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Protest against alienation of the Ruweng in Western Upper Nile

Open letter to the Western Upper Nile Governor: Taban Deng Gai


Ruweng Biemnom Association (RBA)

In Diaspora, USA, Canada and Australia

Offices of the Chairmen Lal Miabil Achuil

And Chol Manyror Laguar

To: Open letter

The Western Upper Nile Governor,

Honourable Taban Deng Gai

CC: To: The first vice president and GOSS president

Lt General Salva Kiir Mayardit

The GOSS Vice President: Dr Riek Machar Teny

Biemnom County Commissioner

Anthony Gal Deng

MP Zakeria Bol Deng Kot

Ruweng Head Chiefs Bol Mayik Deng and Miyom Ayii

Biemnom Students Association

Ruweng Intellectuals

Ruweng women Association

RuwengYouth Association

Subject: Letter of protest against continuing alienation of

The Ruweng people in Western Upper Nile State

We the Ruweng people in Diaspora are more than grateful to salute you with all the State Ministers, Commissioners, Soldiers, police, Teachers, Chiefs and women who work day and night serving our wounded heroes, widows and Orphans of our fallen heroes. Ruweng Biemnom Association (RBA) appreciated your hard work and many thanks for keeping the Western Upper Nile State well secured.

The Ruweng Biemnom Association (RBA) saluted his Excellency, first vice president and President of Government of Southern Sudan Lt General Salva Kiir Mayardit, with his vice president, his Excellency Dr Riek Machar Teny and all the GOSS Ministries and our gallant forces for being vigilant to protect the CPA.

Annexation of oils rich areas of Ngol de Ruweng to Abyei (Southern Kordofan)

There is no doubt that our fruitful movement which restored the hope of Southern Sudanese with the expectation that there must be equality within the South and other marginalized areas after long struggle, have marginalized the Ruweng people during Naivasha peace agreement. During the CPA, all the areas of Ngol de Ruweng have been annexed to Abyei. The Western Upper Nile high ranking official in Naivasha peace talk was Dr Riek Machar; and he failed to inform the peace mediators that the Ruweng people in Western Upper Nile have border with Ngok and Baggara in Northern Unity State. Therefore, Ngok officials who were in Naivasha peace talk got a window of opportunity to gain the oil rich areas of Ngol de Ruweng. Ngok drew a new map which borders them with Parieng County and they wiped out Biemnom County’s map between Parieng and Abyei. In Abyei border demarcation report, all the areas of Ngol de Ruweng, starting from Ngol Aliny (Hegilig), Dakjur, Paruudeng, Abangwuot and other areas of Ngol de Ruweng were annexed to Abyei (Southern Kordofan). Currently, the oil in Aliny (Hegilig) Abangwuot, Dakjur and Parudeng belong to Ngok (Southern Kordofan) and Western Upper Nile Governor is reluctant to ask Ngok (Southern Kordofan) to leave the areas of Ngol de Ruweng.

Marginalization of the Ruweng people in Western Upper Nile

The Rwueng city of Biemnom was the first city which the Arabs started the devastation of Southern Territories bordering with the North in 1980s. Ruweng lost more than 200 people in Biemnom tragedy of 1983; the Ruweng Chief Kamilo Kuot kur Kuot was beheaded by Arab, many villages were burnt as starting point of the Arab to depopulate the Ruweng on oilfields. The incident was occurred because Bentiu Commissioner withdrew the armed forces which were deployed in Biemnom to Mayom. We knew that Bentiu Administration was under Khartoum Government, and therefore, Ruweng did not blame Bentiu Commissioner.

Ruweng realized alienation in Western Upper Nile since 1986, when the son of Bentiu Dr Riek Machar was sent to Bentiu with enormous army to protect his people in Western Upper Nile and failed to send a single task force to Biemnom. Another alienation which alarms the Ruweng people was the exclusion of the Ruweng in the CPA, which resulted in annexation of the oil rich areas of Aliny (Hegilig), Abangwuot and Paruudeng included rest of Ngol areas between Biemnom and Panrieng. In this perspective, the objective of war, as it was to maintain our land, freedom and equality did not covered the Western Upper Nile’s Ruweng territories. The Ruweng people were excluded in the CPA; the SPLM was capable to claim Abyei back from the North and failed to claim the Western Upper Nile’s Ruweng oil rich territories of Aliny (Hegilig) Abangwuot, Dakjur, Abangwuot and Pawol in Naivasha peace talk.

You’re Excellency, Mr Governor,

We the Ruweng people are outrage and shocked about this growing inequality in Western Upper Nile State, that continuing alienation make the State Government reluctant to strongly claim Ngol de Ruweng back from Abyei and Baggara of Southern Kordofan.

When the GOSS appointed you as a Governor of Unity State, we were hopping that your State Government will be the government of the people, by the people and for the people of Western Upper Nile that would make a change and promote equality in Western Upper Nile State. However, the Unity State is still continuing its neglecting of the Ruweng people as the State Government reluctant to ask Abyei and Baggara of Southern Kordofan) for the immediate withdrawal in Ngol de Ruweng areas. This alienation becomes a chance for Baggara and Ngok as they are scrambling over the oil rich of Ngol Aliny, Dakjur, Abangwuot, Paruudeng, and rest of Ngol areas. Ruweng understood that, neither Ngok nor Ruweng have a power to claim back the areas which have been annexed to the North, it is only the Movement that we both lost our beloved heroes that has ability to claim both areas without favouring neither side.


Ruweng Biemnom Association (RBA), have vigorously rejected the allegation that allow Ngok and Baggara to claim Ngol de Ruweng, and allegation that would permitted the later boundary demarcation between Ruweng and Abyei (Southern Kordofan), unless there is a law in Juba that favour the Community with high ranking officials like Abyei.

It is a time for the Ruweng people to address the State about this continuing alienation because; we can not endure living under these series interminable alienation where the right and privileges of citizens are not being respected in the State. The Unity State’s reluctant to claim Ngol is a sign of alienation; because the State Government is unable to protect the Ruweng land which is part of the State’s oil rich territories.

We can not allow our oil territories to be annexed to the North because we lost half of our population about that oil. The Ruweng Chief, Kamilo Kuot Kur sacrificed himself to be slaughtered in Biemnom tragedy of 1983, by the Arab whose tactic was to depopulated the Ruweng people on oilfields. Chief Kamilo was refused to leave Biemnom to Baggara as he was slaughtered with his over 200 Ruweng innocents’ civilians. If the oil areas of Hegilig, Abangwuot, Dakjur, Manajonga and Paruudeng belong to Abyei, why the government did not depopulate them like what happened in Western Upper Nile, particularly in Biemnom?

Ruweng will appeal to the GOSS, Human Right and to all the CPA partners for the re-demarcation of boundary between Western Upper Nile’s Ruweng territory and Abyei (Southern Kordofan).

We the Ruweng people are demanding a fair and justice border demarcation between the Ruweng and Ngok, before the completion of the implementation of Abyei boundary demarcation.

Ruweng Biemnom Association RBA, would highly appreciate the reply from Western Upper Nile Governor, his Excellency Taban Deng Gai

GOSS Oyeeee

SPLM Oyeeeee

Unity State Oyeeee

Ruweng Oyeeee

Long live SPLM

The under signed are the executives and members of the Ruweng Biemnom Association (RBA)

Lal Miabil Achuil, RBA Chairman in North America


Mayiik de Nyok

103-4847 Dalton Dr NW

Calgary AB

T3A 2G7

Cell 403-305-1087

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Gabriel Chol Manyror Laguar, RBA Chairman in Australia

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