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Darfur NRF denounces killing of SLM-MM members in Khartoum

The National Redemption Front (NRF)

NRF Denounces Execution of SLM Members in Khartoum

March 26, 2007 — The National Redemption Front (NRF) strongly denounces summary execution of their fellow comrades in Darfur struggle, the SLM-Minnawi ex-fighters in Sudan’s capital.

March 24th witnessed a cowardly attack on the residence of SLM ex-fighters in Muhandiseen residential area of Umdurman city across the River from Khartoum.

The assault involves unusually large force including military tanks and heavy arbitrary leading to demolition of the building over the victims. Demolished house was home to injured soldiers who came to Khartoum seeking medical attention. They were not in a position to defend themselves, let away initiate a fight against government security forces. The criminal attack left over ten people dead and several more injured. In this regard, the NRF states the following:

1. The incident shows that Khartoum’s persistent plan to annihilate Darfur people knows no limit. It is perpetrated against IDPs as well as against those who have opted for the dubious DPA deal and sought safety and medical treatment in the capital

2. No peace agreement can proceed without provisions that accord ex-fighters same status as members of the government army and until their status is finally resolved in accordance with mutual agreement.

3. Justice in the Sudan can never be restored without unity of Darfur factions and the marginalized people across the nation.

Long live our struggle for peace and justice

NRF Secretariat
Abeche, Chad,