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Ethiopian troops reportedly to remain in Somali capital

March 16, 2007 (MOGADISHU) — A Mogadishu based electronic news journal said that Somali President discussed wit the visiting Ethiopian Foreign Minister ways to maintain Ethiopian troops in the Somali Capital within the framework of the African peacekeeping forces.

Ethiopian foreign minister Seyoum Mesfin who was in a two-day visit to Mogadishu told the press before his departure that the remaining Ethiopian troops in Somalia will immediately withdraw from Somalia. Although the reported that they will remain and participate in peacekeeping operations of the country, especially in Mogadishu.

Foreign minister Mesfin discussed with President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmad how Ethiopian troops can take part in operations to pacify the country, especially Mogadishu.

President Yusuf is said to have requested the Ethiopian minister for Ethiopian troops to remain in Somalia, until the situation in the country changes. “Reports received from the presidential palace say the president’s request was accepted, and that Ethiopian troops will help the African Union troops (AU).”

The Ethiopian foreign minister also met delegation from the African Union visiting Mogadishu. They discussed how the Ethiopians would help the AU troops, some of whom have already arrived in the country from Uganda.