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Sudanese president sacks head of electricity corporation

October 12, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — The Sudanese president Omer Hassan Al-Bashir today issued a decree removing director of the country’s National Electricity Corporation (NEC)

Sudan National Electricity Corporation logo
Sudan National Electricity Corporation logo
Sudan’s state media carried a statement by the presidency saying that NEC’s chief Makawi Mohamed Awad has been relieved from his duties on orders from Bashir.

The decision follows deterioration in the status of electricity generation in the country which led to several power blackouts in the last few months coupled with water shortages.

Yesterday the NEC announced that electricity will be disconnected throughout the country starting Sunday at midnight.

In a statement the NEC said that “upon a request from the Merowe dam official” all stations feeding from the dam will be disconnected “to fix some technical problems” and that the agency contracted “foreign experts” to look into it.

The Merowe dam has disappointed citizens in the country as it has not lived up to the promises made by Sudanese officials who promised that there will be no more power outages in the country after its inauguration last March.

Moreover there has been conflicting statements from the authorities on the reasons behind the outages. Many have rested blame on Makawi accusing him of incompetence.

In the last few weeks the Sudanese Dam Execution Unit traded accusations with the energy ministry over the responsibility for power outages. The former says that the Merowe dam is producing “more than enough” electricity but the energy ministry fought back saying that the dam electricity is “unstable”.

Bashir today was today reported to resolve the dispute between the two sides. The Sudanese head of state has said last month that he will “cut the head of anyone who cuts electriity”.

Some observers have contended that the $2 billion project was prematurely inaugurated for political reasons a day before the indictment of Bashir for war crimes allegedly committed in Darfur.