Sunday, November 21, 2021

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South Sudan calls for unified efforts in Sudanese political crisis


November 19, 2021 (JUBA) – South Sudan called for coordinated and unified efforts to help resolve a political crisis unfolding in neighbouring Sudan.

South Sudan, the African Union and the United Nations envoy to Sudan as well as Sudanese mediators are seeking to bring the Sudanese parties to strike a compromise ending the escalating violence in Khartoum.

According to a presidential aide in Juba, President Salva Kiir expressed concern at the lack of uncoordinated and unified efforts aimed at resolving differences in Sudan between the military and politicians opposed to their rule.

“We are still talking to them. We talk to them almost every day because we want them to resolve their differences amicably. The problem is that we do not know what the other actors tell them because these are not coordinated and unified efforts,” said the presidential adviser who was part of the South Sudanese delegation to Khartoum earlier this month.

“We do not want the negotiations which are running to drag on for a long time so that it does not give foreign influence an opportunity to derail and return Sudan to dark days. The Sudanese need peace and stability. They are always willing to talk and resolve their differences. They did that here in Juba and they made it,” said the adviser who attributed this statement to the president.

The South Sudan leader discussed the situation in Sudan with the African Union Special Representative for South Sudan and Head of the African Union Liaison Office in South Sudan (AULOSS), Joram Mukama Biswaro on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Kiir underscored the need to have a joint mediation stressing that coordinated efforts would ease tension and resolve the difference.

For his part, Presidential Affairs Minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin told the Sudan Tribune on Thursday that the African Union representative in the country commended the effort of President Kiir, adding that they also discussed a wide range of issues pertaining to the progress of the ongoing implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement and the security issues in the region.

“The meeting went well yesterday. It was cordial interaction. Ambassador Prof. Joram Mukama Biswaro had come to listen to His Excellency President Salva Kiir Mayardit on a wide-ranging issue in the region and the progress made so far with the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement,” said Benjamin.

The top presidential aide said trust between the two camps in the Sudanese crisis was clearly low, but common interests do exist and there is every reason to try now to build more effective political efforts to resolve a conflict that has left 39 protesters killed and over 150 people wounded since 25th October 2021.

Benjamin expressed external influence remains the major impeding factor hampering the progress of the political track.

President Salva Kiir “has a good vision to addressing this crisis in Sudan. He knows those involved in the crisis on both sides and has called on all external actors to desist from adversely influencing the parties concerned.”

He also warned that foreign powers have gained influence in the crisis. That is a cause for serious concern that must be fully recognized and acted upon, he added without specifying the countries to which he was alluding.

A political solution is a key to the stability of the region, he added.

Stressing the importance of an African‑owned and African‑led political process, Benjamin said his government was continuing the talks with both parties.

He called on the countries which have used the crisis to create mistrust in Sudan to learn from “ other failed and senseless wars over the past years” in the region.

It was purported that al-Burhan was encouraged by Egypt which is happy with his tough stance against Ethiopia. However, Cairo strongly dismissed the claim saying they stand at the same distance from all the parties.