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Salva Kiir is welcomed in Cairo by Sudanese gangs

By Roba Gibia

February 10, 2008 (CAIRO) — At the eve of First Vice President of the Sudan and President of the Government of Southern Sudan’s visit to Cairo, the lost and out-laws boys known as Sudanese Gangs in Cairo, intensified their horrific activities in various parts of Cairo since beginning of this month, especially in Ain Shams, Heliopolis and El Maadi.

Salva Kiir Mayardit
Salva Kiir Mayardit
Salva Kiir Mayadrit’s visit to Cairo has been delayed twenty four hours from Monday to Tuesday. Salva Kiir will talk with the Egyptian officials on the southern Sudan reconstruction and issues related to the Sudan’s peace implementation besides Darfur peace process.

Motivated by the rumors that the Egyptian security will round up all the Sudanese gangs before the arrival of Salva Kiir to Cairo, the lost and out-laws boys started their horrific activities by attacking their victims in the flats and vowed that they will slaughter great number of south Sudanese prior to Salva Kiir’s arrival. Thus, many have been chopped in Ain Shams and Heliopolis, beside that they smashed several Egyptian cars in Heliopolis and El Maadi.

The worse of this event took place in El Maadi on February 8, 2008 at street 70 where these gangs attacked their fellow south Sudanese in flats, and smashed dozens of the cars. The police security started arresting south Sudanese in the area (street 70) by collecting them from their flats, and rounded up great number of people, but the real wrongdoers remain at large.

This act and behavior of south Sudanese gangs has caused great damage to the innocent Southerners who are living at street 70, as even the Egyptians have become suspicious of all south Sudanese. For the past couple of days, during the night the street 70 and Hassanein Doshouky were deserted except Egyptians on coffee shops.

If any Sudanese goes to buy at grocery, he will be questioned by the grocery owner as what you want, this implies that the tension and resentment against south Sudanese started surfacing particularly after injuring Egyptian lady trying to protect her car from being smashed in EL Maadi at street 70.

At the lieu of that, the south Sudanese in Cairo have acquired unique characters and have resorted in using and hiring lost and out-laws gangs is resolving their personal differences, that is the Sudanese gangs are being supported and encouraged by their own community. Most of the south Sudanese families have got their sons and daughters either with lost boys or out-laws boys.

The south Sudanese youngsters are obliged to join either of the groups as self protection, and these two groups are antagonistic to each other and each has got its territory. As south Sudanese child to walk free in Cairo you have to be member of one of these groups, but yet being a member you are not free to walk in other areas which belong to other opposing group, if you did, you are at risk.

The out-law boy’s territory are mainly Ain Shams and Nasr city and lost boy’s territory are El Maadi and Abbasia. These two antagonistic groups have got their own security apparatus in monitoring the movements of the other group, and even in monitoring their victim’s movements. The odd phenomena here is that the parents are normally defending their sons, saying that they have to defend themselves against the other group and it is their right to poses machetes and knives. One may wonder from where these groups get their source of money! There are many ways of getting their resources which are through looting, theft and attacking their victims in the flats in which they normally rob the entire content of the flat from television, computers and other valuable items.

Therefore, these Sudanese gangs are trying to challenge the Governments of Sudan, South and Egypt and are trying to display and welcome the FV President Salva Kiir Mayardit by saying that here we are, and sound. Salva Kiir is expected to meet with the Sudanese community leaders. It is expected that the issue of lost and out-laws boys is going to dominate community leaders’ meeting with GoSS President besides the voluntary repatriation program and infiltration to Israel.