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South Sudan: Bona Malwal takes over the SPLA

By Sudan Today

Issue No V

July 12, 2007 — A tragedy of incalculable scale has befallen the people of Southern Sudan. Bona Malawal, the greatest traitor that Southern Sudan has ever known, has taken control of the SPLA in the person of Major General Dominic Dim, whom President Salva Kiir Mayardit has appointed as Minister for SPLA Affairs. The news of Dim’s appointment has sent a chilling wave across Southern Sudan in general and within SPLA’s rank and file in particular.

By appointing Dominic Dim, Salva Kiir Mayardit has proved that he has no regard for the precious blood of SPLA martyrs whose sacrifices brought the CPA. In plain language, Kiir has sold out the SPLA to its very enemies among whom Bona Malwal is the deadliest. The appointment marks the beginning of years of uncertainty and darkness for the people of Southern Sudan, Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile. So, who is Dominic Dim and what is his connection with Bona Malawal?

Dominic Dim Deng was absorbed to the Sudanese Armed Forces in 1972 and rose to the rank of a colonel before defecting to the SPLA in 1987 along with Colonel Salva Mathok who is now an SPLA general. Given his uncouth character and poor military skills, Dim could not succeed as a commander. He often showed a tendency to defect or conspire against the SPLA leadership. At a time when the enemy was defeating the SPLA and forced it to hole up in tiny hideouts in Eastern Equatoria, Dim quietly deserted the SPLA in 1992 and sought refuge in London, fully convinced that Southern Sudan had no future. He lived on the meager social benefits handed out to refugees by the British government. Steeped in politics of defeatism and sectionalism, Dim became a Bona Malwal henchman in London. They conspired together on how to stage a coup against Dr. John Garang, especially when Bona fell out with Garang after Bona’s slave redemption racket was uncovered and stopped. This was precisely the time when Bona embarked in a vicious plan to topple or kill John Garang with the active support of dimwit demons like Dominic Dim. Bona’s agitations for his followers in SPLA-controlled areas to “shoot John Garang in the head” are well-documented in his own Sudan Democratic Gazette.

When Bona nearly succeeded to topple Garang, using Salva in late 2004, “Demonic” Dim flew from London to Southern Sudan, assuming that the success of the conspiracy was guaranteed. His ill-talks against Garang are recorded in the minutes of the Rumbek meeting of December 2004.


When Bona fell out in recent months with President Salva, his advisors told him to keep a distance from the SPLM’s leader. They advised him to maintain influence on Salva through people like Justin Yac. But while Bona himself engaged in foul-mouthed talk against Salva, calling him a “simpleton and ranker who came to power by chance”, his secret agents around Salva continued to play the security scare music on the gullible ears of the GOSS President. Bona’s insiders managed to convince Salva that the SPLA is still a Garang’s army and that his own security would not be guaranteed if Garang’s appointees remain on top of the army. They finally succeeded to persuade him that the most loyal son of Gogrial who can ensure his security is Dominic Dim. Salva, being the simpleton that Bona described him to be, bought this cheap propaganda ploy and announced the appointment of Dominic Dim.

Now that his secret agents have succeeded to fool Salva, Bona is now celebrating the day. After Dim’s appointment, Bona slaughtered two bulls to mark the occasion in his house in Khartoum. He told the attendees that “Salva is now coming to his senses since he has appointed people like Dominic Dim”. For the benefit of those who do not know why Bona was angry with Salva, the two men disagreed over who should be the First Vice President. Bona was dying to become the First Vice President while Salva, in Bona’s opinion, should remain as the President of the Government of Southern Sudan. With the appointment of Dim, he is now excited because he feels only a few steps away from the First Vice Presidency.

According to a thorough and highly classified investigation conducted by the Sudan Today, Bona Malwal does not care about the security of Salva. His agenda in getting Dominic appointed as Minister of Defense is entirely different. It is a National Congress Party (NCP) agenda. Specifically, Bona’s agenda is to take over the SPLA by proxy and thus achieve two objectives: One is to assume leadership of Southern Sudan. Bona Malawal , to those who do not know, is the NCP-chosen candidate for Southern Sudan , and he believes that his only obstacle to leadership now is the SPLA. And now that the SPLA is taken over by his proxy, he has every reason to slaughter bulls. Second, a Bona leadership in Southern Sudan will provide protection to the killers of Dr. John Garang. The assassins of John Garang are nervous. They know that sooner or later the truth would be known. And when it is known, the SPLA will kill them. So, as a precautionary measure, the assassins are using tactics that are both amazing and daring. Our readers may recall that these assassins had the gut to murder the SPLA leader and come to his funeral to laugh at the mourners. It will also be recalled that they had the gut to put some of their schemers in the government and even around Salva.

Two years after their crime, the assassins are now showing an extraordinary gut to have killed Garang and use his son to protect themselves! By his son, we mean the SPLA.

As we all know, the father of the SPLA is John Garang. And the SPLA is the only non-biological son of John Garang.

Now, by taking over the SPLA through their proxy “Demonic” Dim, the killers of John Garang have spared their lives from a possible revenge. The next step in their agenda is to kill Garang’s vision and replace it with one dictated by their masters.


In all armies of the world, the Minister of Defense is the second most important military figure after the Commander-in-Chief, who is usually the President of the State. According to the plan, this dimwit Dim will exercise his powers to choose a new chief of staff. He will dismiss General Oyai Deng Ajak as simply as Robert Gates did with Richards Myers, a Donald Rumsfeld appointee. Oyai will be replaced by one of the current top five-man committee of the SPLA. This tactic will divide the SPLA and will subdue a possible protest within the SPLA rank and file. The five man committee will also be divided amongst themselves because the new man will quickly work to strengthen himself against the removed chief of staff. In this way, according to the plan, Dim and Salva will get away with the removal of the Chief of Staff. After some months, a National Islamic Front tactic of how the Sudanese Armed Forces was cleared of non-Islamic elements in 1990 will be applied. A new list of officers to be laid off will be issued and of course the most prominent SPLA officers will be transferred to civil administration. Some will even be made ministers in the states to keep their mouths shut. When the army is cleared, the new SPLA will be shaped and disciplined to the liking of Dim and Bona. It will never be the same SPLA that we know. One last point which Sudan Today would like to make about the SPLA’s five-man committee which Salva wants to remove is this: None of Sudan Today researchers, editors, contributors or sources, is connected to these men whatsoever. Indeed, Sudan Today thinks that they include two of the most corrupt elements in the SPLA. Nevertheless, there is one thing that can never be doubted about them: They are first rate patriots and warriors. They can never sell out the SPLA cheaply to its enemies. It is a shame that they are led by “Demonic” Dim.


The Bona-Dim military ploy will couple with the NCP political scenario for the Southern Sudan which Sudan Today has repeatedly exposed in its previous issues. Today, we repeat ourselves loudly and clearly that the NCP is determined to dismantle the CPA by destroying both the SPLA and the SPLM from within, using SPLM hired-guns, infiltrators, hijackers and traitors. We have said before that the NCP is planning a fresh round of war which will eventually prevent the democratic transformation in the North and Self-Determination in the South.

Today, we are pleased to inform our readers that Sudan Today views are shared by the wider global intelligence community. Even research centers and respected media outlets have come to share our view that war is imminent in Southern Sudan.

In a report titled “Sarkozy could lend Bush little backbone on Darfur”, Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times wrote on July 10th:

“In the last few months, Sudan’s government has given new arrivals (Arabs from Chad, Niger and other countries) citizenship papers and weapons, cementing in place the demographic consequences of its genocide. And if Sudan thinks it has gotten away with mass murder in Darfur, it is more likely to resume its war against Southern Sudan- which seems increasingly likely.”

So, there should be no doubt in anybody’s mind that war is imminent. According to our credible sources within the NCP as well as within the wider intelligence community, the party is happy with its on-going efforts to weaken the SPLM politically. They are reportedly happy that the CPA is being implemented in accordance with their wish, not as per the wish of the SPLM or the so-called international community. They are also happy with their efforts to install what they call an “acceptable” leadership in Southern Sudan. The most favored leaders that the NCP is working to impose on Southern Sudan are Bona Malwal, Lam Akol and Riek Gai. Bona’s leadership has now been boosted with the appointment of “Demonic” Dim. Bona now boasts to Bashir that he has a majority in Gogrial and Awiel , and now with Dim in charge of the SPLA , his ascendancy to the leadership of Southern is inevitable. On the other hand, Lam Akol’s stakes would rise when he announces his second split from the SPLA/M sometime after his removal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, as part of the plan, the NCP is infiltrating the SPLM through elements like Aldo Ajou, Dhieu Mathok and hundreds of others in the South and the North. When the time comes, these infiltrators would announce a split from within the SPLM. The party would then break up into many factions. One would be led by Lam Akol while the other would be led by Bona, Aldo in addition to many other SPLM hired-guns who are now in the pay rolls of the NCP. The third faction would be the mainstream SPLM. Riek Gai would join the race on the Nuer-militia ticket. Riek Gai, Gordon Kong and Gabriel Tang are now training over 10,000 Nuer militiamen at the historic SPLA training camp of Bilpam.

When confusion and chaos becomes the order of the day in Southern Sudan as per the NCP plan, Riek Gai forces will move to Southern Sudan to present a credible challenge on the question of leadership in Southern Sudan. The arrival of Nuer forces from Bilpam may even win the tribal sympathy of aspirant leaders like Dr. Riek Machar. Moreover, former militia forces that Salva foolishly accepted into the SPLA will be encouraged to defect from the SPLA and join a new Southern Sudan army, consisting of the forces of Bona Malwal, Lam Akol, Ismail Kony, Tom El Nour, Paulino Matip Clement Wani, Tang Ginya and Gordon Kong. Sudan Today strongly believes that every former militia will be a militia again. In this way, many new armies will emerge in Southern Sudan and whoever claims to be the original SPLA/M will be crushed. The Southern Sudan will have a new leadership and a new army!. Naturally, and as a result of this confusion and chaos, people will loose focus on the CPA and there will be no self-determination. The NCP will then be able to tell the world: “You see, there are many SPLM factions and many SPLA armies. Referendum will not be possible!”.

Finally, we challenge anybody to prove us wrong. And if anybody doubts this deadly scenario, then we challenge him to give us explanations as to why the Nuer militias of Riek Gai , Gordon Kong and Tang Ginya are flocking in thousands to Bilpam? Where do they get money, weapons and food?


Although many SPLM/A cadres, along with the entire population of Southern Sudan, Nuba Mountains, and Southern Blue Nile, were ready to accept Salva’s leadership because of his historical role in the movement, the man is knowingly or unknowingly making fatal mistakes which are impossible to tolerate. The sins committed by Salva against the SPLM’s struggle could be summarized as follows.

1-Salva is failing to defend the CPA. He is showing total disregard to sacrifices of millions of our people.

2-He is allowing the destruction of SPLM by the NCP. He has great disregard for the objectives for which the war was fought. Under Salva’s leadership, the NCP is sending its own hired-guns to the SPLM. The movement is now infested with infiltrators, hired-guns, traitors and hijackers. They are now steering the movement to its death.

3-The SPLA is being destroyed under his own watch. He has allowed thousands of militiamen into the SPLA while loyal SPLA soldiers have been thrown on streets. Moreover, he does no longer trust the SPLA. This is why he could not find a single trustworthy person within the SPLA ranks to be his minister of defense. Indeed, Salva has insulted the whole SPLA’s ranks and file by imposing a coward who left his brothers in the heat of the battles and ran away.

4-The greatest crime that Salva is committing is his current blunder to surrender the SPLA to a deadly enemy like Bona Malwal. The SPLA has been arming itself in complete secrecy but now these secrets will be in the hands of Bona Malwal. The legitimate question that we must now ask is: Is Bona a person that Southern Sudan can trust with its military secrets? Who has forgotten Bona’s recent history in Southern Sudan?

It is high time to think carefully about why every Southern Sudanese leader who disagrees with Bona meets his tragic death. In late 1960s, Bona quarreled with William Deng Nhial and that quarrel never ended until Deng was assassinated in mysterious circumstances in 1968. From late 1960s until 1971, Bona hated Joseph Garang, who was not his match by any intellectual standards, and again that quarrel never ended until Joseph Garang was slaughtered. From 1999 to 2005, Bona picked up enmity with John Garang. He publicly advocated Garang’s shooting and spent years traveling between Nairobi, Khartoum and Kampala. He never rested until he saw the coffin of John Garang laid to rest in Juba. Is this a person that the South can trust?

5- Nearly two billion dollars have been looted from Southern Sudan under Salva’s watch. As if that was not enough, Salva has allowed a thief called Garang Deng Aguer to choose a Minister of Finance for Southern Sudan. This appointment is to ensure that the looting of public money continues unabated. The new minister of Finance was chosen not by the SPLM as it should be but by only two persons: General Malong Awan and Garang Deng Aguer. If this is how things are done, then what future does Southern Sudan have under Salva Kiir?

6-Salva is encouraging deadly tribalism and nepotism which will only lead to infighting among Southerners.

These Salva’s SIX SINS must be redressed as urgently as possible. Salva must be faced by both the SPLM and SPLA. If he doesn’t change course and take remedial measures, including the immediate removal of Bona’s Demon Dim, then he should be removed peacefully or forcibly.

Sudan today is dossier for truth and transparency. It is complied by watchdogs in Juba and Khartoum. They can be reached at [email protected]