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Sudan’s Sovereign Council directs to investigate excessive use of violence in mass protests

December 31, 2021 (KHARTOUM) – The Sovereign Council in Sudan directed to investigate brutal violence on protesters and hold accountable the security forces responsible for abuses committed on December 30.

In a statement released on Friday evening, the Sovereign Council condemned the excessive use of violence that led to the killing of four peaceful protesters on Thursday.

“The council directs the competent authorities to take all necessary legal and military measures to deal with these incidents so that they do not recur, and the perpetrators do not escape punishment,” says the statement.

The Council further stressed that the right to peaceful demonstration is a fundamental right brought about by the glorious Revolution of December 2018.

A member of the Sovereign Council, Hadi Idris earlier, on Friday, told the Sudan Tribune that he was concerned about the excessive use of violence against protesters. He further called to hold accountable the security officers responsible for these grave violations.

Also, another member of the Sovereign Council and one of those al-Burhan appointed after the coup, Abdel Bagui Abdel Gadir wrote a letter of resignation from the collegial presidency to protest the unjustified violence on the protesters.

“I submit my resignation to express my categorical rejection of the extreme and unjustified violence against the peaceful demonstrators,” reads the letter seen by the Sudan Tribune.

In a speech to mark the new year, Gen al-Burhan, Head of the Sovereign Council called for national consensus and dialogue to overcome the “difficult situation that our country is going through”.

“We reiterate our commitment to protecting the country from slipping into chaos and devastation,” he said.

He added that he would keep working to preserve the transitional period and ensure its success, continue the peace process, build the institutions of transitional governance and organize free, fair and transparent elections right on time, as he said.

Al-Burhan refused to hand over the chairmanship of the Sovereign Council to a civilian leader, breaching the constitutional declaration of  August 17, 2019.

For his part, Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok had to deliver a New Year’s speech to the nation but cancelled it.