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Sudan’s speaker hails military cooperation with Iran

March 5, 2008 (KHARTOUM) — Sudan’s National Assembly Speaker on Wednesday in meeting with visiting Iranian Defense Minister welcomed broadening Sudan’s defence cooperation with Iran, considering it at the service of greater regional peace and stability.

Ahmed Ibrahim al-Taher
Ahmed Ibrahim al-Taher
Ahmed Ibrahim al-Taher told the Iranian Defence Minister Brigadier General Mustafa Mohamed-Najjar, “Crisis making and intriguing disintegration tendencies in sovereign countries by the hegemonic powers is not exclusively observed in the Middle East, since the United States and its notorious allies practice warmongering policies in Africa, too.”

He further added, “They disturb regional security here constantly and promote disintegration tendencies, but of course thanks to the alertness of the African governments and nations, their plots and intrigues have yielded no fruits for them thus far.” The official IRNA reported.

The Sudanese Parliament Speaker voiced support for Iran’s insistence for taking advantage of the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, condemning the pressure impose by global arrogance against Iran resorting to that excuse.

The Iranian minister, also, during the meeting reiterated, “The trend of Iran-Sudan defence ties and cooperation is very satisfactory and their dimensions are bilateral, regional and international today.”

He added, “Such a broad defence cooperation is the manifestation of the strong political will of the two countries’ leaders for the expansion of comprehensive bilateral brotherly ties.”

Najjar said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran considers no limits for broadening ties with Sudan.”

He further said, “During the course of the past ten years the defence cooperation between Iran and Sudan has served as a trustworthy and dependable ring in the strong chain of the two countries’ brotherly ties.”

Najjar at the end appreciated the Sudanese Parliament Speaker for Khartoum Government’s strong support for Iran’s peaceful nuclear program at international societies.