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Sudan’s NCP condemns South Sudan reserves over census results

April 16, 2008 (KHARTOUM) — The northern Sudan ruling party slammed Southern Sudan government position on the implementation of Sudan’s fifth census saying it reflects southern Sudan ruling party divisions.

Kamal Obeid
Kamal Obeid
South Sudan cabinet said Wednesday that refugee repatriation, cash-flow problems and logistic headaches have dogged preparations for the repeatedly delayed census. It also pointed out that the results of population count might not be viable tools for power and wealth sharing, and it has the right to reject it.

The Information Secretariat official in the NCP, Kamal Obeid, criticised the reserves expressed by the southern Sudan cabinet saying it shows the size of the internal divisions within the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement.

He also said GoSS attitude demonstrates the lack of institutionalisation in the SPLM.

Obeid, who is also the state minister of information, further added that the SPLM has no consideration for its leader Salva Kiir Mayadrit or respect for his commitments during last week meeting of the Sudanese presidency.

Following the postponement of the census process by South Sudan government the presidency agreed to conduct the enumeration process on Tuesday April 22 instead of April 15.

He further said the SPLM alone bears the responsibility of aborting the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Adding “Sudanese people have every record in history will not forgive them what remained of the mistakes committed by the SPLM in the future and do not care about, and that the day will come when the people call it all.”