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EU condemns crackdown on peaceful protests in Sudan

November 14, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The European Union condemned the crackdown on peaceful protesters and journalists that resulted in the death of five people on Saturday.

Despite the cut of the internet services, Sudanese took part in demonstrations supporting the restoration of the civilian-led democratic transition in Khartoum and the other states.

In response, the security forces fired tear gas and live ammunition to disperse the peaceful protests in Khartoum. Also, they stormed a hospital in Omdurman and beat medical staff at the emergency room before arresting several wounded people.

“The EU condemns in the strongest terms the violence perpetrated against peaceful civilian protestors on Saturday 13 November,” said the EU spokesperson for foreign policy on Sunday.

The European Union also expressed worry about the detention of journalists stressing that the freedom of expression, access to information and ability to communicate are part and parcel of the basic freedoms and universal human rights.

The Sudanese security forces arrested the chief of the Aljazeera bureau in Sudan El Musalmi El Kabbashi, after the wide coverage of the protests in Khartoum state by the Qatari TV channel.

“No reason has been given for his detention,” said Aljazeera.

The statement warned that the EU would hold Sudanese authorities accountable for violations of human rights and lack of protection of civilians, taking place in the country after the 25th October coup.

“The EU calls upon the military to return to the path of a fair and open dialogue with civilians, as they have done in August 2019, and which has brought the country back into the light from a very dark time,” said the statement.

The statement pointed to the setback in freedoms since the coup d’état stressed that would “have serious consequences for the support of the European Union”.

After the coup, the military reappointed the sacked Islamist officials. The speediness of their decision gave the impression that they had prepared these measures for a while.