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UN chief rebuffs threats of linking Beijing’s Olympics to Darfur crisis

June 1, 2007 (UNITED NATIONS) — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday highly praised China’s role in improving situation in Darfur, and rebuffed threats of linking Beijing’s Olympics to the Darfur crisis.

Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon
Ban told reporters at the UN Headquarters in New York that “this is separate issue” regarding to attempts of politicizing Beijing Olympic Games by some Western politicians.

The UN chief also expressed his appreciation towards the Chinese government for its continuous efforts to improve the situation in the African country.

“The Chinese government has been always exerting their utmost efforts,” he said. “As I understand, I appreciate it.”

Meanwhile, Ban noted that he has been discussing this matter with the Chinese government.

China recently appointed a special envoy to work on Darfur situation, and President Hu Jintao paid a visit last February, he said, adding that China has also sent high-level officials to discuss this matter with the Sudanese government.

He finally clearly confirmed China’s positive and helpful role in Darfur, saying he appreciates such a role played by the Chinese government.

Ban expressed his optimism towards the future of Darfur issue, stressing he has made some progress even though slow.

“There was an agreement to the second phase, heavy support package,” he said, adding that “now we are almost at the final stage of presenting our common and joint proposal to the Sudanese government.”

The secretary-general said he had a telephone talk with Sudanese President Bashir, and the president was committed to see early resolution of this issue.

He pointed out that the international community’s effort should be made in a reinforcing manner, and the whole international community should cooperate fully in addressing these issues so as to find early resolution on this matter.