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Eritrean diplomat in Sudan reportedly abandons his post

By Eritrean opposition

DEC 29, 2003 — Mr. Abdella Mohammed Ali, head of consular affairs in the Eritrean embassy in Khartoum, has abandoned his post and fled to Sweden today, 29th of December. The move came shortly after he was summoned back to Asmara. Given his relationship with senior members of the government, sources inform Gedab News that he suspected he would be imprisoned.

Mr. Abdella Mohammed Ali joins a growing list of Eritrean diplomats who have sought refuge in foreign countries to avoid imprisonment or to protest against the incarceration of their colleagues.

The list of Eritrean diplomats who were stationed in neighboring countries and are now in exile includes the former ambassador to Sudan, Mr. Abdella Adem, as well as Mr. Mohammed Burhan Abdulkader the First Secretary to the Eritrean Embassy in Egypt, and Mr. Mohammed Nur Osman “Degaulle”, Eritrea’s Consul General in Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, Eritrea’s Deputy Ambassador to Kenya and head of the Africa Desk within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Teweldemedhin Tesfamariam, did return to Eritrea in April 2002 [correction: April 2003] after he was recalled. He was promptly arrested and his whereabouts is still unknown.