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Reconciliation does not materialize between Bari and Mundari

By Isaac Vuni

May 13, 2009 (JUBA) — Despite great enthusiasm on Monday put toward the promised reconciliation between Bari and Mundari at Nyakuroni Centre in Juba, it turned out that many Bari community leaders boycotted the meeting and clashes followed Tuesday.

Mundari fighters, as reported by Bari sources in Juba on Tuesday, have attacked more Bari villages. Heavy gunfire could be heard in Juba coming from the direction of Bari small island called Mangakora near Mongalla-Bor road. More Bari civilians were seen again fleeing to Juba town.

Monsignor Consantino Pitya, a veteran of the Anyanya I movement begun in 1955 and a son of southern Bari, said up to five children were taken from Bari of Aru on Monday by suspected Dinka now occupying Bari land as insecurity escalates in the area surrounding Juba, the capital of southern Sudan.

One of the southern Bari children had epilepsy and fainted while being forcefully dragged by Dinka raiders who were thus compelled to leave him behind. The other three children were taken from Aru of Lolubo areas and their whereabouts is not yet known.

Monsignor Pitya emphasized that southerners must always remember that the south is their home given to by God to live in, work in, and pass it on to their children. Therefore, all must respect each other and work towards building a united and prosperous south guided by principle of justice and respect to human rights and rule of laws.

He added that every community has the right to be listened to and allowed to determine their political destiny through sincere constructive criticism from friends.

According to the UK-based SPLM Patriotic organization headed by Azande community leader Charles Kisanga, some reports suggest that some Bari civilians are now disillusioned with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and are seeking ways to take steamers up the Nile in order to go to displaced camps in Khartoum because they cannot have peace in Jebel Lado. Others were kicked out of Juba when their homes were demolished, making them go to the villages which are now under attack and hence they have nowhere to go after these incidents except run to the North like during the 1980s.

Other Bari during the war had fled south to Uganda and were recently repatriated UNHCR who only gave them dry food rations for three months, which are now finished as they are left with nothing other than to face hunger.

“The displaced Bari civilians seem to talk more positively about Khartoum giving them the security and shelter they need and they say they will even vote for unity because SPLM/GoSS have failed as a government for the people and it is only a government for selfish people to make money without caring about service and security for the people,” said Kisanga.

One Bari man fleeing the violence said he had escaped an attack by Mundari fighters Tuesday morning by taking his private boat from the island of Mangakora. Asked whether he, as a Bari civilian supported the current peace efforts, he replied that he does like reconciliation yet as stated by his community on Monday because it was meaningless to reconcile in Nyakuroni while Mundari were still looting goats and cattle in the rural areas of Bari villages.

“Why did they have to attack when the people were for peace at Nyakuroni just a day earlier?” the Bari man retorted.

“The SPLM Patriotic organization condemns the continued fighting and displacement of people and calls on GOSS/SPLM to stop being tribal and engaging in corruption because the end game of corruption is complete breakdown of law and order and tribal stifle taking over,” said Kisanga, explaining that he believes the fighting is not about cattle but is a manifestation of failed leadership.


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  1. Vuni’s “Headline mind boggling”
    Dear Vuni,

    Is the fighting around Juba involving Dinka or did i get content of your message wrong based on quotes from Pitya? If it is true Dinka are involve, then why the above heading? And if it is not, then applogise and please stop using Dinka as your you escapegoat to blame all your shit on them just because whovever governed South Sudanese comes from them !!!

  2. Reconciliation does not materialize between Bari and Mundari
    Selfish Baria are looking for more trouble. Let them fight Cheer first before they include Dinka Bor into their mess. They are trying to pull Bor into fight so that they will say, oh, we are being terminated or masscre by Bors and Cheers. My advice to them is: that is a dangerous game you are about to play. If Bor put their hands it will be nothing compare to Mundari or cheer are doing to you now. We are agitated by brainless primitive right now that any flies across our will be harm unknowingly. Great Brilliant Bors are going to kick beer in the assess. So, don’t drag Bors to war with you! Because we are ready to cut down any fucken trees.

  3. Reconciliation does not materialize between Bari and Mundari
    To Equatorians, Dinkas are behind it!!!

    The situation between Bari and Mundari is clearly that Dinkas are the one behind it. Be very careful with Dinkas don’t involved anything either piece of advice of Dinkas. these people (Dinkas) are very bad people who need only problem in South Sudan.

    God Bless the beloved land of Equatorians. Amen

  4. Reconciliation does not materialize between Bari and Mundari
    I don’t really see any issue like what Mr journalist Vuni is trying to show on the media to persuade with Equatorian people. Let be responsible when expressing ourselves, it is unhealthy that some people like Vuni himself is dreaming of ruining the land of Equatoria. BARI AND MUNDARI are just twin tribe of the same culture, language, marriage and all other beliefs are one. How can they fight against each other? In what ways and for what reasons. I will never agree on any of Equatorian tribe been deceive to fight against each other. The spirit of junglese who knows how to eat and kill must not be brought into this peace loving society of Greater Equatoria. I by myself I heard those guns when I was having my lunch on Wednesday but I send my special investigator to see the facts, then it was found that the SPLA/M where testing old weapons because of long time storing. So please if you claim to be a journalist tell the truth and be specific. I will only agree with you on the stolen kids by mad dinkas, but still am in process of bringing them back in peaceful and logical way. Those monkeys who enjoy abduction doesn’t know what t hey are doing as lost and mad tribe. Non of Equatoria will vote for arab unity with South, it is only an expression of anger according to their stolen kids.


  5. Reconciliation does not materialize between Bari and Mundari
    South is in the brink of falling into tribal wars if GOSS doesn’t disarm civilians as soon as possible. Southerners can govern themselves, is it true? it seems so now if the GOSS government couldn’t manage to collect guns from civilians since the end of civil war four years ago.

    It is quite irritating to see guns everwhere while the Government isn’t taking it as serious issue that is degrading its reputation and thus, requires quick attention.

  6. Reconciliation does not materialize between Bari and Mundari
    and so what, are you really runinng after Dinka, you know Dinka like fighting and you will not adapt your self to that situation. If Dinkas were there in that fighting may be they would have collected all cattle goats and not children. Dinka don,t take children in fighting because Dinka are rich people, each man marry 10-70 wives so that some will die in battle and you will remind with some.

    Mad people like Logic should be educated by Juba Lira in Juba

  7. Reconciliation does not materialize between Bari and Mundari

    Ladies and Gentlement!

    I’m not understanding what have been put in media with the presenter,At what circumstamnce did those two group boycotte the peace reconciliation and that have been not put clear with media for us to understand.Addition to that the cause roots of the fighting have been not reveal and how can people solve the problems when ,what put them to fight is mention at grassroot.

    Morever,what I get is the issue of looting and child abduction by Dinka if they are not behind that why are they involved in such acts and that is clear signal that dinka are behind this problem.

  8. Reconciliation does not materialize between Bari and Mundari
    All of you, this is a Point for You Please, this is a very real thing on the Ground i am telling you,Two Children were taken in Sindiru Village of Southern Bari in the present of their Mother by force,”Gunmen who didn’t want to speak in Arabic took my Children” lamented the Woman, The Women call Poni is, to tell the truth is my Aunt. I called her by Phone, she explained exactly that the Gunmen refused to speak so that they could not recognize but suggested that they look like Murle,Dinka,or Mundari,”I was unable to see right on their Faces because i was busy trying to fight my Children back” she said. So Guys, something wrong is going on in all parts of South Sudan, i explained this not because abducted Children belong to my Aunt, but even if belong to Mundari, Dinka, murle,Nuer,Buya etc, it is a regrettable act.This activities in South Sudan must be stop if we Southerns really want to stay peacefully. It is obvious that some Politicians are behind all these tribal mess. Mr.Vuni is correct to report thought he exaggerated.
    I am now in Khartoum and will go as soon as possible to Juba and if God willing, i will tour all Villages in Equatoria States before leaving to Upper Nile States.

  9. Reconciliation does not materialize between Bari and Mundari
    This case proves beyond any reasonable doubt that president Kiir is so weak to lead our nation,and so naive to govern at all. Look! the fighting is everywhere, and innocent civilians are being Slaughtered infront of his eye as he does not have a power to stop this nonsense violence. He is so weak that he could not able to intervene to stop the fighting in his home-state, Waraab, not to mention his hometwon Gogerial. During his presidency, Kiir has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he is not a man of his words. Nonetheless,he is so naïve to step up for his responsibilities as a president.

    What troubles me most is that he never takes any responsibility, he always blame the failures of his administration on others whom he never name them. To him, it is always somebody else false. He so naïve that he is unable to comprehends that he is the only one accountable before the southerners, at least right now. How he could not fall to execute the duties of presidency, and he has surrounded himself with the bench of unsophisticated advisors who do not understanding the implications of politics. Nothing qualifies some, if not all, of his aides to be advisors other than nepotism practices. To illustrate me point, could someone tells me what qualifies Akout Lawal to be an advisor and private envoy to US. He lacks an education background that allows him to hold such a vital position. Talking about education, he does have a college degree, not even a high diploma of any kind, if I am not mistaken. To make a matter worst, he does not even have what-so-ever leadership skills that qualify him to be an advisor. During his residency in US, he used to work in one of the warehouses as a selves-stacker, not even a price-sticker.

    That being said, I am not in any way try to talk him, Akout Lawal, down as a person. I strongly believe that nothing wrong with being, literally, uneducated individual. It is true that an education itself does not make individual more or less important than other individual, but it is also true that the education, the knowledge of a subject matter, is so vital in holding certain positions, and performing certain tasks. For instance, you cannot perform any medical procedures without being a physician. By the same token, you cannot serve in the board of advisory of presidency without having the knowledge of political affairs and the understanding of the policy implications.

    Having said that, if one of you, the readers, asks how what have just said is relevant to the topic, then I would reply by saying that the sophistication of the panel of advisory is so vital for setting forward the right policies. Unless our president replaces all of his unsophisticated board of advisory with sophisticated ones, we will not see the end to the current instability and insecurity situation. Resetting the priorities of the government is so urgent for revising the course in our beloved land, southern Sudan. Unless our president understands that the restoration of laws and orders is so vital for us to come together as a nation, unless he understands that the internal fighting among different clans constitutes number one threat to our national security, unless he steps up for his responsibilities, God forbids, we will see our beloved land falls into chaos. Should we become a sovereign state in 2011, with everything being the same, and without revising the course, we will be living in a failed state like Somalia, God forbid.

    To all of our officials, I say late is better than never, so revise the course before it is too late, and thus fall into hell of internal fighting. Yesterday, it, the internal fighting, was in Warrab, and Late state;a day before it was in upper Nile and Jongali state, today it is in central Equatorial state, tomorrow it could be in the presidential palace in Juba, who knows.


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