Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Hemetti vows to resist those who cling to power refusing civilian government

Hemetti speaks to his troops at Karari military base in northern Omdurman on March 7, 2023

RSF commander Hemetti speaks to his troops at Karari military base in northern Omdurman on March 7, 2023

March 7, 2023 (KHARTOUM) – Mohamed Hamdan Daglo aka “Hemetti” Deputy Head of the Sovereign Council, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), said they have no dispute with the army, but rather with those who cling to power.

Last February, tensions flared between Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and army commanders from one side and Hemetti on the other side over the implementation of the Political Framework Agreements.

The UAE intervened to de-escalate verbal attacks and sent its state minister for foreign affairs to discuss the rift between the two men. Following what the RSF commander returned from Abu Dhabi and resumed his activities from his residence in Khartoum.

Speaking to his troops in a military base in the Karari area north of Khartoum on Tuesday, Hemetti said reiterated his verbal attacks against the army leaders and called to distinguish between it and the military who use it to cling to power.

“There is a problem between those who hold on to power and those who want to hand it over to a civilian government. This is the point of contention. We said, with all our will, that power to be handed over to a full-fledged civilian government,” he said.

He further called on his troops to avoid any disagreement with their brothers in the army and other regular forces.

“If they slap you on this cheek turn the other one,” he stressed.

Also, he advised his troops to disregard rumours.

Al-Burhan and several army general members of the Sovereign Council did not appreciate Hemetti support for the implementation of the framework agreement with the agreed signatories.

His “indiscipline” foiled their plans to add more political forces supporting their vision for the transition.

Al-Burhan believes that major democratic changes and al-Bashir handover to international justice among others should be enacted by an elected government.

Hemetti who turned to an apostle of democracy stressed that he would stand against anyone who “wants to rule the country and erect himself as a dictator”.

“We have lost over 60 years and we will not go back again. We will bring democracy that will allow you to take a rest. Democracy is consultation, justice and equality among all citizens in Sudan, not chaos.”

He further said the international community rejects to support Sudan before the power hand over to a civilian government.

“This is what said the Gulf states, the European Union and all the other countries,” he said.