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Somali Islamists allege suicide bomber killed 72 Ethiopian soldiers

March 28, 2007 (DOHA) — According to Al-Jazeera TV an Islamist Somali group alleged killing 72 Ethiopian soldiers by a Somali suicide bomber. The pan Arab chain said the videotape shows a suicide bomber reading his will, but didn’t confirmed the attack.

The Pan-Arab Satellite TV, Al-Jazeera, reported on Tuesday March 27 it had obtained a videotape that was posted by a Somali group calling itself (Harakat Shabab al-Mujahidin) the Mujahidin Youth Movement.

The group said the tape shows a person called Adam Sallad Adam carrying out a suicide operation, during which he detonates a booby-trapped car in a camp for the Ethiopian forces.

According to the statement issued by the group, the operation resulted in killing 72 Ethiopian soldiers.

The tape also shows a clip of the suicide bomber reading his will, in which he announces that he is carrying out this operation in revenge for the rape of Somali woman, Suuban Maalin, who said that Ethiopian soldiers raped her in the same camp where the explosion took place.

The authenticity of the tape could not be verified from an independent source, the said.