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SLM-Revolutionary Forces asks to delay Darfur talks

November 7, 2009 (LONDON) — The Sudan Liberation Movement – Revolutionary Forces (SLM-RF) declined an invitation to participate in a meeting held by the joint mediation to end Darfur conflict. The rebel groups asked the government to delay the peace process.

Six rebel groups with the support of the Libyan government established on August 30 in Tripoli a new rebel group called Sudan’s Liberation Revolutionary Forces (SLRF). However under the request of some factions the group modified its name to Sudan Liberation Movement – Revolutionary Forces, to mark their historical attachment to the historical SLM.

In order to launch the peace process, the mediation organizes a series of meeting for the civil society organizations in Darfur and consultations between the rebel groups as well as talks government between the government and the rebels. The SLM-RF was invited to the peace process and had been requested to be in Doha on November 9.

The SLM-RF has apologized formally to the joint mediator Mr. Djubril Bassole, said Hussein. He further added “We are not able to take part in the consultative meeting. “Actually we are preparing for an international unity meeting to be held in Kufra in southeastern Libya,” said Mahgoub Hussein.

Nevertheless, the leading member of the rebel group reiterated the commitment of his group to the peace process adding that Doha is the venue agreed upon by the parties. He further rejected bilateral talks or separate talks with the government saying it would lead to reproduce Abuja process signed by SLM-Minni Minnawi and the government.

The rebel group has demanded the joint mediator to postpone Doha consultations until the completion of Kufra meeting.

Further he reaffirmed Kufra conference would take place despite the delay, adding the invitations would be soon released.

The Kufra conference is prepared to integrate some rebel factions that had refused to join the SLM-RF, insisting such meeting should be held inside the Sudan.


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