Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Bashir’s NCP returns to power in Sudan after recent coup: PCP


November 7, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The Popular Congress Party (PCP) on Sunday warned against the return of Al-Bashir’s party to power saying they seek to take advantage of al-Burhan’s coup.

The Islamist PCP, which was part of the ousted al-Bashir’s government held a press conference on Sunday in Khartoum to clarify its position on the current developments in the country following the military coup, the dissolution of transitional institutions and the declaration of a state of emergency in the country.

The PCP’s acting Secretary-General Party, Mohamed Badr al-Din, said that the dissolved National Congress Party (NCP) is taking advantage of the current conditions in the country to take control of the state apparatus again.

“The brothers in the National Congress must go back and wait until the elections. Also, they have to engage in self-evaluation as we did and explain to the Sudanese people the mistakes they have committed,” Badr al-Din said.

“Now we warn them, as they started secret moves aiming to take advantage of the conditions created by the corrective movement carried out by al-Burhan,” he said

“We tell them to go away,” he stressed.

Immediately after the coup, al-Burhan sacked the state governors, undersecretaries in the federal ministries, banks and public agencies directors.

Instead, he replaced them with the elements from the banned NCP of the ousted Omer al-Bashir giving the impression that he was rehabilitating the former regime.