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China urges swift resolution of Darfur crisis

September 22, 2007 (UNITED NATIONS) — Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Zhai Jun called for efforts to speed up of the Darfur political process in Sudan in order to achieve comprehensive and lasting peace in the region the official Xinhua reported.

Zhai Jun expounded on China’s principled stand and the efforts it made on the Darfur issue in his speech at the second high-level consultation on Darfur held at the UN Headquarters in New York this afternoon.

The Chinese official emphasized the need to continue to bring into play the role of the tripartite mechanism of the United Nations, the African Union (AU) and the Sudanese government as the main channel, decide through dialogue and consultation on an equal footing details regarding the implementation of the Hybrid Operation, ensure that peacekeeping operations can be implemented comprehensively and smoothly as soon as possible, and accelerate the political process.

“This is an important basis for achieving comprehensive and lasting peace in Darfur and is conducive to the smooth deployment of the hybrid force. The United Nations and the AU should play a leading role and actively and firmly press on with the roadmap for the political process.” He said

Zhai Jun further said “The parties concerned should urge the Sudanese government and the opposition to reach a comprehensive peace agreement for Darfur through consultations on the basis of the Darfur peace agreement as soon as possible. The international community should provide more humanitarian and development assistance to Darfur to help the local people rebuild their homeland and develop the economy.”

He also pointed out “The Chinese government is very concerned about the Darfur issue and has made unremitting efforts towards the proper solution of the issue. It has provided humanitarian relief and donations to Darfur and the African Union special missions, and has resolved to dispatch multipurpose engineering detachments to Darfur to take part in peacekeeping operations. Chinese enterprises have sunk 46 wells in Darfur and started building large water-supply projects to ease the shortage of drinking water for the local people and promote the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. Chinese establishments in Sudan donated teaching facilities to schools and institutions in Darfur in support of its education. China will continue to play an active and constructive role on the Darfur issue and will, together with the international community, strive to achieve peace, stability and development in Darfur at an early date.”

The second high-level consultation on Sudan’s Darfur crisis was co-chaired by Ban Ki-Moon, secretary general of the United Nations, and Alpha Oumar Konare, chairperson of the AU Commission, and attended by representatives from 26 countries, the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union, the League of Arab States and other international organizations.

The meeting discussed the Darfur political process, peacekeeping operations in Darfur, the security situation, the humanitarian situation, reconstruction and development, and other issues.

(Xinhua in Chinese; translated by the BBCMS)