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Sudanese opposition leader Al-Turabi tells Eritrean television he fears arrest

ASMARA, March 30, 2004 (Sudan Tribune) — The secretary-general of the opposition Popular Congress, Hasan al-Turabi, has said Sudanese security officials have intensified their detention of army and opposition members, adding that: They will not spare me either.

In a statement he gave to the Eritrean television today, al-Turabi said security officials of the Sudanese regime had since yesterday morning arrested, transferred and harassed many army officers who hail form western Sudan.

He further added the security forces were still hunting individuals they alleged had link with yesterday’s coup attempt.

Al-Turabi further said the security forces also went to his residential house and asked for the whereabouts of his son. He said the Khartoum regime was taking such actions to run away from the ongoing peace talks in Naivasha, Kenya, because it was facing pressure from the international community to complete the talks.

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