Sunday, November 21, 2021

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Sudan’s FFC call for international investigation into bloody crackdown

November 18, 2021 (KHAROUM) – The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) coalition called for the formation of an international commission to investigate grave human rights violations by the military junta in Sudan after the recent bloody crackdown on protesters.

15 people were killed and more than 80 others were wounded with live ammunition. The security forces further stormed hospitals and homes to arrest protesters.

The FFC Central Council held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the political situation in the country following the brutal repression of the November 17 demonstrations, amid sporadic protests in the neighbourhoods and calls for civil disobedience.

In a statement released after the meeting, the coalition of the revolution forces appreciated the international support for the Sudanese people and called the formation of an international investigation committee into the crimes committed by the coup leaders from the beginning of the revolution in December 2018 until November 17.

Further, they called to refer the findings of this international commission and the would-be perpetrators to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The statement described the human rights violations that have taken place in Khartoum after the coup as “systematic crimes that amount to genocide and crimes against humanity”.

Observers say the security forces who were wearing civilian clothes and carrying automatic rifles did not only aim not at breaking up the demonstrations but also intimidating and humiliating people so that they would not go out again to the street.

The security forces besieged hospitals and stormed some of them to prevent the injured from reaching doctors, they also attacked homes in residential neighbourhoods to arrest suspected protesters.

However, the Sudanese police denied the use of fire against the demonstrators.

The police official spokesman stated on Wednesday that the security forces did not use bullets to disperse the protests. He added they recorded one death and formed a committee with the general prosecution to investigate injuries and deaths.

The constitutional declaration speaks about conducting transitional justice and accountability for crimes against humanity and war crimes. Also, it provides that the accused should be brought before national and international courts, in line with the constitutional principle of non-impunity.

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdouk formed a national committee to investigate the killing of sit-inners outside the General Command of the Sudanese army on June 3, 2019. But Nabil Adeeb’s committee did not announce the findings of the investigations two years after its formation.

The three no’s

The FFC coalition on Wednesday’s meeting reaffirmed the need to overthrow the October 25 coup and prosecute its perpetrators.

In another statement issued by the FFC Media Committee before the meeting, the coalition adopted the slogans of the demonstrators rejecting dialogue with the Military Council.

“No negotiation,  no partnership, or no legitimacy for these criminals”.

The statement said that the military component has proven its connection with the former regime adding it has reused its repressive tools as it has been “the real obstacle for implementing the goals of the revolution” during the past two years.

The political alliance after the military coup had called to reinstate Prime Minister Hamdok and his government before negotiating any reforms with the military component.