Thursday, November 25, 2021

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43 people killed in fresh tribal clashes in West Darfur: OCHA

November 25, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – At least 43 people were killed during recent inter-communal clashes between cattle herders and farmers in the Jebel Moon area of West Darfur State, the UN OCHA said on Thursday.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said the armed conflict between Arab nomads and farmers from the Misseriya tribe in West Darfur’s Jebel Moon locality erupted on 17 November.

“Initial reports indicate that at least 43 people have been killed, 46 villages have been burned and looted, and an unknown number of people were injured due to ongoing fighting,” OCHA said.

In a report released on Thursday, the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors in West Darfur said the death toll reached 17 people besides 12 wounded based on reports from the grounds, Nyala Hospitals and the Military Hospital.

The UN report did not cite the cause of the clashes but during this period the shepherds cross Jebel Moon with their cattle heading south disputes with farmers occurs despite the existence of agreed paths.

“Crops, harvested food stocks, cattle and other livelihood assets have also been looted or burned. Several people are reportedly missing, including children,” added OCHA.

The report said that over 4,300 people have been directly affected and many of them fled the area.

The displaced took refuge in the Jebel Moon mountains, neighbouring villages of Kulbus locality, in Hashaba village of Kreinik locality, and in the Saraf Omra area of North Darfur State. Others have reportedly crossed the border into Chad from Hijleahjah village in Jebel Moon locality.

On 21 November, a high-level delegation led by the Sultan and including the Wali (Governor) of West Darfur, the Deputy Governor of Darfur, and representatives from the State Security Committee and the native administration from the locality visited some areas in Jebel Moon.


UNITAMS voices concern

For its part, the UNITAMS said “gravely concerned” about the rise of tribal violence in West Darfur, pointing that similar fighting recently took place in Tawila, Dar Es Salam and Sortoni, Kabkabiya localities of North Darfur.

The UN support mission welcomed the efforts taken by the local authorities and called on regional and national authorities to step-up efforts to de-escalate tensions, investigate the incidents, and take the necessary measures to prevent further violence.

“The persistent insecurity in Darfur underscores the need (…) to prioritize the protection of civilians in Darfur and (form) the Joint Security Keeping Forces and the provision of the National Plan for Protection of Civilians,” stressed the UNITMAS.