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Rebel JEM confiscates vehicles of splinter group in Darfur

April 21, 2008 (LONDON) — Darfur rebel Justice and Equality Movement retrieved six armed vehicles from a splinter group led by Abdalla Bandain North Darfur, April 17th 2008, the group announced.

An_armoured_column.jpgAbdalla Banda Abbaker was relieved from his position as Commander General of JEM Forces on July 1, 2007. He was accused of tribal nepotism. Further, Bahar Idriss Abu Garda another JEM veteran was sacked from his position as Secretary of Western command at the end of September last year.

Both Banda and Abu Garda formed a faction called JEM Collective Leadership which participated in Sirte peace talks to end Darfur crisis, in October 2007.

“JEM will not allow anybody to use its name in Darfur, let away drag it into banditry and disrepute. The Banda affair sends a strong message that unauthorised use of JEM’s name or logo will not be tolerated.” JEM militray spokesperson Ali Wafi said.

The rebel JEM urged the former members of movement to return to their mother organisation in line with the resolution of the JEM General Congress in October 2007 which decided to amnesty splinter groups.


During a meeting with UN and AU envoy for Darfur, JEM delegation pointed out that the proliferation of rebel movements threatening to become a problem in Darfur. JEM pledged “to address this chaos and protect civilians and international organisations by all means.” Said Ahmed Hussein Adam, JEM spokesperson.

In this regard, JEM told the two envoys last Saturday that they would not sit with the mediation in the presence of any other movement. It further advised saying “The best for the mediation to settle the issue with them before sitting with Justice and Equality Movement”.

However JEM underlined that it would not negotiate with the Sudanese government alone demanding the presence of an international mediation.