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Darfur Association in USA demands removal of African mediation


For Immediate Release

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September 18, 2007 — The Darfur Association in the United States of America had followed attentively and with a heavy heart the negotiations to resolve the conflict in Darfur under the African Union’s ineffective political guiles and witnessed how that esteemed organization lost prestige and influence by being an organization of governments rather than being a focused organization for the African people.

During the seventh round of Abuja talks, the AU appeared to be no more effective than a puppet in the hands of the government of Sudan, in light of the blatant encouragement and influence of Mr. Alpha Omer Konare, and Mr. Salem Ahmed Salem and other leaders of Arab origins whose priority appeared to be the implementation of the agenda of the Sudan government and its Janjaweed henchmen, while acting under the mask of the AU. This factor is clearly underscored by the fact that most, if not all, of the negotiated items between the parties in Abuja were not even included in the purported agreement, and no acknowledged concessions made by the GOS were included or even alluded to in the final wording of the so-called “Abuja Agreement.” It is further worth noting that it was the AU that required and sometimes demanded the participation of the Janjaweed in any and all negotiations with the Government, under the cover name of other constituencies. The AU is providing sufficient time and latitude for the GOS to resettle “newcomers” of Arab origin into the land of the indigenous Darfurian people. To date, considerable numbers of outsiders have relocated to and settled in the lands of the indigenous Darfurian people and the refugees from the conflicts.

We, The Darfur Association in the United States of America, with and by virtue of our diverse ethnicities, are united and speak with one voice to bring the plight of the Darfurian people, and the resultant trampling of their rights, freedoms and human rights, to the attention of a neutral and non-partisan body as Mediator. In light of this proposition, we earnestly recommend of the international that the following factors and considerations be met prior to any negotiations being instituted or implemented with the Government of Sudan:

1. Arrange for the depositions of , Mr. Alpha Omer Konare Mr. Salem Ahmed Salemas representatives to the AU dealing with the situation in the region of Darfur, and more particularly with reference to the resulting complete fiasco in talks and efforts in resolving the matters at hand arising from their partiality to, bias for and even collaboration with the Government of Sudan, and to further investigate any ties, links or questionable connections, whether overt or covert, they may have with Sudan government.

2. Reject the continued AU mediation and custodianship of any and all peace negotiations for the region, due to the blatant misuse of their role as neutral mediator in the process, and replace the AU with a transparent and accountable mediator organization for a truly open, unbiased and non-partisan and non-sectarian approach.

3. Establish the United Nations in the role as Mediator of all issues dealing with the region of Darfur, with a realistic goal of achieving a real and lasting peace to Darfur and its people, thus guaranteeing the best opportunity for the concerns and issues to be considered by neutral minds and interests.

4. Establish and provide for the injection of powerful and influential international participation, especially from the European Union and the United States, which we consider essential to the ending of the humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

5. Rejection of the Abuja Agreement and the other few selective agreements ostensibly designed to assist, but which have effectively debilitated the just cause and concern of Darfur.

6. Implement an immediate and unconditional ceasefire on the ground in Darfur, and full commitment to and implementation of the N’djamena ceasefire Agreement of 2004.

7. Immediately implement the UNSC Resolution 1769 on the hybrid forces to ensure the safety and protection of civilians and the ultimate end to untold human suffering and intimidation.

8. Implement an effective monitoring of a ‘no-fly zone” in Darfur.

9. Immediately disarm the Janjaweed and other government or non-government rogue militias.

10. Remove the so-called “newcomers” or Arab settlers from the lands of the Darfurian people, especially, but not limited to, the region of Hawakeir.

11. Immediately open of all humanitarian corridors for relief efforts, deliveries of food, provisions, medical supplies and other relief aid, without any preconditions or limitations.

Because of our deep belief and conviction that these demands are just and proper, we urgently and fervently demand that these considerations be addressed prior to any further viable negotiations with the Government of Sudan. It is with our sincere thanks and appreciation that the courtesy of your consideration be received.

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