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Sudan should treat rebels as prisoners of war – Pagan

June 22, 2008 (KHARTUM) — The Secretary General of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) said government has to treat as prisoners of war (POWs), people arrested after the attack carried by the Justice and Equality Movement on the capital on May 10.

Pagan Amum
Pagan Amum
Pagan Amum, who is also the cabinet affairs minister, said JEM rebels who participated in Omdurman attack should be treated as POWs. He added that the government accordingly has to implement the international law on prisoners of war.

The SPLM Secretary General further asked that their future have to be tied to the end of war in Darfur and the resolution of conflict.

Sudan formed special courts to try rebels arrested after JEM attack. Prosecutors accused the defendants of conspiring against the constitution, waging war against the state and terrorizing civilians. They face the death penalty if convicted.

Sudanese Justice Minister also announced that he will ask Interpol to arrest 20 Darfur rebel leaders accused of involvement in the foiled attack on the capital.

Pagan said that the SPLM during the war had always treated the captured soldiers as POWs who are released following the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

He underlined that these people have a political difference in the first place.

Since the foiled coup, right groups published reports about arbitrary detention of people from Darfur in Khartoum State, cruel treatment and torture.