historic town Torit.

Meanwhile Governor Konga said, even though the current government in Sudan is of a collation that involves all political parties, all southern Sudanese should cherish the aspiration of their people, self determination through plebiscite.

Konga told those southerners who still belong to National Congress Party (NCP) to remember that, “When we are crossing the ocean, you are not going to the north but will remain in southern Sudan”

He calls upon all southerners to have harmony among them and urges state Legislators, Executive and the Judiciary to work as a team. Otherwise, Wani warns, that if any of the two are in conflict, they shall never render good services to the people.

He says security is very essential substance which, if not provided, the services suppose to be provided to people would not be there. What is important is that Equatorian should have their own division commander from among their sons and daughters. He appeals to all people in greater equatorial to own the recommendations and resolutions adopted in Torit conference.

After being convinced with the recommendations and resolutions of this historic conference, I will ensure that my people did not go to Joungle or Eastern Equatoria to raid cattle; neither should they do the same to us.

What we need to do now is to ensure that SPLM maintain power during election in year 2008, declared Konga. He went on urging all counties commissioners to mobilize their respective communities to that effect.

“If you want to eat meat, you look for a Lion that has got teeth. And if you want to drink water, you look for a Lion that has got no teeth”. So then, SPLM is the Lion that has got the teeth.

If there are corrupt people in the SPLM, they should be removed and replace by those with integrity and have the south in their hearts so that they mobilize support for SPLM for greater achievement of independent South Sudan, remarks Konga.

The host Governor Ojetuk urges all the governors and commissioners to cooperate with SPLA Division commander of greater equatoria states in order to fight insecurity posed by LRA and other armed groups in the states.

He reiterated that many NGOs in the state are doing substandard work and that time has come for all concern departments of respective states government to seriously follow their progamme and take necessary action.

Earlier, Mr. James Kok chairman of SSPC invited the three Governors of the Greater Equatoria states to make their final remarks on the progress of the conference. He appreciated the hospitality accorded by people of Torit town and promised to delivered recommendations and resolutions of the conference to the leadership of government of southern Sudan for implementation.

The facilitator, Dr. Alfred Lokuji- said there has been many conferences previously held with marvelous recommendations and resolutions adopted but at the end there is nothing done about those resolutions.

“Too many conferences and workshops have been held previously simply as light item budgets with somebody’s annual business well fill in law but at the end of the day nothing is done about it.”

Therefore, he assured the participants that he would produced the historic conference reports within span period of fifteen days so that it’s distributed to all those who are concern for its possible implementation.

After five days deliberating on issues affecting good governance in the Greater Equatoria states, the Governors and Commissioners Conference participants came up with the following Recommendations and Resolutions to be implement by the four levels of governments; Government of National Unity (GONU), Government of southern Sudan (GOSS), State government and the Local Government

The draft recommendations expected to be ready in two weeks covers the areas of:-
Census that is due to be conducted in November this year, DDR, Water security and related security conflict, Peace building, across southern Sudanese communities, Decentralization system of government during the interim government of the Sudan, Public security, Civil service and peace building endeavors, Constitutional conflict, Rule of laws verses police and SPLA, SRRA and repatriation process, Conflicts and their resolutions.

Below are some recommendations and resolutions passed by the conferees:

Recommendations on SPLA

All e armed SPLA group should be screened, trained and re-structured

SPLA who have committed crimes be brought to justice

There should be equal treatment to SPLA /JIU forces with SAF who are getting better treatment than SPLA

There should be immediate replacement of SPLA forces oriented by UN force with the one recently trained by SPLA unit because those who claimed to have been trained by UN are halfback and lack military discipline

All SPLA forces should get regular salaries than being paid after every three months

Relocation of military barracks from town at least eight kilometer away
Land and properties grape must be surrendered to local council

Recommendations on LRA

LRA Should be forcefully be evicted from southern Sudan territory

General amnesty be granted to Sudanese who have joint the LRA

Ugandan government and LRA peace talks should continue to be mediated by Goss provided that the venue is out of Sudan territory

Recommendation on Other armed groups

It was recommended that there should only be one SPLA army unified under one command.

The Amboro pastoralists should immediately be evicted and send back to where they came from.

Recommendation on Rule of Law

that there should be an urgent comprehensive transformation of SPLA from guerrilla army to a progressive standard army who should be charge with responsibility of defending integrity of the new Sudan and be offer adequate training and imparting discipline and moral observation.

That there should be enlightenment programme for SPLA soldiers on the legal documents of CPA and the interim constitution of the government of national unity, government of southern Sudan and the local government act.

That SPLA proper barracks should be establishment outside residential areas, at least eight miles away from city and towns.

Military laws and regulations should effectively be taught to both SPLA and SAF soldiers deployed in southern Sudan during the interim period.

Decentralization and devolution of power


There should be immediate harmonization of the two police forces, the former SPLM/A police with that of former coordinating council.

Those police forces are transformed into professional community police through training and equipping them.

The relationship between the traffic police and regular police be strengthen immediately in order to realize effective implementation of rule of laws and orders at all level of governments in southern Sudan.

And that all road blocks in southern Sudan particularly in greater equatorial state must be remove immediately.

Border police should be recruited from among the state bordering a particular country

Town council should be establishing in each county to assist commissioners in decision making.

SRRC should have a clear and functional structure through out the ten states of southern Sudan.