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Kiir directs to not hinder freedom of political parties in South Sudan

November 24, 2009 (JUBA) — The First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan and a President of the semi autonomous region of Southern Sudan, General Salva Kiir, has issued a presidential directive instructing ten southern state governors to allow political parties to conduct their political activities freely without interference.

Sudan's First Vice President Salva Kiir (AFP)
Sudan’s First Vice President Salva Kiir (AFP)
The presidential order ahead of the general election next April and after accusations from opposition political parties that their activities are regularly interfered by the local authorities who are generally affiliated to the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

In a letter addressed to the governors of all the tens southern Sudan states, Luka Biong Monoja, GOSS minister of cabinet affairs requested the governors to cooperate “with all the southern political parties and not to hinder their work.”

The letter of November 9 seen by Sudan Tribune, further makes clear exception for the SPLM-DC, a dissident political party founded last June by the former foreign minister Lam Akol.

“Except the so called SPLM-DC”, says the directive.

Speaking to Sudan Tribune on Tuesday, Dr. Luka Biong said President Kiir has issued an order instructing state governors to ensure that nobody interrupts political activities of the other southern political parties.

“The president decision shows that SPLM still respects and commits to its principles contained in the constitution,” he said.

The minister also stated that the presidential order “will serve as reminder because state governors are already familiar with the history of the SPLM.”

The continuous claims and unfounded allegations about SPLM being involved in arresting and detaining members and supporters of the other political parties have no proofs, he further said reiterating that most of the cases often claimed to be political are criminal cases.

However, Luka declined to comment on a question related to the letter where he indicates to governors that the presidential directive does not include the SPLM-DC.

The SPLM-DC accused the southern Sudan ruling party of obstructing its political activities, intimidating and arresting its members and supporters in southern Sudan particularly in Wau and Yambio where some of them are still being held without charges and fair trails.

Further Mr. Tong Lual Ayat the leader of the newly formed United Democratic Party had been arrested for more than a month in northern Bahr el Ghazal State without charges. He had been arrested after launching political activities of his party.