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Mediators and Darfur peace process

By Abdelgabar Mahmoud Dosa

February 18, 2009 — It is an opportunity to express my gratitude to all efforts provided by every single person in the Globe towards finding a just comprehensive and sustainable resolution to the Sudanese Conflict on Darfur. But in order for the good faith and mutual interest shown by the Mediation and partners to succeed, facts must be determined and considered. Inspiring the future becomes a driving energy by recalling and respecting the past.

The Peace Agreement (DPA) signed on may 5th 2006, in Abuja-Nigeria between the National Congress Party (NCP) led Government of National Unity GNU) and the Sudan Liberation Movement Army (SLM/A) led by Mr. Minni Minnawi under the auspice of the African Union (AU) and the International Community represented by what is called Abuja Partners, a campaign of the UN, EU, ARAB L, and the super powers, as well as the neighboring Countries, that Agreement after almost three years of period passed, achieved only 8% implementation record. SLM/A burdens the whole responsibility to the (GUN) as being unlikely intending to show any mutual political will or commit to its Obligations. The aim for that Accord to stop Bloodshed and preserve peace and security in the Region dispersed.

Throughout the last three years, a wholly realization to the fact that winning a single signature from one Movement among the three Movements conducted negotiations in Abuja didn’t preserve peace in the Region, although that Movement was far powerful than any one now. The reason is that the Mediation and Partners perception concluded that military power is a dominant successful element and went in imposing an Agreement based on that; later facts proved that perception was wrong, military power is an important element but not the dominant one, although I myself have warned all off during my final statement on April 30th when I addressed the plenary with the final reservations and position on behalf of the Movements about the Document submitted.

Recalling the approach of the Mediation in consulting the Movements, I realize that they committed a vital mistake reproducing the failure by considering military power as a dominant element and criteria to invite participants to attend Talks in Doha. I wonder whether the Mediation is genuinely intending to achieve success by excluding some Movements and discarding lessons learned from previous experience.

Instead of persuading the SLM/A led by Mr. Minni Minnawi for its courageous peace step taken and consider it as a sole consultant and partner, the Mediation attitude was total elide and complete neglecting from all consultation processes and negotiation participation, it is in fact a premature intention to abolish Abuja Agreement and obliterate the Declaration of Principles signed on July 5th upon which all the Movements have agreed, a step to send the SLM/A into quite death at dark. The GNU from the other side is taking the whole process as to pass time by replacing a Movement with another.

The Joint Mediation and Qatar are reproducing the Failure by excluding others, conducting a bilateral negotiations and labeling it as an inclusive Forum. I believe that by attending the Talks in any Form you are materializing confidence building, no agreement is needed for that, it could be considered as a compliment Agreement for Qatar, no doubt it deserve it at least for having declared intentions and hosting the Talks.

Bassole said on the sidelines of the recent African Union summit in Addis Ababa that “the (rebel groups) are divided. My duty is to call on all of parties to be united to start the mediation process,” the success of Bassole’s mission starts by putting his sayings into action, by working with the Movements to enable them to come united although it is the Movement’s first responsibility, he should never give up he should never send persuading messages to any part as the process could start with him alone, while both the Mediator and every single person in the Movements realize that no partial resolution will generate sustainable peace. Our priority is peace; a peace step is better than none, and we have had that step in Abuja, but a peace leap is best that is what was expected from the Mediation in Doha if it considered lessons learned.

We are all recking a process to reach a just, comprehensive and sustainable peace and security in Darfur, let me recommend and counsel the Joint Mediation led by Mr. Djibril Bassole and the hosting State (Qatar) to remind and refit facts for a more inclusive consultation process for a better future inspiration based on a determined wise respect to the lessons learned from the very near past to achieve peace that help make Sudan with its diversities integrated to form a country that respects human rights, co-operate with the International Community in preserving regional peace and Security, resume fair elections and exercise peaceful political power alternating and a sustainable democratic State.

The author is Secretary of Political Affairs and Chief Negotiator, for the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) led by Minni Minnawi.

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